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  1. When I access CFS via a mobile device there is an ad at the top for a Tapatalk app. Does anyone use this? Are there advantages over just the regular mobile version of the site?
  2. Tapatalk is an useful one to quickly catchup on updates and posts when we are away from laptop. I often use it. But I don't use it much for posting. I do that from laptop. I use tapatalk for other forums as well

    Ads are built into the app. This is not from forum if I am right. This would appear in all the forums you use for tapatalk. I would know very little though! I run rooted Android device and have adblock app installed. It pretty much blocks ads all over the phone and all the apps
  3. I myself make use of Tapatalk when accessing the forum on my mobile. I believe it makes things a bit easier regarding mobile formatting. My preferred choice is to take part via a PC/laptop since screen size is king.
    Tapatalk is supported by many forums, so I suppose if you have joined many forums then it will have more positives, in terms of switching between various forums, updates, etc.
    I did however find that Tapatalk keeps my phone a bit busy, so I make sure to log out of the forum when done and close the app also.
    It is easy to reply, quote, etc. using the Tapatalk app, but took me a while to figure out where to start a new post thread.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'm usually on my desktop or laptop, and only occasionally on my phone or Kindle, so I guess I'll probably skip Tapatalk for now (especially if there are ads).
  5. I view this forum primarily from my iPhone; I can view it in all different styles because of my staff status (that's another story though).
    This forum is mobile compatible so it should display correctly on a mobile device.
    Tapatalk is very popular with forums, however, this can give the illusion that you are online when you aren't.
  6. Thanks for the thread and linking it to me. I might try out taptalk now.

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