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  1. Monday, April 22, 2013, 6:53 a.m. – The Lord Jesus woke me up with the song “The Trumpet Shall Sound” (from Handel’s Messiah) playing in my mind, which begins with this verse from 1 Corinthians 15:51 (NKJV):

    Last Tuesday, the Lord Jesus woke me with the same song/verse playing in my mind. I’ve been reading in Ezekiel, but I wrote about the 1 Co. passage that day – titled “Hunger Games” - I believe very much that that writing ties in with the one for today.

    Last Monday we had the bombings in Boston, MA, which is historically the location of the onset of The American Revolution. I believe that is significant. We also got a good look at what a police state (or martial law) looks like up close and personal. Today I saw this article in the news: What struck me about this article is that these shootings took place in “Federal Way, Washington.” A friend recently shared this article with me about Seattle being taken over by the Department of Homeland Security: That sounds a whole lot like “Federal Way,” i.e. by way of the federal government of the U.S.A., like we witnessed in Boston, MA. I’m just taking notes and making observations at this point.

    I prayed, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. I had read Ezekiel 38-39 yesterday, plus the Lord Jesus kept putting songs in my mind yesterday about his soon return. I also looked up previous articles the Lord Jesus had given me to write on these chapters in Ezekiel, and I noticed a common thread with them. The Lord kept showing me our government in the U.S. and their leaders (and allies) as the evil force that he is bringing against his people. I think I had just finished reading a writing called “Magog” and was just about ready to read “Jesus is Coming Again,” when I happened to glance down at the clock. The time was 9:11. I believe that is also significant. Again, I am just taking notes.

    Ezekiel 38:

    Ezekiel 39:

    Gog and Magog

    You will get varied interpretations from theologians as to who this represents, but what is mainly agreed upon is that this represents a king or kingdom and his hordes (allies). The Lord Jesus keeps showing me the U.S. government and their allies over and over again. The scripture says that God will bring this “king” (or some say the beast) against “the mountains of Israel.” Now, many commentators take this to literally mean the nation of Israel, but there are problems with that interpretation. It is clear from reading Isaiah and the whole of Ezekiel, which parallel with Revelation in sections, that the people against whom God is sending this “Gog” are first of all God’s people, so they have to be believers in Jesus Christ. So, some say this is the nation of Israel regenerated through faith in Jesus Christ during the time of tribulation, but that also does not fit, because these passages in Isaiah and in Ezekiel speak of judgment against God’s people for their rebellion, their idolatry, spiritual adultery, refusal to repent, and their unfaithfulness to God Almighty. So, this has to be speaking of the idolatrous and spiritually adulterous church of the last days.

    So, the phrase “mountains of Israel” is figurative, not literal (As obstacles: see Zech. 4:7; Is. 40:4; and as “high places” they can symbolize idolatry: see Ezekiel 6:1-7).

    Gog will devise a scheme to come against a land (representing God’s people) of unwalled villages. This is my belief: A city (or land) representing God’s people today is not a physical land or city but a spiritual one, i.e. this is speaking of the church. Who is the beast against during the time of tribulation? – the saints of God; followers of Jesus Christ. Who does God warn of judgment prior to the prophecies of judgment in Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelation? The people warned to repent of their ways or to face judgment are God’s covenant people. In the last days that is the church, not the nation of Israel. I believe the context of these prophecies in Ezekiel, where they are related to the last days, supports this belief that Gog is coming and will come against God’s chosen people, the church, i.e. the idolatrous, spiritually adulterous, rebellious, unrepentant and unfaithful people of God in these final days before Jesus returns for his bride.

    I also believe the reason the people are living in peace and safety and may be unsuspecting is because those of the church who are complacent, lukewarm, rebellious, idolatrous, unfaithful and spiritually adulterous don’t think anything like this will ever happen to them. They are not watching, listening and paying attention to what is going on around them, and they too easily believe everything that the government feeds them. They easily believe not only the lies of their government leaders but also the lies of their church leaders who are teaching them philosophies of men over the word of God, and are teaching them a diluted gospel in place of the true gospel of Jesus Christ (Luke 9:23-25; Eph. 4:17-24), because they don’t want to offend anyone or have people not want to come back to their “churches.”

    Yet, when Gog attacks God’s people, God will then come against Gog (the beast). This is speaking of the time of tribulation prior to Jesus’ return for his bride. Then, we will see the kinds of judgments on the earth as are spoken of in Revelation. The wrath of God will come against those who came against his people – believers in Jesus Christ.

    The whole purpose of God’s judgments against his people is that they would turn from their wicked ways, forsake their idols, repent of their sins of unfaithfulness, and that they would love, honor and worship God as their one and only God. And, that is the reason he will use the beast to come against his people in these last days. So much of the church is living in idolatry and spiritual adultery and are following the ways of men more than they are the ways of God. So, God will send “Gog” against his people – the church – in order to bring them back to God and renewed faith in Jesus Christ so that they can be a mighty army going forth in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations, so that the people of all nations will flock to Jesus Christ, to the church, to the gospel and to salvation.

    I believe this bringing back the captives is two-fold: 1) In revival and spiritual renewal and restoration, and 2) In Jesus’ return for his bride and us going to be with him and in his kingdom reign on the earth where Satan will be bound and we will truly live in safety. Then God will pour out his Spirit upon us and we will be captive no longer, nor will we have any reason ever again to be afraid. Awesome!

    What a Day That Will Be / Jim Hill

    What a day that will be,
    When my Jesus I shall see,
    And I look upon His face,
    The One who saved me by His grace;
    When He takes me by the hand,
    And leads me through the Promised Land,
    What a day, glorious day that will be.

    The Trumpet Shall Sound:



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