Summer school or summer break?

Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by cly, Apr 13, 2006.


Are taking off or going back this summer?

  1. I am taking my long awaited break.

  2. I'm already gearing up for the summer classes.

  1. Summer school or summer break?

    Are ya'll taking off for the summer, or are you going to go for a few more credit hours?
  2. I took American Sign Language last summer for some extra credit. It ended up being the best summer. I met some many nice friends.
  3. I will be spending my summer in school getting a few classes out of the way so I can graduate in December.
  4. I'm not taking any classes at school during the Summer, but I am taking the time off as an opportunity. ;)

  5. My oldest son has a computer based school system and has plans to work ahead this summer - my youngest seems more interested in time off :D
  6. It's not exactly summer vocation for me here (Malaysia has no four seasons) but I'm taking a long vacation while waiting for university to start.
  7. i have to go to summer school, i kinda blew my 10th and 11th grade years off lol.
  8. I'll stay work....I keep that for later...when I finish college or maybe next year... :)
    ...this summer I prefer to go camping :)
  9. I am going to take a break. I don't think that I could handle more school.
  10. No break for me. I'm takeing a summer English class at Delta.
  11. I love my summer holidays. No college whoooo. Catch up on all that sleep I missed.:sleeping
    In my Summer, I general go and help out with my church summer program they put on :jesus-cross:. I also I get myself sorted out spritureal like going away to a Massive youth Christian festival called Soul Survivor. I love it.:read-bible:
  12. i am definitely taking summer classes!! i think the sooner i get outta school the better.

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