Syria Vote

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  1. That did happen :LOL:. Sorry Bill :love:.
    Bill I needed to put a disclaimer in my 'study' is off the internet...I am sure you have much wisdom on the subject to share. I cannot agree to disagree as I am open to correction. Just can't see from what I read though how the US can be Edom :confused:.
  2. Well, with a strictly literal hermeneutic the bible teaches that our next birth pang will either be the rapture or the Russian invasion of Israel. What's interesting about the Ezekiel 38 invasion of the land of Israel is that the other countries of the world do nothing to intervene in the invasion. There is a formal protest but the rest of the world will not go beyond protesting and sits back and watches. God destroys Magog in that invasion, sooner the better.
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  3. It has been better than 18 years since I studied the matter but there are books, written by preachers, that bring out the points about the countries, Edom, Rome and the U.S., are all identified in scripture by their national symbol, the eagle in a nest of stars. And having been stationed at Ft. Meade in the '60s I've seen the Roman columns and buildings there, now back to the topic, ok?

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