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  1. Just watching FNC and they have reported the Senate Committee has voted 10 to 7 to approve the attack on Syria... the world has gone insane! I have always respected the Hanoi Hilton Preacher, John McCain but today, God has moved and I admit, it makes me sick to my stomach, Commander McCain voted, Yes. Now the vote goes to the floor and as we approach the 9/11 mark we are going to attack and expect not to have War declared on us?

    America has no ally in this endeavor and the Senators are admitting that this Tomahawk attack will not destroy any munitions and will not kill al-Assad, nor will it destroy any of his Gas supply. When we study the scriptures, we do not see the U.S. (Edom) in the End Times events and I believe our nation is about to go under.

    What say ye?
  2. We are the comes the slaughter....

    Have the Truth on your side-tell someone about Jesus Christ today (before there is no tomorrow).
  3. I read Putin will support a strike once he has proper evidence that there was an actual chemical attack.

    I wouldn't stress. If they vote to attack they must be looking at some valid evidence. Whats the worst that can happen?
    Remember US = UN.
  4. Can't say that I agree with you KingJ; more like the UN=NWO. The US military is it's strong arm bully most of the time.

    Syria is following the same exact pattern that they used to go into Iraq; and extremely close to Libya, Vietnam. Understanding the nature of Satan believe it or not reveals much of what is happening in politics all over the world:

    'The devil'/ Satan/ Wicked-or- Evil One, "Father of lies", Murderer: Satan cannot create anything "good" because God is the source of all things good. Satan can't create anything "new" either: 'nothing new under the sun'. So when it comes to politics, ideologies, technology, etc, etc...All Satan can do is take something that God created or ordained man to do and distort it with confusion and deception. Examples of this are:

    Evolution : 'vain imaginations of men'
    Environmentalism: 'worship the creation rather than the creator'
    Man's 'religion'

    'Satan' is probably the most intelligent force on the planet (After the presence of the Holy Spirit). And he is in no rush to get what he deserves....

    Most people think that Satan's revelation to the world is an instantaneous issue- they forget he has been planning a hostile takeover for some 7000 years.

    So the pattern is this: take something good-a bit of truth; distort it, confuse the people, create division, lie/ deceive to mare any goodness / 'Holiness'; take action to destroy it-which usually involves lots of death.

    Our Lord's kingdom is NOT of this earth. It was given over to....
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  5. If we just ignore the impending doom coming upon the earth and try defend a US attack though... it can be done.
    I feel the US is justified in attacking immediately. The chemical gas attack happened. We all saw the footage. UK / France and Germany would have helped the Syrians yesterday...but they can't even think of opposing Russia and China. Not so with the US.

    Anyone with some common sense knows that the US is sick and tired of war. Hence any war these days is a well discussed and debated last resort.

    What is the worst case scenario? The bible doesnt predict a WW3 until we past halfway in the tribulation. The worst case scenario is simply the financial cost to the US. If they attacked Syria at the onset of the civil war, it would be bad publicity..but now...they would be heroes to the majority of the Syrians. In fact it would improve their image amongst Muslims!!
  6. Who says there won't be a WWIV or WWV or WWVI before Christ comes back? Do I think we are in "end times"? Hard to say-my flesh says yes...many have thought that since the ascension of Christ. BUT I think there is a whole lot more horror to be seen on earth-especially in the USA before Christ returns. (We still have it pretty good in the USA-the pain comes from watching it fall apart and being given to the devil.)

    Christ did say it would be like the days of Noah-our perception of the days of Noah are a guy wearing animal skins running around like a neanderthal with very little knowledge. I believe the opposite. I believe there was highly advance tech including space travel before the flood.

    There is a very real agenda (UN Agenda 21- NWO: New World Order) to reduce the human population to 500,0000,000 people (Georgia Guidestones) under the guise of protecting "mother earth" (environmentalism, global warming, genocide, evolution) Who is to say that won't happen before Christ returns?

