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  1. I am obviously through with my mothering of young children and have been in the years of mothering adults and grandmothering people from age 8 through earlyish twenties. Regardless, I enjoy watching the Supernanny shows -- both the British and the American ones.

    But there is one thing that really bothers me -- A Whole Lot! -- about both nannies. Have you noticed that both nannies seem seem oblivious about the fact that they often place their "naughty" areas right by electrical outlets? And they are often not covered! What are these people thinking??!!

    I was not a perfect mother -- far from that! But I studied parenting -- books, radio shows, TV shows, and the study of parents (both great and horrible) and children -- and did the very best I understood. My children were easy to parent, which is a good thing, because I was widowed early and had to do it by myself for many years. Later, I experienced step-mothering, which was a whole different experience. Then along came my first grandchild -- my first experience with an extremely strong-willed child. That would require a whole chapter of his own, but the point is he is now a man and a fine man indeed.

    Let's talk about the Supernannies, parenting, grandparenting, and all things like that.
  2. I watched some super nanny with my wife. Have you watched wife swap? I like that show!

    I only have a 3 year old boy so far, so don't really have much to teach. I will just read and learn. One thing my boy does do, is whenever I say 'naughty' or what not, he puts his face in the chair and makes a big bottom is so cute. I am afraid he is too scared of me...? :confused:
  3. I'm imagining! Precious. :)
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  4. Often asked of parents of infants: "Is s/he good?" I found this question humorous but disturbing. What I think the askers intended was, "Does s/he cry a lot?" I got to the point at which I answered, "No! S/He's a Really Bad Baby!" -- which led to their shocked look, which led to my laughter.

    Mother believed that a crying baby was bad (not good, etc.). She never understood that the child was communicating. Fortunately, one of my nephews was at our house a lot, and I learned that a crying child is merely communicating without words. When their needs are met, they stop crying.

    This is simple to most people, but not to all. May we all learn compassion -- especially for the children.
  5. What does this mean? They often place their "naughty" areas around electrical outlets?
  6. Nope, you're teaching him plenty. At three most kids will have their life-long personalities. Be careful not to let the pouting reign as that'll turn to rebellion in a few years. Talk to him normally, face-to-face and not down to him. Get down on the floor with him when you straighten him out.

    Pro 22:6 [KJV] Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    It works the other way too. Don’t train up a child and when he’s old, he will not depart from it.
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  7. From what I remember of the show, this is like a time out area. I imagine it's dangerous because when they're bored they can stick something in there and get a shock.

    I used to watch a lot of television but all I have is Hulu now. I even watched the nanny shows and liked them.
  8. Standing in the corner is the way to go - behind a door - no outlets. Do that a few times and they'll behave. You just have to remember that they're people too with good and bad days. Sometimes they just need a nap or a snack, routine is key for kids. :D
  9. I'm into the good old fashion beatings. Time out is for spoiled white kids.

    I'm just kidding. I don't think I'd have any issues with spanking but I'm all for other forms of punishment. I don't think spankings are really necessary, usually.
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  10. I see. I suspect there can be other things found in the show that would make a parent cringe. I used to watch Supernanny or Nanny 9-11 (whatever it was called) now and then. I can understand why putting a child in timeout near an outlet would make an observant parent shutter.
  11. The question begs, why are they uncovered in the first place?


    Why do they NEED a super nanny?


    Lay blame on those in charge.
  12. After you can communicate, there's no need really.
  13. Hunting is right regarding what the naughty area is and he is right regarding why that is extremely dangerous. In fact, most of the outlets I have seen are uncovered, and some have something plugged into one of the sockets. It is actually rare to see any covered outlet on these shows!
  14. I can understand that.
  15. I remember significant life-incidents from even age 2 (according to my siblings) and afterward, and yes, my personality was set at that time. Fortunately, we have a G-d who can override poor parenting and bad teaching, but how much better that He doesn't have to do that!

    Reading your note, I could not help but reflect back: I was a hateful little brat who hated both my mother and G-d (while thinking Father could do no wrong). My daughter at that age? Sweetest little girl imaginable, who, toward the end of age two, cried for me to pray with her so that "Jesus will come into my heart." Thank G-d, He can work with the messes, and He can work with the beautiful.
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  16. Seriously! One of the hardest things for adults to get into their thick heads!!
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  17. My jaw dropped when I read this! "THIS does NOT read like Hunting!!" :D

    My first husband and I were in the middle of discussing whether spanking, hitting, etc. belonged in our house, when he had that accident. With him gone, I had to make the final decision, and I chose no spanking, knowing that was where he was leaning. The children were ages 5-1/2 and 2. It was a scary decision, but it worked. I dove into parenting books with a vengeance and later turned to the Internet for more help/advice.

    You know that old saying about proof being in the pudding. My children are believing spouses and parents now who are great people and productive adults. Neither have seen inside a jail, they both have very successful careers, their children are good people, and I could not be happier with them as people or parents, nor could I be happier with their spouses. My only problem with them is some of their religious choices, but, well, considering the cult I reared my children in....
  18. I actually save some of the shows to watch later, because I can't always see them when they run. I do enjoy almost every technique they employ, but sometimes, I think I watch the show in order to multiply gratefulness. How do children get to the point at which they are hitting their parents, throwing things through windows, screaming expletives, etc.? Something, it seems to me, went extremely wrong long before that child was out of diapers or through with the bottle.
  19. The subject of spanking is such an interesting one.

    I'm one of six kids. We came from a very functional, close family with two loving parents. People used to joke with us calling us the Brady Bunch because we were three boys and three girls who actually got along pretty well.

    We were all spanked now and then when we were younger.

    The language these days is often that spanking is wrong and something else should be done when handling a child who acted up and disobeyed. And while I actually understand the language, I have a tough time arguing for it too since my father (who did the spanking) actually handled it quite well looking back on it.

    When each of us were spanked, we knew it wasn't abuse. It began with him talking to us in private; asking each of us if we knew what we did wrong. He'd ask us why we did it and how we should have handled it. Speaking for myself, I remember he was very gentle in about it and showed understanding. But if the crime was bad, we had to get a spanking (usually three). Pants up, but usually with a book. Afterwards, he'd remind us that he loves us and that he doesn't like spanking us, but that he does it because he wants us to remember to do the right thing.

    While I'm sympathetic to the anti-spanking position, I don't have much of a leg to stand on to be entirely against it only because while I hated it as a kid, perhaps there really is a reasonable way to do it--and if there is, I think my father did it the reasonable way.
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    Not being a parent yet, it's difficult to judge. Though I can only assume that the problem began with the parents long before they were even parents. Watching the show, the parents didn't discipline their kids when they needed it. Kids won't respect a parent who doesn't discipline.

    Not to downplay it, but it's just like a dog-owner and his dog. If the owner doesn't act authoritatively to the dog, the dog will rip up the couch and misbehave.
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