Summer Snow

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  1. Summer Snow


    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Fat furry fluffy flighty flakes
    floating freely
    dancing dizzily downward,
    gravity's groping grasping grip grabbing greedily
    catching clasping clenching clutching.
    Wily wind whipping wild white whorls
    flitting flying fleeing fluttering falling
    sailing soaring sweeping speeding sliding
    settling snuggling sheltering . . .
    then they are gone.
    But then it is summer you know.

    ~D.C.~ 6/97
  2. Wow, that's great, I love alliteration:rolleyes:
  3. Thank you. I had fun doing it. I'm more into prose but that one kind of popped up.
  4. Thanks for sharing :)

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