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  1. Tattoos?

    Two years ago I was on life support for 2 weeks and have a Near Death Experience where I was visited by Jesus because I was calling out for his help. No doubt some people believe it was some hallucination from drugs (I wasn't on any), or drugs created in the mind to help the person deal with death. This is not my concern and I know that my NDE was from God. Anyway my experiance is my own and it was so powerful I was thinking of getting a tattoo to represent it.

    So my question is this. Would getting a tattoo be in conflict with the teachings held within the bible?

    All opinions appreciated...
  2. Humble Christian;
    I have a number of friends who have Christian tattoo's, many of them are very interesting. One friend has an Ichthus that is made up of several other Christian symbols. As I said, it is very cool and interesting.

    That being said, When I was 18 I went out and got some tattoo's, (A spider, and a set of dice) they have caused me a great deal of trouble in my life. I was all but hired for a great paying job, with good benefits until the final interview when my potential employer informed me that tattoo's were not permitted to work in that family oriented business. I had to walk away from a great job because I couldnt afford to have them removed.

    When you have a tattoo, people will look at your differently, I promise you that, and right or wrong, they do carry a very negative connotation and are often a persons first impression of you.

    Personally, I would like to STRONGLY recommend that you decide not to get one. They make stick on tattoos that will wash off in a few weeks, or you can draw your own on. The nice thing about that is the ability to change / remove it.

    I am saving the $1,400.00 I need to remove the ones I have now. That is money that I could have used to glorify Gods Kingdom on earth, rather than to erase a dumb mistake I made when I turned 18.

    Pray my friend, as I am praying for you. May God guide and direct you in your decision. :)
  3. God's word says:

    "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord." Leviticus 19:28.

  4. To begin with..if you were on life support would have been on some kind of would have at least been on [SIZE=-1]antiarrhythmic drugs to prevent [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]pulseless ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation that is standard procedure, although you may not have known this.[/SIZE][SIZE=-1][/SIZE][SIZE=-1]As for tats...they're fine...the prohibition against them was part of the levi laws and not applicable...if that is the case then women should not wear jewelrey...and men should have their hair set at a certain length etc etc..the one thing Jesus hated was the legalism and btw those laws were made by Moses...not God[/SIZE][SIZE=-1][/SIZE]
  5. That's him officer- the one with the tattoo!:eek:
    There are no new covenant admonitions about this subject. Personally (like all things) it should be prayed about. If you get a peace in your spirit about it go for it. If not then you have your answer.
  6. techie,
    My NDE started when I was fully awake as they were about to start the first chest tube....well before I was on life support. I was just giving a brief overview in my opening post to explain the reasons behind me thinking about getting a tattoo.

    Anyway I'm truly okay if others reject my testimony. All I can do is share what I experienced as accurately as possible.

    Thanks everyone for your advice, looks like there is no clear cut answer to this one.

  7. That's really great advice. Thank you Boanerges.

    My indecision tells me I should wait but I will take your advice an pray for an answer.
  8. Have you ever seen these before?
    It won't be long before they are on the market.


    You can change the design at will, they even run bluetooth technology, so in addition to being a tattoo, it serves as a cell phone and GPS device.
    They run on blood, so no need to worry about batteries, and you can simply "Turn it off" for job interviews or anytime you dont want the tattoo to be visible.
    Electronic tattoo display runs on blood
  9. Thank you, Jeanann you found the verse, I said to myself, there is a verse in the old T. either Exodus or Laviticus that says not to put marks on your body.
    Our body is the Temple and we need to keep it as clean as possible. Tattoo's are something so easy to avoid that can contaminate your body.
  10. How does a bog standard tattoo contaminate?:confused:

    I have had 2 tats for over 25 years...I have never been contaminated by them.:cool:

    As you agree that we should live by the verse in liviticus...then you also follow Lev. 19:27. too? if not why not? where is your rule of thumb?...yes...both questions are real questions. I would appreciate the courtesy of a direct answer...many thanks.:):groupray:
  11. Lev. 19:27 " Don't round your hair at the temples or mar the edges of your beards". 28 Don't cut gashes in your flesh when someone dies or tattoo yourselves: I am Adonai"

