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  1. I felt I must add this little story - nothing to do with tattoos, but a dream. I dreamed that the Lord was returning - lights in the sky, strange vehicles etc. etc. I remember the amazing joy I felt in my dream and this remained with me for a while after I woke up. I was then so sad that it was only a dream. However, this experience has remained with me, and I long to experience that joy again. Looking toward the day!!!
  2. :cool::) God is even now restoring a sense of imminent expectation in His people. This is the fire that keeps the Church hot in anticipation of His return.
  3. I too had a near death experience, only my vision was of the rings of hell. It happened 10 years before I became a believer and I didn't know know what I was experiencing except this: I was in great fear. I heard moaning and groaning that wouldn't stop. The deeper I went into the "tunnel" with the rings in it, the louder and more rhythmic the sounds became. I was crying and screaming for help but no one came.

    If I ever heard that sound again, I would recognize. It was like the smell of death. You never forget it.

    There was no "light at the end" of the tunnel I was in.

    It wasn't until after I became a believer that I came to understand the vision I had when I was "near death".

    As far as tattoos go, it never occurred to me that they might be non-Christian in nature. If they were, I supposed pierced ears would be too.
  4. Most "tattooing" during that time, wasn't done for decoration. It was done for religions reasons, non Jewish religious reasons. What little the bible says about it is being directed directly toward Jews, also the 'tattoo' in it is purely a word from translation. The word 'tattoo' gets it's beginnings with tattaow, tattow... it's only been even remotely in use since about the 18th century.

    The oldest known tattoos date back to 3300 BC, and are found on Otzi the Iceman. Until the mid 20th century people marked their flesh almost ENTIRELY for religious reasons, with the exception of sailors visiting ports in places such as the Philippines, Borneo, Mentawai Islands, Africa, North America, South America, Mesoamerica, Europe, Japan, Cambodia, New Zealand and Micronesia.

    The bible is speaking of marking your flesh in a religious/ritualistic fashion, and to the Jewish community. You have to be the final judge on if you want to get a Tattoo or not, as there is absolutely nothing about cosmetic modification of your body in the bible. Tattoos have even been used for medical reasons, to ensure instruments are properly located for repeated application of radiotherapy and for the areola in some forms of breast reconstruction. Tattooing has also been used to convey medical information about the wearer (e.g blood group, Nazi soldiers had their blood type under their armpits, a few other armed forces around the world have since).
  5. Good information Raynmercer, makes sense. Historic picture of that era assists in understanding the scriptures.
  6. Hi Humble Christian. If it was me I wouldn't even consider getting a tattoo. I think though that if you really want to represent the NDE like this, that it should be in a place where it is concealed by clothing, and not visible. It's a personal experience that has had a big impact on you, but really means nothing to others. NDE's are common, and as you noticed, there's always scepticism as to what caused it. If you have a tattoo in a visible place it is likely to attract attention if it's unusual, and people are likely to ask questions, and you're likely to be trying to explain your experience to disbelieving, sceptical or hostile people for the rest of your life, and what was a precious moment for you, may end up like a curse, or millstone round your neck. A pearl that is offered before swine too many times loses it's value I think. So I think you should keep it private, a valuable experience between you an God, and then it will stay unsullied in your memory.
  7. Wow what an experience! That was a tough time in your life, and you walked away with a great blessing, awesome. No inspiration for a tat jumped to mind but if anything ever strikes me I'll be sure to let you know.

    You search in your heart as to why you want the tattoo, if I would have had the money 10 years ago I'd be covered in tattoo's. I used to want to take mine off, but now they're just there, they should look really cool if I live to be 90 ( OK...maybe not so cool :) ).
  8. I had a weird dream awhile back, and it's been coming to mind recently, I don't know if there was a reason I had this dream. First I was in military uniform, dancing with my wife. I left a community room and walked into a room that was like a G.I. grocery / factory. There was a deli with a G.I. working there, and conveyeor belts that would bring you your order. I had some cheese coming my way. Next thing I know I'm driving up what looked like a cattle-ranch, in the sense that there was a lot of dirt and orange painted steel tubing fencing/gates. I went up to a gated area where there were about 25-30 people fenced in. There were no animals, just these people. They had what appeared to be pig-snouts for noses, but other than that they were dressed, walked, and talked like normal humans. The one I spoke with was wearing an orange hard-hat and carried a clip-board. He said "They say we're not real people, but were gonna' show them that we are." I looked and we headed into an industrial elevator that looked like it went into an underground bunker. Everybody fit on it. The door shut to the ouside world and in a matter of seconds, the floor of the elevator dropped out and next thing you know, everybody's waist high in water. I looked up and this giant, three-bladed contraption immediately spiraled down into the water, released a bright, blue-green flash of electricity, and then reveresed its direction back up to where it was. Next thing I saw was everybody dead. In this dream, 25-30 people were executed in a matter of seconds. After this happened I had a feeling in the dream that the meat packaged at the deli and sent down the conveyor belts was tied to this.

