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  1. The complete manifestation of divine grace which is to be revealed in the glory will be by means of all that combines in Christ, the glorious Head together with His redeemed Body, every member of which will have been transformed into His very image. What a spectacle for angels and archangels, principalities and powers, mankind and demons. What a spectacle for God Himself, for He will then gaze upon that surpassing manifestation of His grace to His own exceeding joy, Jude 24.
    Divine grace had no place in this universe until sin entered. Through creation, the wisdom and power of God has been disclosed, but there has been no unveiling of God's love for the undeserving because there has been no occasion for its manifestation.
    This statement does not imply that we are to sin that grace may abound. There is a wide difference between the fact that God permitted sin to enter the world and the thought that He has there by licensed man to sin.
    Whether there were greater motives which activated God in permitting sin to enter the world then He has revealed, no one can say. It is certain, however, that the greatest motives He has been pleased to reveal are to be inferred from two facts. 1- that Grace cannot be exercised where there is no demerit and 2- that He designs above all else that His saving grace shall have an actual and adequate demonstration in all ages to come. Such is the spectacle that will cause angelic hosts and human thrones to marvel and about which they will sing throughout the ages to come.
    The Apostle Paul was sent to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ, Ephesians 3:8–11. Such riches could be brought to light only by means of sin and it's cure through the cross of Christ. The apostle was sent to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery which, from the beginning of the world, hath been hid in God, Who created all things by Jesus Christ.
    This liberating secret is, according to the text, the calling out and saving of a company of both Jews and Gentiles, a company which is the true church and is his body. By this salvation, He proposes to unveil before all the heavenly hosts His greatest display of wisdom. This wisdom is seen in the manifestation of His love through the coming of Christ into the world to redeem the lost.
    We read in verses 10 and 11, "To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God, according to the eternal purpose, which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord."
  2. Good stuff my brother. Would you therefore conclude that God may very well have made a universe in which he allowed sin to exist so that He Himself could show the greatest and most perfect act of love by laying down His life for His friends???
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    That is my understanding, as I have studied grace through the years I have come to understand that we will never fully understand grace and the plan (Glory) of God.
    It is so far beyond comprehension, it is imperative that the believer listen to our teacher, the Holy Spirit, Who is in the soul of man to teach them Christ.
    (I am working on a message now to talk and show, where the Holy Spirit is, and what His Ministry is).
    It is the infinite Mind of creator God Almighty, but we can get the knowledge He gives to us.
    There is enough in "The Mind of Christ" to keep the Christian interested in "the deep things of God."

    Understanding is what unlocks the scriptures to the believer, it is like a key. Understanding is how the Lord leads us, keeps us giong, searching the scriptures. What I understand now, as with all believer's, is God given. Sure we get off, but you will be far better suited getting off track with the Holy Spirit, than being indoctrinated.
    Indoctrination never allows the believer to have peace, or any of the other attributes of Christ's character.
    We preach Christ, and the deep things of God will be revealed too the believer. We are not the revealer, but we preach revelation. We preach a revelation exists, Gal. 1:15-16, of the Indwelling Christ, as Paul did.
    We have the same message as Paul, that's why he said "follow me as I follow Christ."
    We are not called, chosen to straighten out the church, the world or any other entity. We are called and chosen out to bring forth the person of Christ as life, the only life there is.
    Our Father is perfectly capable of handling His children, the world, the devil, and everything that goes on in this earth.
  4. Work well my friend because this too is an area I have spent time in.
    Just letting you know bro ;)
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  5. Good stuff my friend.
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  6. You mean missing it or not listening to Him? Because the Holy Spirit never gets off track. ;)
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  7. Yes that's what I mean, the gospel is not as simple as we would want it to be. Sure the death, burial, and resurrection are easily gleaned from the Scriptures. But there is a depth to the scriptures that takes time and training to understand.
    As the Lord leads, with the help of the Holy Spirit, as we gain "grace and knowledge" we realize we are just touching the very tip of what God is doing.
    Everything is a build up to seeing Christ as your life.
    When I look back to my early years of teaching and preaching, I think to myself, where did that come from.
    But that is how the Lord was leading me, I see it now clearly. I say a lot of things today because I have learned from my mistakes.
    I think the biggest thing I have come to understand, if I do not believe or know what I'm talking about, I need to stay quiet and learn before I speak.
    Not to say that I will be right then, but I feel confident in what I'm saying and searching the Scriptures helps to bring that confidence.
  8. Amen! I fully agree with that :)
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  9. You can say that now because you have realized that it was God who called you to be teacher of His Word. When God calls His man, He will equip that man.
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    Oh Major you know I'm always right, thanks buddy.
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  11. This was way to easy my friend. Lol
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