    In both these verses, they are telling you not to do these things for sanitation purposes, back then if you cut your hair to close to your skin chances were you would wound your skin due to not having proper scissors as we do today. And then a wound could turn into an infection because they did not know about germs etc. And did not know about infections and spreading of germs etc. Even today it is known that getting a tattoo from a place that does not adhere to strict cleaning regulations will cause an infection.
    You my dear are very lucky that you did not get an infection, because 25 years ago regulations were not as strict as they are today. And in licensed barber shops, beauty shops all hair cutting equipment are cleaned according to regulations to prevent spreading of germs/possible infections. And the gashes in the flesh when someone dies, I imagine is was part of a ritual, and they passed the same knife between each other continuing the process. That is why today, in some cultures the tearing of the clothes when someone dies is now done. By the way, a general infection back then, more often than not caused death.

    Did I answer you direct as requested?
  12. I'd love to hear about the visit with our Lord.

    I got lucky enough to have him touch my foot in a dream once. I was sitting on a wall with a bunch of people and Jesus was about to talk, in my hardend heart I said, "I've heard it all before" and jumped off the wall to do something else, somebody next to me said here he somes and I tried to escape, I was terrified, he touched my foot as I climbed the wall and said," You've been gone from me long enough." I awoke in a state that is still giving me tingles when I think about took me 2 years after this to give my life to the Lord...then my true life here on earth started, I'm the most blessed man on earth I think :).

    How about tatooing, Jesus Reigns, on the knuckles of your right and left hand, LOL, that would be an odd tatoo.

    Tell us the story and we can help design your tattoo, that would be fun.

    I got tattoo's, just remember they never come off. I have some real important stuff tatooed on my heart that nobody else gets to see except by my actions
  13. Tyler what a powerful vision...what a blessing it has become in your life. Sounds like a real turning point. God must have real plans for your service and life.

    I would love to see what other Christians think would be a good tattoo that represents what happened to me. I wrote this just after my NDE, I was afraid details would fade with time and I felt obligated to record it as accurately as possible.

    Please anyone reading this that doubts what is posted know that it's ok if you consider this to be a dream or drug related. I've spent enough time already defending my experience and I won't do it anymore. File it where you wish...(Sorry if I sound defensive but I've been beaten up for this too many time already)....If I can't share this with my Christian friends who can I share it with?

    So anyway let me know what tattoo could represent the experience below!


    February 2006 I was moving a television set and pulled a muscle in my back. The pain only increased over the next couple days. It got so bad that instead of sleeping I had to take a series of standing catnaps at night because I couldn’t sit or lay down without excruciating pain. Finally I decided to go to the emergency room at the closest hospital where they gave me heavy doses of pain medicine and muscle relaxers to ease the pain before sending me home. The pain medicine would ease the pain a bit but I still wasn’t able to sleep. The next evening I decided to return to the hospital. They gave me a large intravenous dose of the most powerful pain medicine available, something called dilaudid. That dose eased the pain and allowed me to sleep that evening.

    The next day the pain was back, I was out of my mind and could hardly walk. Obviously I was headed back to the hospital. I was vomiting and uncontrollably moaning from the pain. I remember the 10 min ride to the emergency room seemed like it would never end as every pebble we hit in the road sent me into uncontrollable pain. I couldn’t get out of the car on my own so they came to the car with a wheelchair and wheeled me in so that I could sign in. They thought the only problem with me was that I had a pulled muscle so I wasn’t a priority and had to wait in the wheelchair for almost four hours. I have never known such pain.

    Finally it’s time for me to be screened. They take my temperature and it’s a bit high. They take my blood oxygen level and determine that the machine is broken so they take it again only to get the same impossibly low reading. The nurse, still thinking it’s broken, gets her personal device and gets the same reading. Then all hell breaks loose, it’s a full blown emergency to save my life.

    They determine that I have double pneumonia (both lungs), third stage empyema and a kidney infection. Empyema is when a lung infection fills the sack that surrounds the lung. The infection bleeds through the lung tissue and collects in this sack.

