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  1. Switchfoot

    I was just curious...who here has gotten their new CD Oh! Gravity. and liked it? I've seen a lot of SW fans get it call it a waste of money, but I like it.
  2. I haven't heard it yet but I am looking forward to it, both of my sons are about your age and I listen to all their cd's. They seem to like Lifehouse and Third Day as well.What other Christian artists do you listen to?
  3. Switchfoot, Newsboys, Pillar, and Petra are my favorites.
  4. I think I have every Cd the Newsboys ever made- nice music and what a heart for Jesus. I also like Todd Agnew, Jason Morant and Mute Math to name a few.
    If you love Christain music as much as I do go to live365.com and check their christian music section - it is free to download the player and I listen to annionted sound by DJ Benny B all the time.
  5. I heard a sample of their new music... don't they seem a bit more "dark" nowadays? I mean, listen to their old music, then compare them - see if you don't notice a difference :) They aren't as open to announcing Jesus Christ to the crowds, as they were when they first started out... such similarity to POD and other bands when they became popular and sold gold.

    Don't get me wrong, there are a few good bands out there that keep it genuine even when they do make millions (and give it to World Vision because they're not greedy) - but you know what they say - money changes people :D
  6. I've seen a few Christian bands go that way. I've had friends that have gone that way. Sometimes life really hits you with something you just don't expect. And once you start any type of ministry as your primary source of income, I can see where it would be hard to stay true to the word since your mortgage payment is closely tied to giving people what they "like".

    I like Switchfoot, but not a whole lot. Pillar is cool, though I sometimes think their message is a bit lost. Petra are really great guys, and they truely love God. That isn't always true in the industry, but I've heard some great stories coming back from them.

    Newsboys have always been in good standing in my book at least. I've never heard any bad stories about them, but since I've never met them personally, I can't really testify to their spirit. They definitely put on an energetic concert, and it's clear that they are devoted to God from their songs and from their live performance.
  7. Love all of those.

    Petra's gotta be the best ever. I got to talk with John Schlitt between sets at a concert back in '86 or so. Right about the time he joined.

    Great band and some really great music. They love the Lord and helped many find salvation.
  8. Actually I had thought that way about their first mainstream albums (The Beautiful Letdown, Nothing is Sound), but this one has more joy in it...instead of talking how shallow life is.

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