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  1. How many have tablets, what are they and would you buy them again with 20/20 hindsight?

    I have yet to find a new for one yet.
  2. These work pretty good. They may not be modern being made of stone but the resolution is great.
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  3. Hee-hee-hee! Smarty.
  4. I have a nice, new green Apple, which was given to me when a friend's son bought his daddy an even better one. I should use it more -- I really do like it! It's just that I am so technology-ignorant.
  5. I have a Lenovo Android based and a Dell Win 8.1.

    I like the aps on the Android. The Windows has a full version of Office which is helpful when I'm on the road.
  6. I was told that is the 1.0 version and that the new version is only on download from an offshore server called |-|0L'/5P1R17.
  7. What are you using it for mainly when you do use it?
  8. On the Lenovo what doe you use it for primarily? Obvious the Dell is business classed.

    Which is faster and doe either have card slots.
  9. I can take it to synagogue in order to look up Scripture passages during the teachings, especially if I question something that was said. I also use it to see the broadcasts of the teachings. It needs updating right now.

    Usually, I just use my laptop. Right now, I don't have my own working desktop -- it got old.
  10. The Lenovo is good for aps like weather and airlines. I also have a couple of Bible versions.

    The Dell is newer and faster. The Lenovo is a few years old, but still runs fast enough.

    The Lenovo has a slot for a micro SD card. Not easy to access, though. It can connect to a PC with a micro USB cable to transfer data files.

    The Dell has a full USB port so you can use flash drives.
  11. I bought one HP Touchpad.. I rooted it and installed Android.. I used to do all these geeky stuff! Now not much time for those.. Family takes precedence these days.. Tablets is a very good addition to smartphones, etc..

    watching movies, reading books or news, playing games, checking emails and replying.. It is much better to type emails.. If you have a kid, probably the kid would pretty much take control of it! :D
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  12. Well the Dell sounds goo for the port, but sadly the use of Win8 leaves me a bit cold.

    Win8 joins Bob, WinME and Vista in the line of failures by Microsoft.

    Best ones were 3.11, NT all versions and 2K
  13. I was working for a small Christian school when Cyanogen released their Ice Cream Sandwich rom for the touchpad. We snapped up 10 for around $100 a piece before the price started floating back up. ICS ran great. I still have a touchpad running it now. I heard they've released KitKat for it as well. It's a shame WebOS development died. It really had some solid potential. I still boot to it on occasion.

    We also have the Nexus 7 generation 2 and have been really pleased with that. Every tablet we've purchased has been worth it's weight in gold to us. Great great investment for a traveling lifestyle.
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  14. Sadly WebOS went the same route as OS/2. Critically loved, consumer shunned.

    The trick now is to have a device that an OS can run on that has the wow factor for the consumer market.

    Though not too much wow as Google glass will most likely fail as it is too limited for consumers.
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  15. Never thought I would hear about Cyanogen in CFS :D xda is the next frequent forum i visit. I don't post there. I do read a lot there.

    I missed the flash deal. Got for a good price though. Touchpads are solid performers.
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  16. I think the focus has shifted a lot. What drives the OS is simply the availability of applications. For example, microsoft and blackberry are still not prominent. Android really expanded as more apps got added to Playstore. Unless someones comes with an OS that would able to run Android or iOS apps through some virtualization, I don't think there is going to be any competition.
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  17. If you don't have a smartphone (which is a pocket tablet with phone service), buying a table is an incredibly good idea. If you have a smartphone, you might want to buy a bigger tablet, but I'd prefer to invest in a very light laptop (Chromebook or Windows 8 with long battery life).

    Apple iPad is expensive and gives you limited choices. But, Apple (with oil-company-like profits) is a small, walled garden thats hard to get lost in (hint, to the tech-phobic).

    Right now, for me, Android is the no-brainer choice. You can get an surprisingly useful tablet for about a $100. A very good tablet for under $200. A killer tablet for a correspondingly high price. Or, anything in between.

    When Windows 9 rules around, a Windows tablet might be the way to go.
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  19. The way I see things is this:

    If you need a truck of a PC you get a Windows machine. (Truck in this sense means huge business class applications, science research, CAD, etc.) Work.
    If you just want something easy to run and not really into programming, buy Apple.
    If you want to consume media, Apple or Amazon tablet.
    If you want to work with a tablet. Android or Windows, with a bluetooth keyboard in tow.
    If you want to experiment or be a cyber monkey. Unix distro. But NOT Apple.
    You want to game. PC or Console. I favour console, because the controllers lessen the RSI issue.

    For getting a tablet I'm rather picky.
    I do want Android, as it tends to have less restrictions than Apple. And usually you can run a modded version on it.
    I do want to be able to run more than one app at a time.
    I need a micro SD slot.
    I do want a mini-HDMI out, HDMI out or the ability to port the display to a flat panel.
    I do want a decent bluetooth stack that can support all devices not just a few. (cough, HTC, cough)

    So far I have yet to find a good site that you can select these kinds of options and then get an aggregate answer.
    Notebook and PC sites have them, but so far none for tablets.

    Apple of course doesn't have such a thing because Apple only believes there is ONE kind of PC user.

    And YES an Apple is a PC, a personal computer. The marketing people at Apple hate that. But got to call a spade a spade.
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  20. Lol, exactly what happened to mine!
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