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  1. I have been watching on TV this Jewish Rabbi who is a born again christian. He is so wonderful. He breaks down everything in the Old Testament and relates it all to the New Testament and he explains everything about the Jewish people and gentiles. It's fascinating.
  2. CoffeeDrinker: No doubt this Rabbi explained the fairly complicated system of sacrifices that had to be performed routinely and on special days to cleanse the people of their sin. It is incredible the amount of work required to atone for our routine sins, and the plethora of rules that had to be followed in every part of life. Food preparation alone is absolutely mind boggling. I hope you continue to enjoy this TV series - I'm sure that from a purely practical point of view it will give you a greater appreciation for being a Christian versus having to atone for sins under the first covenant. I often loosely think of Christians as Jews of the Second Covenant. I won't get into all my reasons here, but partly it has to do with the fact that our God is the God of Abraham - the difference being that we accepted the promised Saviour and the Hebrews did not.

    There is this great book called, "Why Do Jews Do That?" It is part of a series of books explaining rites and rituals regarding Catholics, Hindus, and lots of other belief systems. I think you might find it interesting in that it explores some of the rituals and is fascinating and an easy read.
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  3. It's fascinating and I love understanding the Jewish culture because it affects us in an indirect way. I love it.

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