Tares among the wheat

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  1. When I first became a christian, I was really confused with church because some christians just acted like worldly people no different.
    But then found some others were very religious and devout as well, but after getting to know them bit more it was only on the surface. Like I was really shocked that people, especially ministers, would go have affairs and go against the Word of God.

    I remember a few churches in which people told me about former ministers that did this, according to the testimony of some pastors wives. It made me question is it right to attend church if cant even trust the ministers not to run off with the secretaries etc.

    Are churches these days hiding grounds for children of disobedience? When a pastor or anyone in a leadership role does this, the whole congregation is affected by their hypocrisy. Just wondering how people deal with this...leave that church, or stay and 'excommunicate' or 'shun' these tares...? Form another church?
  2. D None of the above............
    How about seeking God through prayer and asking Him what you should do ? He may want you there or He may not and only God can give you this answer.
    Why is it that God seems to be the last resort with many when in all truth HE SHOULD BE THE FIRST CHOICE that we turn to.
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  3. someone once told me churches are the hospitals for the spiritually sick and when the church leadership is spiritually sick as well, then you have a very real and very spiritually dangerous situation...much better to leave that place than stay
  4. Churches should be a house of worship and teaching or equipping the saints for battle or to walk in victory from glory to glory.
    Many chrisitans think we are to just choose a church because it feels good but in all truth we all need to seek God and find out where He wants us and no matter where the church is or what the church is like. All that matters is if we are where He wants us planted. He has His purpose for you being there.
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  5. yea it's like the blind leading the blind..both will fall into a ditch.
    Go where Jesus is, not where Judas went.
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  6. what a church should be and what they are can be like 2 different worlds. many ppl must think about their wives and kids....no need to put your kids in a church full of pedophiles or your wife in a church full of adulterers. you have to weigh the risks.
  7. Actually if you seek God on where you and your family should be planted there is no guess work needed. Just go where He says to go.
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  8. Some times people tend to make things so much harder then it needs to be. lol
  9. I think if you born again you belong to Jesus church irrespective of what church if any you grew up attending. Or didn't attend.
    As the tares grow with the wheat cos the enemy sowed them its likely every church has at least one member who is not following Jesus, or only in it for the blessings. But you would maybe know if the elders in the congregation start acting strange cos they been walking a long time with the Lord..with children you think, well, they just learning.
    With elders then you start noticing the difference...a christian adult is very different from an unbelieving adult in their behaviour. No amount of church going and good works can cover up if they lacking in love.
    And you start finding out with their attitudes toward money as well. whether they trusting the Lord or actually coveting yours.

  10. All of that said.........when God places you in a church or any place for that matter you are to stay there until He moves you to some place else. There is no but they said this or But they did that. When people begin to look at the situation with their understanding and make choices from this, well they make bad choices and then cry out to God but why did you let this happen to me.
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  11. Agreed!!!!
  12. Well, im not gonna worry about the tares as Jesus said they will grow with the wheat and he'll sort it out in the end.
  13. John 16:33
    "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

    No matter where we go, there will be problems, but we must follow God's direction in all that we do.

    Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your paths straight.

    No matter what decisions are being made, acknowledge Him…Know Him, see Him, seek Him, always have Him in your mind, in your heart and let it be His consideration that you always turn to.
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  14. Well, there ya go...you've answered your own questions.
  15. It's easy to get yourself all ground up about what goes on in a church... It's easy to say "You know, I am far from perfect... but THOSE people!"... It's a lot harder to accept imperfection in others....

    See - it's hard to accept that God can STILL pour out HIS Spirit through broken people... It's hard to accept that God would do that - but yet, that's a theme throughout the entire bible, and it's true in every single church....

    The hard thing to remember is that the fruit of the spirit is LOVE (not necessarily a purified life).... and when you see God's love manifested - you know His Spirit is there, even though the place is full of broken sinners who may be holding on with their fingernails....

    Watch out for those who love scandal and gossip... because that's the opposite of Love....

    Watch out even more when you find "The Perfect Place"...

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  16. I was reading last night it is through much tribulation we will enter the Kingdom.
    Acts 14:22
  17. Yep, but not THE Tribulation.
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  18. God is in the Business of making somebody's out of Nobody's and can do more with little then we can do with a lot.
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  19. Um, i dont understand what the difference is between the tribulation and THE tribulation. I dont know what bible you reading, but mine doesnt put it in caps like that.

    This reminds me of another scripture when Jesus said to Peter satan was gonna sift him as wheat. And he said not to worry about it, cos Jesus knew Peter was WHEAT. sifting is not a pleasant process, but we all go through it. It kinda sounds like tribulation to me. Or turbulence.

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