Tattoos that point to God?

Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by Briley, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Yes, something Christian based.
  2. xspinningisfun: Interesting! you might want to check out some parlors (with no obligation; tattoo artists generally consider it unprofessional to do a 'hard sell'). Are there any near you, maybe?

    Many Christians - many Christian women - are doing it, so you would be a good company, anyway. Blessings.
  3. Yes, there is.
  4. Oh okay. If you felt like it, you could always check it out, anyway. Blessings.
  5. Emily: Made me smile when you said about your parents inspecting your ears! :)

    But you know, what it basically means, really, is that evidently your mom doesn't happen to have double pierced ears or a tattoo herself. If your mom happened to have had them (and many Christian women have tattoos, of course; and in North American 59% of parlor clients are women, with some areas reporting 70% women, apparently), you would probably have felt free to go have your tattoo done already.

    (I really like your 'It is finished' quote from John 19 in your header. Great verse; ties in with Hebrews chapters 9 and 10, also.)
  6. PS:
    pancakes: Well, there are plenty of decent placements for tattoos that both men and women get, of course, aren't there?

  7. xspinningisfun: BTW, would you have to cover your tattoo when you are working at school? (Sometimes you have to, anyway.) Blessings.
  8. Depends on what they require
  9. xspinningisfun:

    Sounds like you don't mind having it in a placement where you can show it, anyway. (The whole point of a faith based tattoo design, right?) Blessings.
  10. If they require for me to cover it up, I will.

    I don't know exactly where the tattoo will be, and I'm not even sure if I'll get one :)
  11. xspinningisfun:

    Oh well, sounds like you maybe need a friend to help you have the nerve to do it! :) Blessings.
  12. PS: xspinningisfun: I would hasten to add: No one should pressurize anyone else to get ink, because it must be a personal decision. Blessings.
  13. I have to admit that I am a big fan of tattoos. I don't judge people who are heavily covered in tattoos. I believe that our body is a temple that God created and owns. However, our bodies will some day turn to dust. It won't last forever.
    The only thing that one should have in mind when getting a tattoo is if it is in any way dishonoring God. That's my personal take on Levitivus 19:28. I know that many will disagree but interpret it as God forbidding us to carve the name of another God onto our skin.

    Back to the topic, I have four tattoos. They're not huge of anything, they're actually very girly and two of my tattoos are directly related to my faith. I am proud of those tattoos. They're my favorite. I feel as if I am showing people that I am a proud Christian, serving God my entire life.
  14. Hi gracesteph! So what are your tattoos with Christian designs like?

    (Are you done inking yet?)
  15. I am actually not done with tattoos yet. It's true what they say, you keep coming back for more!

    I got a tiny cross on my arm to simply symbolize my faith (I had it done before crosses were "trendy" and printed on shirts sold at Forever 21). And I also got "Romans 8:18" on my rig cage. My mom knows all my tattoos accept that one because it's the most personal. I wouldn't mind her finding out about it. She wouldn't get mad anyway, but I like that it's my "secret" tattoo and that no one gets to see it.
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  16. gracesteph: You know, this is a great verse! Romans 8 has such a lot of encouraging truth for the born again believer! The Lord Jesus accomplished a finished work at the Cross: 'It is finished'; He was 'once offered to bear the sins of many' (Hebrews 9.28), and His sin atoning sufferings are complete, and the believer can trust His finished work entirely.

    Yes, if you get them, you'll want more! (Does your mom have them, too?)
  17. PS:

    gracesteph: Yes, receiving the tattoo needle is widely recognized as a fine, womanly experience that many women feel they want to keep experiencing more of, right?
  18. Haha. My mom got one tattoo back in the 90's when tribals were in. She is a practising catholic, but didn't turn to the scripture whether or not it was okay to get a tattoo.
  19. gracesteph: I see; yes, there is something kind of rugged and simple about a good tribal design; they used to be almost entirely a male design preference, but now the lines of a tribal design are also seen as good as a simple, confident statement for a woman.

    Maybe it was from your mom that you first got your interest in having it done, anyway. Some ppl actually want to use their tattoos as a means of displaying Scripture ref.s or faith based designs that are effective as conversation-starters.
  20. Mostly OT but I'd read this thread earlier and by some conicidence (I can't rember what) we got onto a Gracie Fileds song which to my ammusement has the lines "Walter, Walter lead me to the Alter and I'll show you where I'm tattooed".

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