    Out of place artifacts: OOPARTS

    There is a touch of truth in all deception...
  7. Lol, interesting link there. I agree they weren't primitive. But planes and spacecraft :). They would have escaped the flood.

    Who will instigate a 3rd world war? Unless there is an anti-christ who wants Israel gone, I really dont see how it can happen. Muslims are divided amongst each other / they don't all hate the west. Russia and China have sensible leaders. Both are irritated with N Korea. The eastern nations are communicating with and befriending the west everyday on the net and in business. The only thing I see comparing us to the days of Noah, is extreme immorality.
  8. KJ,
    The problem is that you and most of the U.S. are not paying attention. No place in the Bible is the U.S., a.k.a. Edom, found in the End time prophecies and Bill Clinton stripped the U.S. Military down to the point that it would have taken 30 years, just to recover to the point he began the disassembly. Bush only had 8 years rebuilding and now Barry is taking the military further apart! There are a couple of Fleets removed, many bases closed down and several divisions gone adding up to trillions and perhaps to a quadtrillion to replace the missing hardware to sustain combat on one major front for six months. Our toilet has no water to flush the bowl and it is stinking right now and the plumber is on strike!

    This might be a good time to witness for Christ.
  9. My God is God of the universe-if He wanted to destroy the escapees in planes and spacecraft; I am 100% sure that He is capable. :)

    If I were a betting man-I would say some did 'escape' temporarily. But the impact craters on the moon and the earth, and mars tell a very scary story of ultimate universal destruction (at least in our tiny corner of the universe.) I am cautious to say that we are 'alone' in the entirety of existence. All we know is THIS earth. How many more gardens did the Lord plant?

    "Vineyards" (plural)
  10. You have got me thinking Mike :). Adam was 4004bc. Adam to flood was 1656 years = 2348bc. Since flood is = 4359 years. are saying that humans on the earth for 1656 years can compete with humans for 4359 years? That is quite possible given that Adam and his immediate sons would all likely be Einstein's. Except for Cain's evil / devil keeps mankind stupid, just look at African / pagan tribes. I think its quite possible that they were at a very advanced industrial age. Clearly not at one damaging the ozone though. So either just before coal factories or completely bypassing the coal age / our type of industrial revolution and having another type :confused:.

    Or...the earth was so nice and unpopulated that they had no need to industrialise. But then.. there were wars and wars = boost technology. So I have to sit on the fence. I can't completely discredit you. Today all sailing boats are built by hand. Noah and family could have been building a fibreglass / wood / titanium boat to match God's exact needs. Requirements that a construction firm may have got wrong as the vision of exactly what God wanted was in Noah's head.

    This should make for a good discussion at church this week :LOL:.
  11. I don't think Edom not mentioned is an issue to do with the US military spending...simply since nukes > conventional weapons. If the US goes...everyone attacking /possibly the world goes too.

    Cutting military spending = more pumped into economy = better life for us now and more efficient military spending. The US military spending is 10 times Russia and 4 times China. Spending can sink to match China and the US will / should still be beyond doom :cautious:.
  12. KJ,
    Your premise is incorrect and you are falling victim to the delusion He has set for the World to suffer. The issue can't be viewed in the narrow point of view but must be viewed in the light of God's point of view. If you will do the Edom study and then carefully examine US current events (unnewsworthy) you'll see that Germany and Japan have been raping this country for decades and continue to do so. The propphecy for this is found in the later portion of Obidiah and we are easily identified as the third Edom. Now, ever with our, Socialist Islamist, president, if anybody were to storm Israel, we would erupt on them. The rest is for the Holy Spirit to direct you on in these matters.

    Now, your slap across the face was unintentional, I know. Major, I'm sure will back me on this and the truth is that there is a free nation, known as the U.S. only because brave men died for their beliefs. Does our nation need to stop pretending that we are the UNs police force and tell them to move out of the U.S.? Yes and a few trillion, many billions a year would be saved but if you cut our forces, as this Islamist is, we will fall, just as he said he would see us do before '08 when he spoke to the JCS.

