Talked To A Group Of Boys About Christ ..and....(more Inside)

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  1. today was such a blessing that it kinda felt like a dream. At first i was just going to take my little brother outside,and just talk to some people..then I heard the lord tell me to take my older brother w/ me twice.. so i was like okay..that's God. We went to the playground in our complex...and there were a group of boys at the playground, I was like, oh man..really lord... even my brother hesitated, he kept saying he was comfortable talking to people one on one..and i was like honestly lol it surprised me first, b/c my brother is really strong spiritually..but me is shy..and when i saw em just sitting there, I was kinda angry at them...that they'd pass this group up. So i just did it..and suprising ly they listened...except one, as soon as i talked about god...his head turned hard to theright, and one kid just asked why the world was going to end and I explained it Him..but they were realy responsive. I was amazed ^^...then my brother suggested to krogers so we did, he talked to some people... then I talked to this one lady, and man I was not expecting what came outta her XD, she was saying that , not that she was expecting me, but she was asking God to send her people to help her ect.. and she was really strong in the lord.. saying how Good he has been how he showed his love to her through us..thats she's been homeless and what not..but was stil standing strong b/c of many people died in her life and she was greatful for God. she also said she was a an artist,she sings and let us listen to her song..and before we left i asked her if she needs prayer and we prayed... a circle of six people praying in the street at krogers.... idk im really proud of myself, and glad God worked through me..but it amzed me to the point it kinda felt dream like, the lady was so into the lord that it kinda felt like a set up know like we might have been entertaing an angel .. she gave us an ok to contact her on FB and I searched for her name..but couldn't find her...... kinda eerie..but today was a blessing, Glory to God.
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  2. Luke 10:17-20
    "The seventy returned with joy, saying, 'Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.' And He said to them, '... Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven.' "

    May God bless your joy, dear pancakes.
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  3. thankyou, im very proud of myself... I still can't believe I did that XD lul i gotta work on the rest of me :))

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