Superbowl 09

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  1. Superbowl 09

    Hey guys,

    I know this may seem a little early, but I was wondering who you guys think will win the upcoming Superbowl in 09?

    My pick:

    The Pittsburgh Steelers :)

  2. Eagles!!!!
  3. Come on now...only serious responses please...haha!

  4. GGRRR!! LOL.. It has to be the eagles aren't they the only team in the NFC?
  5. Its going to be Cowboys and Jaguars in the superbowl with the Cowboys taking it all.

    Im calling it right now.

  6. Wouldn't that be the toilet bowl?? LOL
  7. Well, let's take a look.

    1. Dallas coming off a 13-3 season adding Pacman Jones geting even better.

    2. San Diego Chargers who are pretty much the same and are playing in a weaker AFC. The missed the SB by one round last season.

    3. The New Orleans Saints who have all the potential in the world and are a ticking time bomb. They finally added a few stars on D to improve from a meadiocre unit.

    4. The Colts, who were all banged up last year, made the playoffs anyways, and are coming back even stronger.

    Honestly, you could just make your semi finals rounds and break down the matchups right from that list.

    Cowboys over Saints. Saints runninggame is never a sure thing and looking at those two CBs the Cowboys have in Newman/Jones.. umm..interceptions hi.

    Chargers over Colts. The Chargers have been the only team in the past 5 years to just absolutely dominate the Colts, based on the way they are built. That overwhelming pass rush with Castillo/Merriman/Phillips doesn't even allow Manning to settle his feet. Boltz roll.

    So the Superbowl 42 matchp is one for the ages, San Diego Chargers vs. Dallas Cowboys. Looking at the Cowboys and how they handled the Saints passing offense, the Chargers just run LT all day. Unless the Cowboys are somehow better at stopping the run by February, the Chargers will take home the crown.

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