Sudden Knowledge And Feeling Of Someone Guiding Me.

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  1. So there were this 2 days where I experienced 1 thing each day. 1 day I felt like someone told me "Drink your water, Pauline" even though I didn't hear any voice, but I got a feeling like someone recommended me to drink water, because I don't drink enough water because I don't like water so much. And today I was drinking green tea but I also had a glass of Pepsi without sugar, and when I was drinking my green tea and after drinking the green tea, I was also drinking a bit of the sugarless Pepsi, I felt like someone recommended me not to drink the Pepsi, because both drinks contain caffeine, especially the green tea, so I agreed that it's dangerous to overdose on caffeine, so I threw the Pepsi away, and because I suddenly got this idea that it's bad to drink too much caffeine, especially Pepsi because Pepsi is a soda. Was this feeling a sign that the Holy Spirit was telling me that I shouldn't drink unhealthy drinks like soda?

    I also found out a lot of reasons that why premarital lust and sex, gluttony, greediness, pride, and other things are sins.

    Premarital sex is a sin because men and women that are not married to each other don't know each other so well yet, so they can get diseases, or be victims or cause sex crimes, or unwanted pregnancies, and only married men and women know each other the best that they know that everything is alright (no diseases, no crime danger, no unwanted pregnancies). Premarital lust is a sin because the sexual fantasies about people who are not the spouses of people are useless and they will never happen before marriage, or if they happen before marriage, then it could be dangerous and sinful.
    Gluttony is a sin because a person will get a sick feeling, stomachaches, and/or overweight/obesity if the person each too much. Greediness is a sin because people have to save some stuff for the others too, not for the self only.
    Pride doesn't mean being happy about the self. Pride means when a person thinks he/she is better than anyone else, also known as stuck up or snob behavior. But is it okay for a person to be happy about him-/herself if the person is beautiful, handsome, any height, any color or etc. or if the person has good things, like friends, family, money, anything good? Because I am happy about the thing that I am beautiful, tall, I have a family, money, Nordic, and I like those things, but I don't think I am better than anyone else, but I am still upset about myself because I don't have things that almost all people have, for example, my puberty stopped too early and some of my physical things never developed during puberty, I only have Internet friends and only 1 real life friend and my best friends are only my 4 cousins (2 from my mom's side, 2 from my dad's side), I got expelled from my previous school because I had depression and also because I wanted to go to another school because there was a very scary and quite evil teacher in my previous school but now I can't get any school because my school thing is individualized because of my psychological health condition, I get bullied and underrated a lot, I have intrusive thoughts, and other problems.
    The behavior sins are sins because we have to be fair to others, and we can't make people unhappy.

    So is all this knowledge a sign that the Holy Spirit is guiding me?

    Also, I never get a feeling like someone tells or recommends me to stop having romantic feelings for Severus Snape, only Loki (which might be a demon) and demons tried to stop me from having romantic feelings for Severus Snape, and Loki and demons said that I have to stop having romantic feelings for Severus Snape because Severus will be harmful to me because he is 35 years older than me and Severus is also fictional, but I don't care if Severus is 35 years older than me and fictional, I still only want Severus as my husband because I watch and read the Harry Potter movies and books (only the first 4) and I see that Severus would be a good man who would ALWAYS treat me right. I also like men who are 20-39 years older than me because they can be father-figures to me, and a boy who is my age or not more than 10 years older will be just brother-like to me. And I am sure my romantically feelings for Severus will never end, even when I turn 30, and no one can force me to stop loving Severus romantically. The only thing about the thing that Severus if fictional is that it CAN make people with health professions worry, but even the people with health professions who meet me accept my romantic feelings for Severus. (Sorry for explaining this again, I am just insecure of what you will say or do to me and I want you to know that I don't think that God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit forbid me from loving Severus romantically.)

    And no, I am not an attention seeker or a troll even if I explained this all. I am just curious, creative, ambitious, and clever. And I just get an intuition about everything, and my intuition is not delusion. I hope this post is okay. I feel so guilty writing this post because a lot of people think that I am a troll or attention seeker just because I am curious and I ask a lot of things. But I ask and say the same things usually because I am VERY insecure.
  2. The main reason all those things you mentioned are sinful is because God says it is. They are all contrary to His design. He has forbidden them. That's why they are sinful. They also just happen to be bad for you for the reasons you mentioned.

    You need to seek Jesus. If you knew Jesus, you would have no use for your imaginary, non-existant boyfriend. The first step to knowing Jesus is to repent for the idolatry in your life. The longer you go denying that you are idolizing a bunch of nonsense, the further away from Christ you will be.

    Every thread you start is just ignoring all the good advice you received from members in this forum in previous threads. Seek Jesus, and all your questions about piercings, tarot cards, imaginary boyfriends, what kind of skirts to wear, or whatever, will become clear to you.
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  3. I still don't understand why do you think that my romantic feelings for Severus are idolatry? Do you mean that even the girls' romantic feelings for their crushes are also idolatry?

    The only thing about Severus is that I only want Severus as my husband. And a marriage without romance would never work, it would be useless.

