Tattoos that point to God?

Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by Briley, Apr 6, 2011.

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    It used to be years ago that sometimes people that didn't like tattoos would try to tell young people: 'Hey, whatever would your mom think if you got a tattoo!'

    Whereas of course (at least in North America) women are now the majority of parlor clients (59%, apparently; some areas report 70%) and many young people have moms as well as dads that have gotten some ink.

    Anyway, whatever people think, I reckon they can be an effective conversation-starter, with faith based designs.
  2. jonbanjo:

    I'm sure it was meant to be amusing in its time! The fact is that for women to mention to people that they are tattooed is not regarded as remotely unusual. A bit like when Bill Clinton was told that Ross Perot was intending to run against him in '96; he replied: 'Let me tell you about my golf'. Kind of, as if to say: It's no big deal...
  3. I'd think the question more one of whether necessary than unusual. I've been as far in my own mistakes in life that I dated someone with a boyfriend in prison who had some body piercing. I might have found some wrong things but I'm not that easliy shocked by another person's dress.

    Possibly, it's one of those things which we have to leave to another persons conscience. If you are tattoeed and are with God, is it my place to argue with you?
  4. jonbanjo: I understand, yes.

    Of course, some Christians like to use a tattoo in a faith based design as a conversation-starter in witness sitations. Less of the case whether it is necessary, rather than whether a useful opportunity for communicating one's faith (such as a Bible ref. or Christian fish sign <>< on a wrist or ankle): a lot of people find them to be very effective.
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  5. PS:

    jonbanjo: Yes, there are tattoos and tattoos, and piercings and piercings. Really, for example, double/triple pierced ears haven't been unusual or controversial for decades. (I do wonder how people manage to live with certain piercings, though.)
  6. Chris Vaggos: So are you done tattooing yet?

  7. Hi xspinningisfun:

    So how are you doing? haven't been here so much lately.

    Anyway the guys on the other thread have been talking about their tatts, witness designs, etc.

    So have you given your idea any more thought lately, maybe?

  8. gracesteph:

    Well, it's true! once you have felt the needle swiftly releasing ink into your skin in a nice design you have chosen, you'll likely want to do it again. (Especially if it's in a God-honoring design that 'preaches' well.)
  9. Hi! I love the idea! I hade a tattoo on my forearm, with an 'embedded' cross and 'JESUS' written in the middle. I really prayed about this before going ahead with it.......the Lord has used my little tattoo to touch others too. YAY!!!
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  10. Hi joyinhislife:

    Hi; so you chose foream for your placement; it can be conspicuous there if you want it to be, right? so have you enjoyed experiences of talking to people about your faith that ask about your tattoo design?

  11. To some extent placement can be affected by gender; with some placements not evenly distributed across the genders. But there are plenty of placements for tattoos which both genders can wear in modesty.
  12. PS:
    xspinningisfun: I guess you've still not exactly decided on your Christian tattoo design, right? Blessings.
  13.'s mine! St. Michael overlooking Chicago with a Notre Dame background. Ah, and Misneach is Gaelic for 'courage'. My next will be in the inner arm, I'm thinking about a classical looking clock with the time showing 3:00 and saying somewhere on their "it is finished".

  14. Can't say I am up for the Tattoo thing, but those do look cool Brian.

    I would really consider about getting more though. It's not if it's sin because of our faith says fine, it's about what others think weak in faith of what is sin. If your going to be used of the Lord, think about it, ask the Lord first.
  15. I wouldn't judge a person who has a tattoo. I also wouldn't say them having a tattoo is a sin either, but I would bet the reason that they got the tattoo is mostly likely a sin.
  16. I would get one, but I heard they use needles.............. yea, like that will happen. You can get some that apply with water though.

    Seriously, I would ask God first, but if someone's conscience is clear (I know you don't like that word) then I would not condemn them.
  17. You lost me on this one. When did I say I don't like the word? LOL! And when did I condemn anyone?

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