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  1. I have to make a ton of phonecalls for my job. So I'm texting a guy friend and my brother at the same time talking about setting up a meeting with both of them, and I meant to text my brother the "I love you" text, but to my horror, I texted the wrong guy :|

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  2. I. Am. Mortified.
  3. A seed has been planted... :p
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  4. Not done that one but I managed to embarrass myself twice in my early days on newsgroups in the 90s.

    One was an angry post which I opened something along the lines of "Are your really so stupid as to...". I managed to make the post in quadruplicate.

    The other was something I thought was perhaps better said in private. There wasn't really anything that bad in the contents but I opened saying I'd rather handle it be personal email and then posted it publicly to the newsgroup.
  5. I like his reply.
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  6. Ha! No thanks :)

    It was definitely clever.

  7. I did that once, my girlfriend's name is Jen and so is the mom of one of my son's friends. I went to send a text to my girlfriend, "Just sayin', I love you!" My son's friend's mom replied, "Oh thanks," and some other witty remark that I don't remember but I saw my mistake and was mortified, but my son's friend's mom laughed it off.
  8. He played it off pretty cool. Him and I started to work together, so things should be interesting on Monday.
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  9. Keep us posted!
  10. There's nothing happening! hahahahaha.

    You're too funny haha.
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  11. I guess he missed out on the follow up. Now hes in the friend zone indefinitely;)
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  12. Yes, he is. Haha.

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