T-time, T-time, T-time!!!!! ^__^

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  1. Omg I don't know where to start , first I guess I should say T stands for testimony...

    GOD is good, for one I have an interview tomorrow and I'm soooo sure I'm gonna get it.. The beat thing about it is that I'll literally be working from home.. BC ill be a housekeeper at the note I'm staying in..so its perfect.

    Secondly, I mysteriously received a card in the mail..an acheive card....
    I never signed up for one and I asked my dad if they randomly mailed people cards and he said no...and I asked my parents if they signed up for I for and they also said no..

    I only can surmise that god is preparing me to receive his blessing in this case financial (through the acheive card) ^_^ ...bc prior I had no card, except my school card that my refund uploads on....that I need to find( I lose stuff)

    Anyway I'm so happy,..im gonna try and activate this card...lol ..

    And I thank everyone who has been praying , and I'm soo happy BC it makes me se that god isn't just waiting for me to mess up and condemn me..he's actually for me.


    Thank u god n everybody else c:
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  2. God is for everyone @pancakes, however I'm glad to see that things are working out for you.
    Glory to God! :)
  3. Be careful with this card. It is simply just another pre paid debit card and is not free money. Many of these cards charge you to re-load them and have hidden fee's that slowly drain them.
    Do good research.
    God Bless
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  4. Oh I had no idea... ( I mean I knew there wasn't free money on it lol..i wanted to use it to put money /deposit money on it)
    I couldn't activate it anyway...
    I'll just get a chase card :)

    Thanks for the heads up.
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  5. Sound advice. (y)
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  6. It is so good to see you excited and optimistic and looking forward to God's favour! Let us know how it goes...and I will pray for you tonight!
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  7. I will :) my interview is today at 5:45
  8. Update: It went well, he said he'd hire me on the spot, its just since I live here it'd be an issue.

    And he told me to check back Monday.
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  9. Keep seeking God Pancakes and I will be praying.
    God Bless
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  10. Great news pancakes
  11. Most definitely.
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  12. Now thats the way to do things !!
    Proud of you Pancakes
    God Bless
  13. Blessing to you my sister! I am so glad to hear that you are in good spirits and my prayers have been that you would be lifted up and that you would do well!!!
  14. I had my golf clubs ready when I read the topic of your thread, and much to my disappointment when I opened your thread, I found they weren't needed. Sadness ;); maybe next time (y).

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