Tattoos that point to God?

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  1. You are, of course wrong here. (Romans 2:13) and I think it is Matthew 5:17-18 where even Jesus tells us the truth of this matter. In another Jesus tells us that if we obey His commands, we love Him and in John 1:1-3 we learn that Jesus is the God of the Old Testament. Then it is imperative to note Mal. 3:6a. Jesus/God is the never changing God.
  2. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. I'm afraid, however, that I disagree.

    Do you believe in stoning gay people? Mandatory circumcision (according to the law)? Not eating oysters and crab-fish?

    There are aspects of the law which Jesus changed. Moses allowed divorce for the hardness of people's hearts, but Jesus forbade it. It was said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but Jesus instructed us to turn the other cheek.

    It's important to be consistent in all application of our dogmas.
  3. I understand why you disagree, the problem is that you have been taught, by men, to believe the untruth. Jesus said it Himself, as I pointed out, (Matt. 5:17-18) and I notice that you have failed to even consider what the King said. We, the saved, are not members of a democracy, we are, first, the subjects of the King, purchased off the Auction Block.
  4. I couldn't agree with you more on this. Not that I have a tatoo but when someone who has been in rough situations in life comes to church, the church are too quick to put up their "defense shield" or the "we-have-nothing-in-common" attitudes. I think it's past its time for the church people to quit being in their comfort zones when it comes to welcoming a brother or sister or those who are wanting a relationship with God. (I got nothing against KingJ as his inputs are helpful, I just liked Bana's post.)
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  5. Nice thoughts, Gemma. I think a lot of church-goers tend to focus too much on things Jesus said nothing about, to the exclusion of things which He actually did have a lot to say about. For example, where in the Gospels do you see Jesus saying anything about tattoos? On the other hand, how many times do we hear Jesus preaching against greed, pride, etc. in the Gospels? I think when people get their priorities straight in terms of what is most important spiritually, all of the smaller things will just fall into place naturally as a result.
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  6. :) There's a lot of pride going on here in the forum for a long time.

    I absolutely agree with your last comment
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  7. I am thoroughly, 100%, against tattoos. I have no reservations about speaking against them. I have two articles on tats: (shows the demonic nature of tats on a preacher) (actually 10 reasons not to get a tattoo... and a bunch of very bad statistics on disease risks (waaaaaay higher than you think!) and the opinions of people about tattoos. Both tatted folk and those without have more negative opinions of tattooed people than you might think.
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  8. A few years ago, I was an unsaved saved soul. I thought it was ok to get a tattoo honoring God. I thought,
    "Christians are normal. They can have tattoos too..." &so I got one. My tattoo says, Agape (meaning unconditional love). I got it for the Christian meaning, John 3:16. Anyway, a year or so after, my aunt had shared the Gospel with me. I had realized that all those years, I wasn't saved... I thought I was, but I wasn't. I realized the importance of doctrine and living according to the Bible. Now, in my opinion, tattoos are worldly... we are not of this world. Like I said, I got my tat because I wanted people to see that Christians can be tatted too. Although I got my tat to honor God, I regret getting it. Honoring God by having a good testimony is the best way to show others your love for God. Like Rumely stated...
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  9. tat your heart roxanne sis, and u won't look back
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  10. Hi Emily:

    You're right about needing to be cautious if you don't really know what design you want.

    Re. Lev. 19.28, the same passage says about not trimming the corners of one's beard. (Do preachers shave?) I wonder if the context there is Old Testament Jews in the land under the law. Today we are New Testament believers under grace, with Romans 14 Christian liberty. (This doesn't automatically mean: go get a tattoo, but our dispensational context is different, according to my two cents'.)

    From a sheer practical point of view, a lot of Christians find that having a Bible verse ref. / faith based tattoo design (wrist, arm, etc.) helps to open up all sorts of conversations, often of a witness nature.

    Keep thinking and praying about it, and follow your sense of vocation and conscience; it's about your conviction rather than other people scolding!


    (BTW, the 'It is finished' in your header is a great verse!)
  11. Gemma: Well, exactly and I can appreciate Banareth's perspective, too.

    The lost are all around us.

    While someone such as Emily can be advised to be careful while she makes up her mind, I struggle to say that for example even a faith based design with the motive of reaching the lost is inherently wrong.

  12. (From the other thread)

    Hi xspinningisfun! Do you think that faith based designs (Bible ref., Christian fish sign, etc.) can make effective conversation starters?

  13. Amen, I agree what has been bolded, I think tatoos are absolutely okay, as long as they aren't in areas they shouldn't be lul..
    I wanted to get, thee Lord is my shepard, written in Hebrew tatoo'ed on me...but then again I have a low tolerance for pain :p
  14. pancakes: Interesting; did you have a good placement in mind? Elsewhere, Banarenth has said that he thought it was more soothing than painful to receive the needle. Also, you can get numbing agents such as DrNumb (it's on the Web, but I'm not selling it!).

    So I guess such tattoos would be effective conversation-starters, anyway.


  15. Amen! and 1Peter 3:3-4 says " 3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4 Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.
    \So does that mean we ladies have to look like we've rolled out of bed...just to show our inner beauty ..and not wear make -up or we're going to hell lol ... I understand what this verse means, it just seems alot of users here are a bit narrow minded. Were under a new covenant... b/c of jesus there is no need for grain offerings and sacrifices,those things shadowed His coming and what not, now Paul says in Cols 2: 20 Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules: 21 "Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!"? 22These are all destined to perish with use, because they are based on human commands and teachings.

    I think if you're against tattoos thats all well and good, but I don't think you should condemn those who are interested in one.. I don't think it really matters
  16. Faith-c: In terms of Romans 14 and Christian liberty and respecting each others' consciences, the fact that when you went under the needle you specifically 'didn't get one that I thought was going to dishonor God' needs to be respected, whatever other Christians may prefer for themselves. And re. aesthetics and beauty, women may be said to have special insights into these things than some men don't have, in any case, I suppose. (The fact that in North America 59% of parlor clients are women, with some areas reporting 70%, would seem to bear this out, as well.)
  17. Oh, definitely! I think they are really great at being ministry opportunities :)

    I must have written that comment a long time ago, because I have thought of getting a tattoo in the past year or so :)
  18. xspinningisfun: Really? so maybe what you have in mind is a faith based one, such as a Bible ref. or Christian fish sign <><, etc.?

    They are proven to be effective conversation-starters, anyway.

  19. pancakes: A lot of people are interested, of course. (This is not a reason in itself to do it, too; but then many designs are faith based as well.)

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