super new at everything.

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  1. super new at everything.

    Okay.. I haven't really done anything like this before, but it seemed like a good idea to me, since I have a whole bunch of unanswered questions..
    I can start with introducing myself. My name is Elise, and I am a foreign exchange student in Illinois, and originally norwegian.

    My family is atheists, and I used to be one myself, untill I found my savior.

    I haven't been to church at all untill I got here, and I am currently going to first baptist with some of my friends. Have been for 6 months now..I love it. :)

    well.. My question isn't really a question, but sorta.. I just don't know how to (not sure of the word) .. relate (?) myself to everything.
    I think a lot, and there is all these questions, and they scare me a little.. I'm scared because I am 17, and I do things a good christian shouldn't do. And I know that you should sacrefice, and I try. But it isn't always working too well, and I feel really bad about it...

    I talked to my teacher (who has been through a lot of all kinds of sin, but then she got saved, and I am happy for her, cause her life is so much better now, as it usually turns out to be) and she told me that as long as I accepted Jesus into my heart and life, it would be okay, and as long as try.. baby steps. But still..

    Any thoughts? Im confused out of my mind...:confused::heart:

    p.s. sorry about the long and probably confusing post.
  2. Any thoughts as to what? Why you are confused? of if she is right?
  3. Hi Elise

    Well you say you feel bad about it. That is a good sign. it means your spirit is being influanced by the Holy Spirit. If you did these things and did not feel bad about it then that would be a cause for concern. What your teacher said was right in trying our best we are aknowledging the truth of Gods will. so in spirit we are agreeing with God and disagreeing with our own sin.

    Take heart in knowing that through Believing God, Believing Jesus you are forgiven your failures. I suggest you take the time to read the following chapters of the Bible, i hope they give your encouragement. Remember to pray for understanding before reading Gods Word.

    Romans 7 - PassageLookup: Romans 7;

    Romans 8 Search for a Bible passage in over 35 languages and 50 versions.

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