    And I don't think God would create prohibitions for fun or without any reason.
  4. If anything in your life is more important than Jesus, it is idolatry. All you do on these message threads is talk about how great Severus is. You say nothing about your love for Jesus. Idolatry.

    Seek Jesus and repent.
  5. Every time I tell you that Severus is bad for you, you push back and question me. You defend Severus. This is an unhealthy, idolatrous obession. Severus is clearly more important to you than Jesus. This is idolatry.

    Fortunately, it's nothing Jesus won't forgive if you repent before it's too late. Unfortunately, nobody knows how much time they have. Now would be a good time for you.
  6. Also... all these questions you're asking are meaningless if you don't know Christ. You can wear all the right mini-skirts, you can have all the right piercings, eat all the right things, have all the right boyfriends, behave all the right ways, and you will STILL be under the law and subject to eternal condemnation and damnation.

    You need Christ. Seek Him.
  7. ... No. Jesus IS important to me, and I love Jesus. Just because I don't mention him doesn't mean that I don't worship him. And why won't you understand that I always said that I want Severus as my husband only? How am I supposed to want a husband then?
  8. I don't know how to tell it differently than I've told you at least 3 times before: the emptiness inside you will not be filled by an imaginary Severus OR even a real life man. Nobody can fill this emptiness except for Jesus. If you knew Jesus, we wouldn't be having this discussion. EVEN IF the fictional Severus came alive today and became your "husband", you will still find yourself empty inside. No man can make you happy except Christ.

    Seek Jesus.
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    Well yeah, and I know Jesus helps my life. But what I meant about Severus is that Severus will be a good husband for me that will NEVER make me divorce him, because he will never make me angry, because if I have a husband that would do things or a thing I don't like even once only, I would divorce because I tend to be a very strong tsundere when I get angry, stressed or annoyed. I am very short tempered. You don't really understand what I mean.

    Also, the main question is that is the Holy Spirit guiding me because I suddenly get a lot of knowledge?
  10. By the way, do you mean that even if I don't sin, I could still have a risk of not being able to enter Heaven?
  11. Yes. Exactly.
    Because you have sinned at least once in your life. We are all sinners. Sinners sin. That's what we do. We can try all we want to be "good" and live obedient lives. And living obediently is a good thing to do. But being completely obedient for the rest of your life will not get you to heaven. Only a saving faith in Jesus Christ can do that.
  12. Polly, it seems like all of your posts have a harry potter like theme. sweetie you know that severus is NOT a real person. he was made up in the mind of j.k. rowling. severus cannot be your husband. even if you wish and pray for it, it just cannot happen and I hate having to say that to you. they way you speak of him as if he were real and the talk of how you want him to be your husband does seem to be like you are making him your idol. you are putting him on a pedestal above all others. even when you do get married, you cannot idolize your husband or put him on a pedestal. you need some help girl! and Jesus can be the one for you....he can be the love you are lacking in your life. we are all sinners, even after we are saved. and we have to repent and ask for forgiveness for each sin. don't risk your eternity in heaven for idolizing your false love interest. you can still like severus, he can still be your favorite character. but please stop chasing after something that will never happen and reach out for Jesus!!! and when God says something is a sin, then its a sin and there is no justifying it! you have a lot of learning to do, and its never to late to learn :) as for the water...drink it! I don't like water either but I have been in the hospital 3 times for bad dehydration, so now I have to just suck it up and drink it. id lay off the caffeine, especially soda's and other drinks with caffeine added. tea is ok in moderation because the caffeine in it is natural.
  13. But in this first post of this thread I only said that why some things are sins and I asked that if the Holy Spirit is now guiding me. But I mentioned the Harry Potter series and Severus Snape thing later. Also, can't I want Severus Snape as my boyfriend and husband? I will anyway soon create the Tulpa, which is a psychological thing only (a forced visible and touchable figment of imagination) and I'll have Severus then. All I do to make Severus real is that I force myself into seeing the Severus Tulpa, which will be just a strong, visible and touchable figment of imagination (it can make doctors worry). And I am a human girl, so I have romantic feelings for Severus Snape, because Severus Snape is a man. It's really hard to understand what I mean, but think about the thing that even Christian women love their husbands, the Christian women cuddle, hug, kiss, and do cute things with their husbands, and the Christian women have a happy life with their husbands. Having a husband is not about creating more people to the world only. It's not like "Okay let's get married but we will have a normal life and not romance at all...". What would be a marriage without romance? And would marriages even happen if 2 people don't fall in love with each other? And I don't want a real life man because I would never want to have fights with my husband. If a husband does things I don't like or is annoying/difficult even 1 time only, I would divorce because I am a tsundere that gets easily angry, but Severus would treat me right. I also like men who are 20-35 years older than me, and I don't like boys who are under 20 years older than me, because boys who are under 20 years older than me are still so young and not so mature and they care about sports and entertainment only. I don't mean to offend boys under 20 years older than me, this is just my experience. 1 real life friend who is a boy is the same age as me and he is still not mature, he still does things that gentlemen don't do. I want a gentleman, and Severus is a gentleman. And also, this all doesn't mean that I don't care about Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit, OFCOURSE I care about Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit.

