Talking to God

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  1. Talking to God

    And I am not talking about being elaborate about talking to Him.

    Be yourself.

    I talked to God for the first time instead of just praying to Him, which really isn't holding a decent conversation with Him.

    I never knew what a relaxing thing talking to God would be.

    Talking to God is totally different from talking to a person. God doesn't ask mindless questions, or interrupts, or even makes those little "motions" to make you stop. He listens - 100%.

    Believe me, it's the best thing you could do. If you find talking to your husband, friend, sister, brother, dog, cat, fish, sky whatever hard, go to God and tell Him.

    You don't have to be all proper and cool about it, just be yourself. I'm sure God would like for us to be ourselves, right? :D

    Tell Him how you feel exactly, even if it's hard to. You'll find that He's the BEST listener in the world.
  2. And the best teacher
  3. I often do this, but then i wonder if its right to, because im not talking to him in the serious prayer way.
  4. He's a father He's a friend. He doesn't want a strict religion, He wants a relationship.
  5. That's correct, Mark. That's one of the things I love about God - He doesn't demand we talk a certain way, or act a certain way around Him. That is what people say when they mean, "knowing God on a personal level".

    God is like an old friend you are comfortable with. You laugh, you talk, you cry, and you enjoy those warm, fuzzy moments together. ;)
  6. Talking to God should be as natural as breathing.:)

  7. That's it exactly my dear Mark. We do not need formalities to come to the throne of Grace. Just humility.:shepherd::shepherd:

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