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  1. Some people get excited at Christmas, or New Years, or other events. For me, Sunday is my big excitement. Every Saturday I float around the house every so often blurting out, "Tomorrow is Sunday! Yay!!!!" I get so excited to go to church each week. I feel like the rest of the week I have been lost in the desert, and that Sunday represents the oasis where my soul is going to receive living water to slake my spirit and nourish my soul. Who wouldn't be excited about that? Wiser traditions have left Sunday predominantly a day of rest, but our society is on the go 7 days a week. I see this as another example of the new tolerance creeping into everyday life so that we don't even notice that we're going against God's specific commandments.

    Sunday excites me because it is my opportunity to go somewhere the sole purpose of officially honoring and worshipping God. This is His day, and I am so fortunate that I can worship Him openly without fear of being cast in prison or executed for my beliefs. So many Christians must still meet in secret and risk their lives to do so. How much more fortunate are we? So, yes, Sunday is my very special day and I am like a child about it, but it means so much to me. Also at my church no one has judged me or avoided me because I am a bit 'different', but they have instead embraced me and gotten to know me the person. who wouldn't want to be in a place where people are welcoming and share a common goal of worshipping the Lord.

    So, I wish to you all a wonderful Sunday, with the reminder that for those of us who get to worship freely take a moment of prayer tomorrow for those who cannot afford the luxury of anyone openly knowing of their love and devotion to Jesus.
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  2. Thank you for a great reminder to be thankful for something that so many take for granted, and to pray for those whom do not have what we all have the freedom to enjoy.

    Happy Sunday Worship my friend.
    God bless you abundantly as you drink deep from the well today.
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  3. Amen !
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  4. Yes, I love Sundays too! I have to either hire a caregiver for my husband or else family comes to take care and sit with him about two or three Sundays a month for now. This, after many, many years of church every Sunday and serving either on the prayer team or as greeters. When I can't attend physically we do watch it online and for that I am also grateful. But, because of these limitations it is extra special to be there physically and makes me thank God for all the years I was there and again hope to be in time. Never to be taken for granted as there are many places in the world where people can't attend church which reminds me of the early church when there was persecution. Thanks for sharing your excitement and appreciation of being present with God's people, worshipping, hearing the Word, and, assume you have communion there on a regular basis as do we. When I go the Lord always has me encounter and catch up with folks I know too. Love that and them! Love Him!
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  5. Sandpiper: I think the two things that excite me most about church is that it is a formal mode of worshipping God, and like you, I get to receive the sacrament. I feel so spiritually nourished afterwards. It must be difficult for you taking care of your husband. I know that with my mom who I intensely cared for for over a decade, and my father before her, I was able to leave them at home for the amount of time it took me to go to church. I had cameras all over that I was able to keep an eye on things from my cell phone, and I could communicate through the cameras. My mom had various issues including dementia, but I was fortunate in that she would lie quietly in her gravity chair until I got home. Your situation is different. You can't leave moderate to severe Alzheimer's patients on their own. No amount of cameras or medical pendants would change the fact that your husband could easily get confused, accidentally set the house on fire, or wander off outside in who knows what kind of weather. I am sorry you have to go through this. I've had 2 friends and 3 relatives get Alzheimers and as the disease gets worse, you lose the person you know. It is so tragic to witness.

    I know that with my church the priest/incumbent will come out and provide communion at your home if you are ever completely unable to get out of the house. Hopefully your church will provide you with the same courtesy. Know that my prayers are with you and with anyone who has to go through this nightmare with their loved ones. It is a nasty disease - so insidious, like the frog in the pot of boiling water. I pray that the Lord gives you the strength to care for your husband, and the resources to allow you to be able to get rest and a break for yourself. I didn't realize how bad my caretaker fatigue was until it was too late and got swallowed up by it. So, I try to warn everyone in that situation to take care of themselves first or they can't care for anyone.

    Lord, give Sandpiper strength, resources, and wisdom to care for her husband. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen.
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