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  1. I know that Jesus said not to swear at all (make oaths). But there is this hilarious meme that goes like this:[​IMG]
    I want to know if I can say this in my head, because it makes me laugh every time. I avoid it because the speaker swore on his mum. I already asked God to show me the answer, but what do you guys think?
  2. The problem with this meme is not so much the swearing as the intention and heart behind it. You are missing the forest and look at a tree. You see how it says, "I will bash your "blanken" head in?" This right here is the main problem.

    Do you see the whole heart behind this meme? Even if done as a joke, it is inspired by evil.
  3. It is to seem as innocent fun or innocent play on words but it still plants sinful seed in your thinking. Example......the play on words has it ever brought the thought of what it was saying or another words before they twisted the words into innocent appearing words ? That seed is planted and if you ignore it then the seed will begin to grow and weed up your thoughts.

    It is like trying to walk on both sides of the fence when we try to mask sin or evil or wrong with funny or colorful words and ways. In the end it will produce ther same evil rotten fruits.
    Does this help ?
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  4. I agree with what you are saying here, but in the case of this particular meme....it is definitely not an innocent play on words.
  5. Mykuhl to you and me we can see this but to the ones who wrote it, well that is their motive. I was using the innocent play on words because that is how people want to see it as. In this way it makes it ok in their eyes and they have done no wrong.

    Just another way satan conterfits the things of God and camouflages evil as innocnet things so as to get his purpose which is always stealing and killing and destroying the things of God especially His word in us. If we allow these kind of things that appear as innocent play on words into our lives then the fruits produced by Gods written word will not be seen for they will not grow and mature but the seeds that the devil plants will slowly grow and begin to produce fruits that hinder your walk in Christ. Kind of like placing a few rotten apples in the bag with the good ones, soon all will be rotten if you do not remove the rotten from with in the good.

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  6. It is my opinion (and it may be just my opinion), that the bond between man and wife is such a threat to the enemy that he has made the physical expression of the union between man & woman into an epithet, in an attempt to attack Christian marriage.
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  7. Well... I never thought of it that way...
  8. Amen for most people do not grasp the power and strength of a husband and wife when they are in agreement and walking in the Lord. If when a fight or argumernt starts between them if they would simply say look you are not my problem and I am not your problem and turn together and turn on the enemy, well they could chase the devil out of their life in a hurry.
    But even Christian couples tend to allow the flesh to get involved and keep on arguing and this allows the devil right way into the situation...
    Good Point my Friend
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  9. You should ! ;)
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  10. This reminds me of what James taught in James 1:13-15. Notice that the word "conceived" is used in verse 15. In order for conception to take place two people need to come together in agreement, or their needs to submission. In this case it would be you coming into agreement or submitting to Satan's temptation. This is how sin comes into being.
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  11. Every thought or words we speak should be righteous in the eyes of God.
    We must pray that our thoughts and words are Holy and that satan cannot manipulate them.
    Be aware of satans deceptions; they are most cunning!
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  12. lol yeah, that's my answer right there.

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