Sumtin ta eat, spicy

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  1. Sumtin ta eat, spicy

    This is very good stuff and not really that hot.It is exquiset to the palate. I tried it n Im still alive n typin tellin yaw'll OOOOOOOOthank you Lord for this bounty you have so graciously provided to us Amen!

    The Iron Desert :: Jalapeno Pepper Preparation

    Chili out.
  2. I'm gonna try that! Shrimp and bacon look like the way to go, but I'll look around at the store.

    Thanks Chilli.
  3. Owwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    Just tried one little peice. I didn't know these were this hot. Feels like a constant blue flame to my lips. they're in the oven now, hopefully cooking them takes away much of that zing.
  4. There are two secrets to eating peppers Mark. First make sure you get all the seeds out. The second is to chew them in the back of your mouth. You will get the full flavor without the heavy burn. I learned that from some friends I met in Mexico. Did you know that one jalapeno has the vitamin C of 10 oranges?:)
  5. Thanks Boan. They're ready now. Just tried a peice of one and it's not so hot anymore. Very very tasty.
  6. mmmmmmmm sounds fantastic but God help me if i try them lol

  7. I knew you could do it brother :D Keep ya warm up there in Manitoba this time of year. Cookem again for a football game for your buddies. :cool:

    Chili out.

    ps Glad ya like em

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