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Suggestions for posting in Advices

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by HisManySongs, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Suggestions for posting in Advices

    Posts in this area should either seek or provide advice.

    Should I ... or How can I ... are examples.

    Threads making a statement or soliciting responses will be moved to the General Discussions area.
  2. Amen!!

    That's right brother HisManySongs! :D

    Too many people are posting Bible questions
    and General Discussions here! :eek:

    This is the dictionary definition for the word ' Advice'.


    advice, def. A proposal for an appropriate course of action.

    admonition,recommendation or 'warning'.

    God Bless,

    Set Free!
  3. Amen Brothers!

    Amen! Brothers! I totally agree! :D

    Cool animation Set Free!

    Peace Be Unto You,

  4. Agreed, keep it up my brother.
  5. Back in college, I took a psychology course and the teacher made one rule at the start of class that really helped us out.

    She said use "I" and not "You".

    "I was in a similar situation one time, and here's what I did..."


    "You should just do this..."

    "I know how you feel..."


    "This is what you should be feeling."
    "I agree with you, but let me add..."


    "You should be thinking this way:"

    Just a thought...:)

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