Swine Flu Outbreak Could Become 'Pandemic'

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  1. Great article!! :D

    I love the bear in the pic...

    I was watching the news this morning and they said that people are tripping all over themselves trying to figure out what to call it.
    "Swine Flu" is out because it upsets the farmers and Israel.
    "Mexican Flu" had the Mexicans all upset, so they dropped that.
    "North American flu" might lead people on other continents to think they are safe.
    and H1N1 is just too complicated for most people to understand. (I took offense to that comment)

    Some were calling it the "North American H1N1 strain of the Mexican Swine Flu Viris".


  2. Exactly and I am sure that because there was such confusion over our SARS incident that all this is now hyped out of control and to put it to level 5 is absolutely rediculous .

    Friends please don't panic and be fearfull . God is in control and we have nothing to worry about . This is no more than a common flu and sometimes if the person is elderly and already has medical problems then that's where the deaths could occur . and we also have to think that third world countries do not have the medical and hospital attention that we have.
  3. SOURCE: FOXNews.com - Retailers Nationwide Cash In on Swine Flu Fears - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News


    I have to wonder how it must make our Lord feel to watch His children take such measures to take advantage of and profit from our brothers and sisters misfortune.

  4. It has to grieve His spirit to watch this. But, just like Dusty said, "God has it all under control." But if we would just, "Trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths." God will protect His children as He has done from ancient times past until today. Have no fear, God is here......(smile)

  5. Life is full of tests- tests reveal who we really are.
  6. Rock on Dusty and Ride4. I get a little stuffy but I tell people I'm "old school." I got Ebola and SAARS LOL!! Okay I got a lot of pollen but hey! ;)
  7. Okay serious I have no infection!:israel:
  8. This new virus has just shown how unstable the world really is. People arround the world are in a state of fear. Just how serious this virus will be, time will tell. I just pray it will not hit the AID's population in Africa.

    If it is just another virus doing the rounds, I think it will just wear itself out but if it comes from God, then nothing will stop it.
  9. Fear is definately not from God. It is sad to see those who don't have the hope of Glory and a secure eternity scramble in fear and go over board with this. The word says that it rains on the just and the unjust. Which means in this situation that even Christians can get sick from this flu just as those who are not Christian.

    The biggest picture in this situation is to just use common sense. That we should
    -yes take percautions by taking the necessary measures to keep ourselves clean to protect ourselves. I agree the borders should have been closed and travel should have been ceased to and from that country.

    Disease is not from God. He may have allowed it to happen due to sin but I don't believe these things are caused by God himself.
  10. Fear comes from satan who uses our lack of faith and spiritual blindness to stir up emotions of fear and panic.

    Here is an interesting debate, where does disease come from? Scriptures tell us that sickness and death came about because of sin.

    Scriptures also tell us that God used pestilence and plagues to render judgement on Israel due to their disobedience. The NT also tells us that in the last days there will be disease and plagues which are sent by God. We cannot overlook this fact that Gods wrath (trumpets, scrolls and bowls) will be poured out on the earth in the last days. These are judgements which come from God.

    Although, I am sure that satan is allowed to use illness to inflict pain on people, God also uses sicknesses to discipline His people.

    So can we conclude that illness is a result of the sin of man, is used by satan, and is sent by God in His sovereign will to discipline nations?

    There are two accounts of Jesus healing people in the gospels where He told the person to go and sin no more, which means the illness was caused by sin and the other person was healed for Gods glory and Jesus had to rectify the disciples thinking that it was the sins of their fathers which had caused the problem.

    If God wills the nations to be inflicted with a disease then nothing man can do will stop it. I do not know if swine flu is from God, but if it is then nothing will stop it until God declares His work done.

    The best precaution we can take (IMO) is to go before God and pray.
  11. Sadly, it was just reported that a woman in Texas has passed away from the Swine Flu, or whatever they've decided to call it.

    She did have underlying illnesses, but it doesn't make it any easier for her family, so they will be in my prayers.

    Blessings, Cheri

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