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  1. This might be old news but has anyone heard about that guy from the 700 club saying the world was here before the bible said it was
  2. Can you tell us more details?
  3. It was a YouTube video it was pat Robertson and i dont know if he was denying God or if he was saying hrs didn't trust the translated bible or what but search even pat Robertson denies the bible and it should give you the exact video
  4. You must be talking about this clip...

  5. That's the one and like I said i might just be misunderstanding what he is saying
  6. Maybe you should see the whole show....but it does sound very very odd.
  7. Yup he said it, be careful.......

  8. Don't worry Gene: I stopped watching that stuff a loooooooooong time ago, even before his running for President.
  9. That's good to hear, my best friend turned me on to Pat back in the '80s, unfortunately he's (my friend) way out in left field today.
  10. Why am I not surprised?
  11. I watched some of the videos you guys showed me on faith building and they helped and they led to some that didn't really scare me just raised some questions their was one where four or five people had nde's (near death experiences) and some where people that i think didn't believe in God but where welcomed into heaven but given the choice to come back or where showed what their suppose to do and sent back and one was a drug addict over dosed died went to hell and cried out for help and Jesus took him out of hell and sent him back.#1how can someone who doesn't believe be welcomed in it says they won't and even if they do but lead bad lives it says they won't and the bible also says that those in hell will call out but won't be heard so if these few are saved why not everyone who goes to hell sees what they have done and believes and cries out
  12. Never trust people's claims on ndes....
  13. I mean i know that people lie but they just always gave me more hope when i was having my doubts i would pray and pray ask for help and read my bible and when i would see these it was just a little extra peace because i was thinking ok they where right there they died and that's what they saw so it has to be i believe and im reading my bible and praying and i know that God has to be there we didn't just come out of nothing but im just having alot of trouble right now the thought has been like a virus that after i die its going to be nothing and im going to end im just so scared
  14. If it was nothing, you would not be aware of "scared" or anything...Think about that!
  15. bigman,

    Like Rusty said, don't trust people's claims, the only One we can trust is Jesus, please don't take offense, I offer this as brotherly advice, need to stay away from this kind of weirdness and you need to be plugged in to a God honoring, Bible believing, Bible teaching church, you need them and they need you(you might not believe this at this point in your walk with the Lord, but you are a part of the Body of Christ and there is a church somewhere that needs the gifts and talents the Lord has given you), ...when I was first saved I started to realize that my church was wrong on more things than they were right, I prayed for the Lord to put me in the church where He wanted me to be, He moved me to another State, into the church He had chosen for me, there I learned grace and the love of Christ exhibited by the brothers and sisters.

    Now, from my own experience, I OD'ed on acid back in the sixties, I was raised in a cult that didn't believe in Hell, but I knew that if I died I would go to Hell, all I can say is the Holy Spirit must of been overriding the effects of the drug and "enlightening" me, as I was falling to the ground I cried out the only thing I knew about God, they called Him Father, "Oh Father," I was instantaneously straight, there isn't a hospital or medicine in the world that can do that, I "knew" I had been kept from dying by God, however, regrettably, it was 18 years later before I received His Son as my Savior and Lord. So I guess you could say I had a near death experience, but it didn't cause me to seek or turn to the Lord, au contraire, I dove deeper into the depths of debauchery and sin, finally the wages of my sin kicked in and I went crazy, a friend gave me his Bible and I found that reading the words printed in red would comfort and bring some form of sanity into my spirit, I didn't take the drugs the mental hospital gave me, but just kept reading those words in red, over and over and over, finally after 18 months the declared me "healed," I started attending a church and then was born again. PTL

    So, you see, my faith came from hearing God and hearing Him came from reading His Word, so bro, find a church and get into the Word, ...He who keeps us never slumbers or sleeps and He who started a good work in us will finish it.

    Lord bless,

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  16. Im sorry but could you elaborate what u mean
  17. TThat was to rusty by the way
  18. Which post?
  19. Whoa, bigman, slow down,

    Father, in the name of Jesus I lift bigman before Your throne of grace where he can find mercy and help in this time of need, give to him Your peace, please open his heart so that Your Word will sink deep into his soul and comfort and reassure him
  20. Thank you i want to live without fear I've just become so overwhelmed with self awareness that i constantly worry and wonder what will it be like what will happen what about this and that and i keep questioning everything and i just start panicing which leads to worse thoughts and while I've been getting better i still can barely sleep i don't eat and i still have trouble motivating myself to do anything even showing love to my girlfriend who i love so much but im just so messed up i can't even love her and i know you all are probly sick of me and tired of giving me advice and i still say all of these things but your honestly helping me im just in a bad place

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