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  1. Support the Gospel - For FREE!

    Hello brothers and sisters,

    I need your help!

    I have created an exciting new website which exists solely to raise money to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. The great part is that it is free for people to help raise the money! They simply need to come to the site each day and view the ads of the Christian businesses that have agreed to give money. Every person who views an ad raises money for the Gospel. I am trying to spread the word about this site, because the more Christians who visit the site, the more money that will be raised for the Gospel. Would you be willing to send an email to your friends/family letting them know about this site? Here is a blurb about Gospel Forth that could be sent:

    Give Money for the Gospel - - For FREE!

    What if you could give money to support missionaries, broadcast the Gospel message in the 10/40 window, purchase Bibles, and train indigenous missionaries – everyday, for FREE! Would you do it? Now there is a website where you can!

    The Site:

    The Idea: Go to the site every day. Click the button that says, “Click Here to Give -- It’s FREE!” You will see 12 ads from Christian businesses. These advertisers pay money every time you see their ad. 100% of the ad revenue goes to supporting the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world!

    You can visit the site once a day to raise money. Please help spread the word. More visitors = more money for the Gospel. The goal for the first year is to raise $100,000!

    Please forward this message to all of your Christian friends.

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