Survery shows Californians less religious than the rest of the nation

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  1. story there keep searching.:)
  2. I'm suprised they had to conduct a survey figure that out.:rolleyes:

  3. Lol!
  4. ca +31 3 in 1 etc,they are trying to make God look affable.easy to detect there falsehood.
  5. Statistics are vague. Theres not a big difference between California percentage and the nations percentage. I mean, they only show a small difference like for example America has 56 percent saying religion is important and only 10 percent less in California. Not a big difference.
  6. What?:confused:
  7. Actually no, the majority of California voted down the same-sex marriage law, and voted in favor of keeping marriage between one man and one woman. But the California Supreme Court voted against the Marriage Ammendment, and Gay Marriage became legal.

    And, do not believe too many of these "polls". They're usually always wrong. That's not to say that California is becoming less faithful, though. Most people in California are Roman Catholic, and many of them are backsliding from that faith, and overall, Christianity.
  8. rules of statistics

    1. 95% percent of all statisics can be made to say what is wanted 50% of the time.

    2. The remaining 5 percent are somewhat more than a little bit, but not as much as a whole lot, accurate;)

  9. Thank you Cliff, and MWM.

    I think most of the general public who don't live in California probably have the misconception that most Californians are non-religious. We have a large number of churches in our area - Catholic, Latter-Day Saints, Non-Denominational, Church of Christ - the whole lot. That isn't to say that just because we have churches means people are Christian, but I think it shows that people are looking for an easier life and they know they have something missing, but they just can't put their finger on it.

    While the California Supreme Court ruled homosexual marriage O.K., that does not mean that the majority of the California public agreed to this. There were many petitions going out to stop this law a month in advance, but as I predicted the Court ignored the petitions and went ahead and OK'ed it.
  10. NearertoGod,

    Most everything in this world is subjective including statistics. The religous status of an individual at a given time is hard to discern even when time is taken to know them. To propose that the religous condition of a given area or culture can can be determined by taking a pole is a complete deseption.
    It doesn't matter any way, except to the one who bases their faith on what others think. And if they do?, , , Then they have much bigger eternal issues than living in a less religous culture.

    Unfortunatly perception counts for a lot in the world, especialy in the USA and many use stats to manipulate perception.
    Why would they do that concerning religous beliefs in California???

    Marketing.. . Religian is a big dividing line here in the US. If one wants to draw conservitive Christians to an area they would manipulate the stats to show more religian. If they want to draw a more liberal population they maniplate the stats to show it more liking to the liberaral.
    The courts (counerdicting the population vote) overrode conservitive legislation
    While these events may not show where California is religously it definatly shows the direction the powers that be are taking it. ;)

    Which unforunatly is the same direction the USA and the rest of the world is going:(

    Sincerely His
  11. Cliff,
    Thank you for responding to my comments resonably and in a mature way instead of attacking me with shark teeth and razor claws.
    I agree with you 100%.

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