    If this is an inappropiate post or it offends anyone, I will remove it at once. I just don't know what to think.
  9. WOW, I'd say that was a nightmare...I think it's going to give me nightmares :eek:. I'm reping you points for the description of this one, vivid, and it's going to be stuck in my head everytime I see a pig. Are you a vegetarian by any chance?
  10. Sorry dude, no way! Vegetarian.. I am not.
  11. I was wondering if Techie would ever come back here and respond? Guess he won't.
  12. I have a few questions that I would like to ask. This is neither an argument for or against tattoos. My questions are simple. My first is, if tattoos are so bad according to the scriptures that you have quoted, for those who have, then why is it that God still blesses those with tattoos? Take for example the recent revival movement with the preacher . My next question is this, who are we to say that this vision that this individual was giving (and thank you for sharing it) was meant to be kept private? Who are we to say that by getting this tattoo, knowing he WILL be asked about his tattoo repetitively, that it isn't God's will for him to have it? Perhaps it is in his heart to have this tattoo because God (not the devil) put the desire within his heart so that people DO ask him about it inadvertently witnessing to someone that he would not have been able to touch on a spiritual level other wise? What I am saying is simply this, pray upon what has been given to you. If it is still in your heart to get this tattoo and you feel that God has placed within your heart to have this tattoo, then by all means, regardless of what others say (myself included) get the tattoo. I too have been praying on a tattoo on something that has been put into my life. I know God put the desire within me to get the tattoo, the problem I'm having, and that I've been praying on is how to depict that which the Lord would like me to say in a way that I cannot speak with words. As always, with anything that has to do with matters that are prayed on, what may be true for one, that God has told you no, does not necessary mean that its wrong for another. God may have told you it was a sin to do it because it was not within his desire for you to do so because he has a plan for you that your own personal actions and convictions would hinder his plan for you.
  13. What's up Maricius, nice to meet you, welcome, and you bring up a good point.
  14. Preacher

  15. It is a reasonable request that if a person requests a explanation to a statement and it is given that it is acknowledged by that person. I am requesting an acknowledgment. And not sure what all this "kicking" business is all about.
  16. You might want to check a persons profile...or the pic on the left of my posts!

    Also what have is said or suggested in any way that has anything to do with revivials or preachers or being one?

    I fail to see how you made any connection at all!!!

  17. She...and I did not realise I was under a timer...I thought that I could look a few things up...listen to further discussion...

    then responded.
  18. Ok, Techie, is a month long enough for your research? It will be nice to see what you find also. Have a good day. And thanks for the responds.

  19. Hey I dunno...but while your being so obviously childish llisten to this

    I am a parent of children...the last 2 at home are both disabled one severaly...I am doing a degree and studying for exames...I am going through a divorce and as such having to support my family and do other everyday stuff like house work...

    or were you serious at limiting me to your time frame...tell you what here is a knee jerk response

    out of the 613 laws of moses(not God) what makes a person so much more holier than thou or super religious if they just obey the tattoo one? why does a person feel that much more a christian in observing somethng Jesus was actually furious over when he had a go at the religious leaders at the time about...when Jesus did on the cross...can you remember what was fulfilled...tell me...those of you who religiously stick by the no tattoo thing as it make as person less a christian...for the women do you not follow rule 436? if not why not...for the men do you follow rule 504?
    what puts one rule over another was all I was originally asking....

    a straight answer will be fine...any day now...take your time.

    I amsorry some people have felt the need ot be morally superior to others over this issue...but I am not Jewish or a levi those rules do not apply to me...I am a Christian...not under the law of moses.
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