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Discussion in 'Christian Videos' started by Ravindran, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. This is short film from my Indian fellowship. Please watch and enjoy :)
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  2. I liked the video rav :) I didn't understand the language but I definitely got the message. Through out the film they were accepting Jesus but when they went to the party on the town they did not invite Jesus. Then they became sad and empty when they returned home. Jesus was gone. So i conclude this. If you want to party , Party with Jesus because HE has the best party ever put together. Always invite Jesus to your functions. BTW...were you the guy wearing the yellow shirt? LOL
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  3. It was not me :) This is not the fellowship that I usually attend. Our Church conducts service at 2 separate towns. This is the one in another town. We all get together for special occasions. They prepared this short film for their anniversary..

    You got the story in a good way! I thought there were subtitles which should have helped. The story is about how we can lose Jesus in our lives through our actions. We pray and ask Him in to our lives. But then we miss Jesus through our actions. The story traces lives of 4 friends.

    2 cops - They take bribe from a celebrity and refuse to give ticket when he dashes another person's car. They would think they are just favoring their favorite celebrity and nothing wrong in it.
    Software engineer - He gives false report to manager that he has written 3000 lines of code and only checkin is pending. In reality, he would have written 3 lines of code, causing 300 errors at other places :) And he will bloat up estimates for some new work. He would think it's just a casual lie and very common at work.

    Finally they go partying hard and miss out Jesus completely.

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