T-Shirt logos and sayings

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  1. T-Shirt logos and sayings

    It might be interesting to list the 'sayings' and 'wording' on T-Shirts that you own or have seen. Keep your posts within our Rules... (no off-color listings, please.)

    I saw this one at a reunion of retired Law Enforcement Officers a couple of months ago:

  2. We vacationed at the beach in Florida last week, and my step-mother bought my brother-in-law a t-shirt that says,

    "If a man speaks on the beach and a woman is not there to hear him, is he still wrong?"

  3. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::p:p:p
    Long Live Paper and Scissors
  5. I have several that read:

    I'm not perfect...YET! Just FORGIVEN!

    The song in my heart id Jesus!


    1 Savior+3 Nails=Forgiven!

    I used to have more, but I think the washing machine ate them.
  6. It's Yellow and you can stand on it...


    I couldn't find a copy of the shirt..
  7. i think one of the best i have seen is

    Dont read my shirt get your own

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