    The doctors immediately came to me for permission to do an emergency chest tube. I asked if it would help and was told it was imperative to attempt to drain the infection from my lungs. All I could say was “let’s do it”. The tube was about the same diameter as a mans thumb. It was going to be pushed through my chest about 6 inches below by right armpit. They can only numb you so far as they can’t numb your entire chest so the first few inches would be ok but the rest of the way to my lung would be unbelievably painful. The doctor/surgeon had to repeat the procedure three times as he couldn’t get the tube in the right spot. I was told that the doctor felt really bad because he knew how much pain he was causing me and I was repeatedly thanking him for having the knowledge to help me during the procedure. He said it really touched him that even though he was causing me incredible pain I was thanking him.

    Obviously I’m admitted to the hospital. I’m not sure how long it was but they had to do another chest tube, I had a total of five ranging from the diameter of a mans thumb to the diameter of a pencil. Some went through my side and some through the front of my chest. Anyway when they were going to do the next large chest tube I knew the pain I was going to have to endure. I held my cross necklace in my right hand just before the procedure. They were about to begin, I needed strength to get through the inevitable pain. I started saying “Help me Jesus” out loud over and over again. I never stopped I just kept saying “Help me Jesus” again and again and again. Then at some point I guess I stopped breathing but to me I was aware (though not in the room) and still saying “Help me Jesus”.

    Every time I said “Help me Jesus” I rose a little higher in the air. I said it again and rose higher and higher. This happened over and over. I noticed I was in absolutely no pain and realized Jesus was helping me. The “sky” held a golden lace curtain though it was solid and very large. It extended as far as I could see and was directly in front of me. I say lace because it was ornate with gaps between the “carvings”. I was bathed in a bright white light that came from a single source. It shown through the gaps in the gold “lace” curtain and touched my soul. It made you feel endless love, complete peace and supreme happiness. Without a doubt it was God.

    The higher I ascended the brighter and more powerful the light. I remember after a while thinking I that I died because you always hear of near death experiences where people see the bright light and feelings of extreme love and peace. I was still repeating “help me Jesus” and thought to myself what a wonderful feeling, I wanted to go higher and way praying that my ascent wouldn’t end because I wanted to feel more of this love and peace. I wanted to get closer to this source, closer to the light. I remember feeling warm from the inside out, not hot just absolutely perfect and comfortable, a deep warmth that’s difficult to explain. I don’t know if I had a body but I certainly felt like myself.

    The light as it reflected off the ornate gold openings sparkled and felt alive. It was so wonderful, more wonderful than anything here on earth. I knew I was in the presence of God. Finally I found myself floating just above a golden city. Softly, peacefully I was floating just outside a beautiful golden wall that seemed to surround heaven. I was floating slowly down the wall just above it’s highest point allowing me to see beyond the wall and into the “city”. This was the closest I was to the white light (God). The gold lace curtain was somewhere below me and the light came from just above the “city” (heaven). Nothing was between me and the light and I felt like I was home.

    Looking over the wall I could see gold pillars with platter looking objects sitting on top. The weird thing is when I looked at these objects from 100’s of feet away I could also smell them...yes I could smell these objects just by looking at them. It was a godly, royal scent...almost's difficult to accurately describe but it felt like it could only come from God. Still floating down the outside and above the wall bathed in light I looked at and smelled maybe 5 or 6 more of these objects, it was intoxicating and I never wanted it to end. A voice came, I don’t know if it was out loud or not but I suspect God spoke directly to my mind. He said “you may stay here or you can return". Without anything said I knew if I chose to return God would heal everything in my body. My thoughts turned to my family and in an instant I said “I would like to return”. I know even though I was in such peace and love, being toughed by God I still chose to return. That is the last thing I remember from that experience. I woke and was heard saying “I touched the face of God and he said everything was going to be OK”….and it was…

    I had a ventilator breathing for me for 11 or 12 days and in the hospital for a total of 18 days. During that time I had surgery on my right lung to remove the empyema and remove some of the infection. I had another complication where my lungs lost all their stretchiness ARDS (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome). A lot of people die from just that but my lungs healed and I recovered, just like God said. I have almost completely recovered from everything though I’m not sure if I will regain the function of the lower part of my right lung.

    I know God allowed me to return for some reason. I pray everyday that he will reveal his plan to me though I get the feeling that part of that plan is for me to share this story.

    God is no longer an untouchable faith to me, he is real, real as you or me, I was in his presence. I feel so very blessed by this experience and am so thankful that I am able to share this story with you.

