Sugar is poison

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  1. So a study has found
    Over a period of nine days, the children followed a meal plan that included all snacks and drinks, but restricted sugar intake.
    Added sugar was banned but fruit was allowed.
    The diet overall had the same fat, protein, carbohydrate, and calorie levels as their previous diets at home, with the carbohydrate from sugar replaced by foods such as bagels, cereals and pasta. Hot dogs, crisps and pizza from local supermarkets all featured in the diet.
    Initial fasting blood levels, blood pressure, and glucose tolerance were assessed before the new meals were eaten.
    During the study, if the children did lose weight, they were given more of the low sugar foods to keep weight stable.
    Overall, the total dietary sugar in the meal plan was was reduced from 28 per cent to 10 per cent, and fructose from 12 per cent to 4 per cent of total calories.
    The results showed that the new meal plan led to dramatic improvements in health in a short time, with a drop in blood pressure and cholesterol, and improved liver function.
    Fasting blood glucose levels fell by five points while insulin levels were cut by a third, researchers from the University of California San Francisco and Touro University in California said.
    Lead author, Dr Robert Lustig, said: "This study definitively shows that sugar is metabolically harmful not because of its calories or its effects on weight; rather sugar is metabolically harmful because it's sugar.
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  2. You know sir at any other time I would has disagreed with you and made funny faces at the screen. However that is not the case now !!

    God has been showing us how our bodies are reacting from the different sugar levels and types of sugar found in almost all foods. It is not pretty nor am I liking this much. I mean when I can actually begin to feel nauseous when I intake a higher dose of sugar then yea - something is wrong.. Higher does is not like glutton or anything. lol
    Thanks and Blessings
  3. Sounds like the story of Daniel and his bunch when they were first taken captive and persuaded the kings helper to allow them to eat only fruit, vegetables and drink water, compared to the others who ate all the food from the kings table. They were more healthy and alert and even their skin color looked better.

    Sugar has also been found to slow down the function of the intestines, so that we don't get rid of the waste as quick and thus the toxins stay in the body longer, and can cause weight gain and other harmful things.

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  4. I just watched tidbits of the 'sugar film'. My family was forcing me to watch it.

    Yes, sugar is bad :( and whats worse is that everything on the shelves has it :(.

    I never knew that yoghurt had so much!! My wife is checking the sugar contents of everything we buy now :(.

    This is such a depressing thread. Please don't someone start one on salt too.
  5. No wonder sugar tastes good! LOL! I agree, sugar does no good
  6. However, Your body NEEDS sugar. But if you get too much your pancreas kiks in to reduce the amount. Then again if you have LOW blood sugar you just die. That's why diabetics stay on strict diet and or use insulin.
    I agree though that sugar can be a killer in both ways....too much or too little
  7. Praise God for natural sugar and the Word of God! If we eat the things that God has made, and stand on His Word that because we worship or serve Him, His blessing is on our food and water, (ex. 23:25) then we can stay in divine health and not have to allow our body submit to any illness.

    God Bless
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