    The short of it is, no military, no freedom and that is not free... it costs money and lives.
  13. How many times and on how many planets would our Lord be crucified?

  14. It could be Noah obeyed the LORD-followed God's instructions to build the ark-intentionally NOT using other available materials. It could be that Noah employed others to help-maybe not. We could play the devil's advocate on 'what if's' all day long. God gave Noah explicit instruction from what I gather from my Bible.

    The ark itself could have been a testament of God's work in materials rather than mankinds materials at the time.

    Picture this: the eccentric Noah building this 'boat' that no one had ever considered needing up to that point. Using 'wood' of all things when who knows what was available. And pitch? And storing animals? Flood? I am sure that Noah was 'well-known' by the time the flood came around. Noah-the only one left 'perfect in his generations' still giving reverence to a God mankind had set aside because they had grown independent.... (perhaps in their technology-thinking themselves immortal and invincible living to nearly 1000 years old.) Imagine what an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from our sun would do to metal spacecraft and planes traveling in and out of the atmosphere that contained a 'firmament' of water? I am guessing that a powerful EMP could disintegrate a firmament of water...

    There's always a touch of truth in legend: the legends of all cultures of demigods and spectacular aerial battles. Noah and his family witnessed 'mighty men of renown'; how many of those stories were passed unto grandchildren and distorted through the ages throughout the tribes of the earth before and after the land was divided. We WILL know the full truth one day and what fools we will feel like when the 'other half and more' have been told...

    Jesus Christ has us on a 'need to know' basis in this time of living in faith. What we need to know and preach is-He is coming back....

    Consider the story of Elijah and the flaming chariot....

    How would you describe a never before seen mode of transportation that transcends both physical and spiritual boundaries some 3000 years ago? The Bible is a wonderful mystery in and of itself.

    What if God allowed some 1000 year lifespan survivors to make contact with post flood Noah's generation? What if....

    (Starting to sound like L. Ron Hubbard)
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  15. Who says the plan is the same on all planets? Maybe they are being prepared for US! Now that's a thought isn't it? A planet/ galaxy for each of God's Children? What if....

    Why is our mind so small?

    I don't want to play the what if game too much...because we still have to go through that one terrible day of judgement before our eternity begins-that should be our focus. God forgive me for not witnessing to those whom I know and will watch being cast into the fire....
  16. Just found this link. Wow, 1 - 40 billion people estimated before flood. High population = industry / mass production and technology boosts from war.
    Interesting speculation. I found this link where they estimate between 1-40 billion people before flood There is no way you can have so many people and not be advanced. Having watched the movie '2012' I can believe a flood for 40 days can take us all out even with our big ships and limited space travel. There is no need for an emp if you have no home to land on :). My imagination stops at our level of technology though. If they could and did settle on other planets I am sure scripture would say God sent a flood and a meteor shower to space settlements or something like that.
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    I have done an Edom study and we do not believe alike. There are no more 'Edomites' they were wiped out. I can agree that Edom was not an Arab nation and it is very likely they travelled when they were taken out. According to Josephus they were grafted into the Jewish race. Scripture clearly puts their home in the Mid East. What prophecy is there of them that relates to this day? The scripture on their destruction is what made them travellers.
  18. Add to that the white horse Jesus comes on. Heaven must be full of animals and traditional modes of transport :). I think earth and all we have is a glimpse of what is / will be in heaven. I am guessing horses existed way before God made them on earth.
  19. I was thinking more like Erich Von Daniken and his 'Chariots of the gods':)
    Maybe Ezekiel described what he saw with perfect accuracy.
    Did the Lord choose Ezekiel because he couldn't report accurately what the Lord disclosed, or because he was a reliable witness?(y)
  20. KJ,
    I'm finished with you running me down this rabbit trail, you have hijacked this thread and the best thing you can do is to reread the OP and let's discuss the subject of it's context. Other than that, we agree to disagree.

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