    God bless you all…

    It’s difficult to Photoshop what I saw on my ascent to heaven but this is close. The ornate gold curtain was much more beautiful, like it was carved and the light really came to life when it came through the openings. Also it felt more open and bright.

  14. Quote:

    Have you ever seen these before?
    It won't be long before they are on the market.


    You can change the design at will, they even run bluetooth technology, so in addition to being a tattoo, it serves as a cell phone and GPS device.
    They run on blood, so no need to worry about batteries, and you can simply "Turn it off" for job interviews or anytime you dont want the tattoo to be visible.
    Electronic tattoo display runs on blood


    I don't know what's scarrier; a GPS-ready, implantable microchip, or a GPS-ready, wearable tattoo that lives off of your blood. I guess both could track you and acess any financial information, but the tattoo would be highly evident if you say, took it off. My guess is that the microchip will spread like wildfire. When I was a kid I watched DeVry Technical Institute commercials demonstrating technology that would one day create a 'microchip' small enough to live inside a human blood cell. By 1995 they had it, however it was about 3/8" in length. Military documents described how it would be implemented into the public and even told how the media would 'prime the public.' First they tried it to use it on felons and ex-cons, but the public didn't like where that was headed. Then they sucessfully launched it on cats and dogs, then we got comfortable with it. Next thing you know you're listening to radio commercials where clubs offer a free night of drinks for you and two of your friends if you sign-up for a microchip account, that didn't seem to go very far. Then the media went back to work super-excited about putting them in your kids to keep them safe. Meanwhile the president told the public we needed an identification system for imigrants that would be fool-proof. Since about 1995 it seems the agendas for global government and economy have been rapidly accelerating towards a change.
  15. As a Christian with tattoos, both before and after, I make it a point of discouraging the practice. It simply isn't necessary, and is very rarely helpful to your testimony, and more often than not, hurtful to it. At the end of the day, we are Christians. We represent Christ, and while it may or may not be sinful to have tattoos, we should strive to be more like Christ. While Christ did indeed receive many marks in His flesh for our sakes, I'd had a hard time making an argument that He would encourage us to mark our bodies, let alone get tattoos on His own body.
  16. I've had weird dreams all of my life, looking back, some were probably warnings, like the one I had when I was 5; I was playing with matches (fire), and set the whole lawn on fire (out of control) and grabbed the hose to put it out, and when the hose flew out of my hands, I saw that it was a fire-breathing snake, setting the rest on fire.

    Anyways, I had this dream where I was in an indoor exhibit or something, and I was going around the place from table to table, completing tasks or looking at things, it's been awhile so some of the smaller details aren't as clear. I walked around a corner where there were about 10 people, about six were sitting on a bench, about three were standing up, and one was off by herself, down aways. These people were sitting on the bench with bored expressions on their face, like they were just waiting for a bus. I'm not making this up, all of the sudden, as if the building wasn't there, there was a giant cross in the sky. I had turned around to my right, away from the people to look up at it. There was a streak of purple and I saw who I can only guess to have represented Jesus, walking towards me along the arm of the cross. I turned back around to see if the people on the bench had noticed, and they hadn't. I turned back to look at the cross and it was gone, as if it had never been there. To my horror, the girl off by herself was gone. That dream took some faith to get over, I don't know if that was the devil trying to mess with me, God trying to warn me, or just some fat cells getting burned up while I was sleeping. The worst part for me now when i have dreams is when i am tempted to sin, I sometimes give in, and then in my dream I realize I had just failed a test and given the devil the satisfaction. Once after I failed a test, I saw to my horror one walking by me with golden eyes, smiling right at me, as if he had just gotten the satisfaction of watching me fall. Weird to say the least, I got to stop having dreams.
  17. Humble Christian
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    That's very cool, again it's not my choice, but I think you would have a very hard time keeping the light colors, and then again, you can only go as light as your skin is, I believe.
    That would make a cool T-Shirt
  18. Whatever you do, pray about it first. :)
  19. I would add to my previous post: In the last days people will be, at first, asked to have the mark of the beast on their hands - later it appears this will be an enforced tattoo either on the hands or the forehead. (Rev. 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20). I think this is a good reason to have no tattoos at all. We must also remember that "all scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work" (2 Tim. 3:16)

    God Bless everyone as we learn together.
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