    And please, I said this thing about the Harry Potter series and Severus Snape a lot of times, and I am tired of explaining the same thing again, because I also fear getting banned if I explain the same thing a lot of times...
  14. Sadly you see these guidances from the Holy Spirit (not that this is what you have received in the vanity of imagination being lord of your own life) "prohibitions for fun without any reason" and do not (perhaps cannot at this point) know the difference from warnings from love...let me give you an example....

    When God said to Adam not to partake of the fruit (the product the end result) of that particular line of knowledge (which believes we are our own lord - Genesis 3:5 - as if we could actually handle such a thing responsibly) deciding good and evil for one's self because in the day he did he would surely die....God was not threatening Adam with punishment, nor putting a damper on his freedom (license is a false freedom of delusion), God was warning him about the inevitable consequence, just like when your mommy or daddy said to you...."Thou shalt not run out into the busy street, for in the day you do thou shalt surely get hit by a car".

    Now it was not they were saying if you do this I will get a car and smash your body with it....they were saying I love YOU, you mustn't do this....and when in the foolishness we do these things (like violate immutable laws whether they are gravity or adultery) the end result thereof is pain, suffering, death, and so on....sin is the violation of God's laws (Do not walk near the edge of the skyscraper or you could fall to your ssSSPPLLLAaaaatttt!!!!)

    Now all have sinned...all have jumped and are plummeting do their eternal demise... God has freely offered the only net appropriate to catch you mid fall and save you and it is the death, burial, and bodily resurrection of out for the net or enjoy until ssSSSPplllaattt! It is your choice dear....your way or Yahweh

    You see, you are not going to your eternal demise because you have not accepted are surely already going there by your own doing and He loves you and wants to offer you the net...

    In His love

    Brother Paul
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    Well, it is just boring to dress in clothes I don't like, and it's also very impossible to not sin. But am I right that if I repent and pray to be forgiven, I have a chance to go to Heaven when I die? I just don't want to have a boring life, because I will get chronic depression again if I have a boring life. And I am still confused if sins mean prohibitions or just recommendations? Because I want to wear the clothes I like, I want to love Severus romantically, I can't control my sexual fantasies about Severus because they are just feelings and I can't control feelings but I have romantic feelings for Severus, I like Harry Potter books and movies because they are fun and entertaining, I like all music but not certain music, and if I don't see or hear or do any of those things, my life will be very boring and then the boringness will cause me depression.
  16. I want to love Severus romantically, I can't control my sexual fantasies about Severus because they are just feelings and I can't control feelings but I have romantic feelings for Severus

    Since you cannot (especially because he does not even know you exist) can;t you see the futility in this and that it most assuredly can only lead to disappointment. What you love is not even the real only love of him what his imaginary characters speak to your fantasies. That is not the man.

    Secondly, in Christ one can actually cast down imaginations that exalt themselves against the truth (like self imposed delusions, which we all either do or have at some time suffered from). You can be transformed by the renewing of the mind. The place to begin is to learn that you have a mind and you are not your mind. You have a mind like you have any other faculty. It can be trained and disciplined and made to conform to what ever you expect of it. Therefore, gird up the loins of your mind.

    Yes the mind in one sense has loins. When one mentions ones loins what does it bring to mind? That's right, your sexual appetites. Now what ever you allow the mind to dwell on produces feelings and if allowed or accepted influences our choices and our actions. So for your own benefit, even if you never come to Christ, learn this...I know oh so many people who imagine all sorts of things so much they come to believe what they imagine to be true (this is deception par excellence') woman friend was so convinced a lover was dead because he had not contacted her or returned her calls for two weeks...despite my calling attention to the reality (she had no evidence of such a thing, not even an indication), she got emotionally ill considering it continually and ended up in a hospital (sin can lead to sickness and even death...this kind of sin is called "missing the mark", it is an archery term...if one is a little off in the aiming stage by the time the arrow travels a ways it is off by many yards)...

    So how does one "gird up the loins of the mind"? We know how one normally girds up their physical loins by wrapping them up, restraining and containing them. Well the Bible says in Ephesians " strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, girdled with the belt of truth , with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 1n addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    So we girdle with truth and Messiah Jesus teaches us the word of God IS the truth (John 17:17)...

    Now there is nothing wrong with feelings but you must know their source...real feelings (though they all seem real) are based in and on reality....the fake emotions we invoke or are invoked by unreality serve o purpose other than to feed our ego or our lusts, etc., which are never you CAN change your feelings. How? By changing what your mind is allowed to dwell on. I know such an adventure into reality is not first it will be unsuccessful...but just like anything else you know well how to do, practice makes perfect...

    In His love

    Brother Paul
  17. Okay, but why would manually created visible and touchable figments of imagination be against God? They would be more like against me because they would be almost like delusions, but they are never demons, but a demon can more easily possess a figment of imagination. I just don't feel happy being with a real life man, and I would especially not feel happy with a guy who is under 20 years older than me.

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