Tattoo First Timer Yet?

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  1. Even for those who want it (and we're not talking about the folk who don't!) getting the first tattoo can be both a bit of an anxious time, but also quietly exciting.

    It's all sorts of people for many reasons that have it done, of course, many Christians included. From moms and grammas getting the dates of birth of their kids and grandkids, to young people willing and motivated to carry a faith challenging Bible ref. or Christian fish sign, planning the first one can be an emotional and maybe a bit of a scary time, too.

    Any thoughts and observations from past tattoo first timers, or those wishing to be?

  2. Even a simple Christian fish sign (denoting ICHTHUS), thus:


    can take a lot of planning, especially for a first time tattooee. You do need to be sure of the placement and design. Blessings.
  3. good luck with the tattoo and hope it doesn't hurt too much
  4. The vibrations from the gun are much more soothing than the needle is painful. After a few moments, it doesn't really feel like much beyond a nice massage. At least, that was my experience. I've seen people spend their entire time in the chair gritting their teeth as well, so either they have a lower pain tolerance or have psychologically convinced themselves it is painful. The worst one I did took over 20 hours and I split it between two days. That...well, that wasn't really very smart. A healing tattoo is extremely similar to a sun burn, so you can imagine that getting a tattoo over a sunburn isn't the most pleasant experience. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't as relaxing as my other experiences. The only areas that were really painful to me was in the areas with looser skin for whatever reason.
  5. Hi Banarenth! I appreciate your comments, especially since elsewhere you've indicated that you don't any more feel part of the tattoo scene to any active extent.

    Your use of the word 'soothing' is significant, also.

  6. I am a diabetic and have been thinking of getting a tattoo on my right wrist of the Medic Alert symbol. I don't like wearing bracelets or necklaces, and don't wear a watch so there is not other way I could do this. Other than that, I have no real desire to get tattooed for anything else.
  7. Stan: Would you be the first in your family to have a tattoo done, if you do go for it?


  8. No my daughter and two of my three sons have tatts.
  9. I have thought about getting my 2 sons names in hebrew. Elijah & Isaiah. But I just never have actually gone to get it done.

  10. Awesome names btw.
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  11. christianvolume:

    Those would be great talking points as family tattoos - and great witness points, too: imagine all the lead ins to quote Scripture! It has gotten to be quite a widespread thing for parents to have the names or dates of birth of their children tattooed; especially even for moms to have it done, I think. (Does your wife have tattoos? or is maybe considering them?)

  12. Stan: Oh okay. Seems like these days it's not unusual anyway for young people at around 18 to go to the parlor for a rite of passage tattoo, kind of to show that they are grown up (in a manner of speaking, anyhow...). The parlor trip for one's birthday at around 18 is almost assumed by a lot of young people, anyway. Re. your daughter; yes, while it might not have been the case years ago when we were younger, yet today young women also completely accept and assume that, if they like it, they will have it done also: tattoo equality for women seems to be completely established.


  13. Yes I agree. My eldest son, who is married to a PK, won't get one because he believes the Bible speaks against it. I had to correct his understanding, but bottom line is he doesn't want one. They should NEVER feel pressured to get one or feel pressure to NOT get one. They should be taught to understand the issue and decide from there.
    My daughter's mother got her ears pierced when she was an infant, despite my objections. I wanted her to wait until she was old enough to make an informative decision. I guess peer pressure still isn't very informative.
  14. Thanks. Neither one of us do right now. But both considering it.
  15. Thanks! Prophets ;)
  16. My sons are named Joshua, Joel and Ethan. My daughter is named Elisa, from Elizabeth. We definitely wanted Biblical names.
  17. christianvolume:

    YW. Oh so your wife desires to be tattooed for the first time, too. Maybe you guys are planning to be inked together with the same design and placement? or at least comparable designs with the children's names, anyway.

    But anyway in a sense it's a bit risky as a commitment: more kids in the future= more tattoos! (though for you and your wife it may be a joyful tattoo risk!)

    (Great family photo on avatar, BTW!)
  18. Sounds like you definitely got Biblical names there! Eliza is the tattooed one, then, and one of the boys.


  19. EliSa, and two of the boys, Joshua is the one who didn't.
  20. Stan: Yes, well, these days the young women often definitely want to be tattooed as well as young men; I doubt that it surprised you that she wanted it, too.


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