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  1. The Bible has the command to not deny those who ask of us. When I heard of this rule last school year, I followed it heavily. I gave people money and did them favors, such as getting their computer for them (laziness on their part).

    But I have been watching videos about how men nowadays have been emasculated by the feminist and gay (sorry for mentioning the word gay) agendas and I believe that this is true. I allowed myself to get walked over, especially by this one female that was in my class. I want to change that and become more manly, like how God wants us men to be.

    But the Bible says not to deny those who ask of us. Where is that line crossed? What I mean is, how "submissive" do us men have to be according to the Bible? This is not exactly what I am trying to say, but I can't get my words out clearly for some reason. Please, I would like some answers from men mostly (though I understand that there are mostly men active anyway).
  2. Juk Greetings,
    I am going to give you an answer that may not be what you are looking for but never the less one that needs to be said. You have these questions and ask of others for advice and so forth.

    However you spend you time ingulfed in world views and junk. You allow all these other thoughts into your mind and they pollute your thinking and heart. How can any advice do you any good ? It will have tofight against all this pollution you are allowing into your thinking.

    Stick to the written word of God. We are to be seperated from the world and it's ways. Listening to junk oposed to the written word of God is working against you.
    Some good Godly common sense will tell you when to draw the line brother.
    God Bless
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  3. It's a wonderful thing to be helpful and generous. But do not forget that you must always require that others treat you with respect.
    There are only too many that would be happy to use others as a doormat. If a person will not treat you respectfully, politely decline to do anything for them.
    Feeding into their bad behavior does not help them in any way.
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  4. Yes, I definitely agree. That is something I thought about shortly before making the thread. But the underlying question still remains: How do I follow this command without getting walked over by others?
  5. Did you say always require others treat you with respect ?
    Now how does this fit into the words Jesus spoke ?
  6. Follow Jesus example and you can never go wrong. Jesus was not emasulated or walked on or a doormat. He was very much a man of God. Ask God to show you all of the scriptures in the Bible that point to a godly man, and how he should behave. A man who is a servant with godly love in his heart is worth his weight in gold. The world makes fun of "Christians" in every way they can think as fish catcher said.....stick with the Word and not the thoughts and attitudes of the world.
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  7. My words fit in just fine. Where did Jesus say that we are to allow others to freely be abusive?
    I have found that many folks have a habit of taking what Our Lord said out of context and to extremes.
    He said to be harmless as doves, He also said to carry swords, and He gave a serious beatdown to the money changers at the temple.
    How do you resolve the apparent inconsistencies, with some common sense.
    Allowing evil, whether against me or another, is supporting evil. Consent by assent.
  8. I remember this Scripture:

    Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. 6 Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.
    Colossians 4:5-6
  9. If someone is being abused for the sake of the Gospel, then we should not fight back. However, if out of self defense, then yes, we should. If someone insults us, then it is foolish to fight back. Makes us look dumb. And Jesus wouldn't like that.
  10. Abuse is not something we need to roll over for and allow. We have the power and authority in us given to us by Jesus Himself to rebuke it and repel it.
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  11. I agree.
  12. Brother Glomung Hello,
    Well maybe it is just I read from a different type of bible then you do ! ;)
    Mine says the love never demands it's way and to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. In my bible it says that we are to forgive a brother 70 times 7 .

    Now then what is this evil that you speak of ? The op was not about evil.
    You said point blank (((But do not forget that you must always require that others treat you with respect.)))

    Require ? is this not the oposite of humble.
    I mean no disrespect but your view on the temple and the money changers is a bit over the edge. If I go by what you say then it is cool to get angry and throw a fit and that is NOT what Jesus was doing.

    So forgive me if I am thinking from some other word of God.
    God Bless
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  13. Good scripture!
    I read it in the new living translation, and enjoyed it. Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.

    Being a Godly man is not being a macho man who does not cry or is so abrasive that he causes everyone to not want to be around him. It's being a man who has patterened himself after Jesus, and walks in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.
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  14. I can personally testify that being nice gets respect out of some people. I was nice since sixth grade to everyone and, at least the guys, respected me a lot. One even called me "sir" one time. There are two ways to get respect. One way to be a jerk about it, and the other is to respect them.

    But I think I found the answer: If you respect people and forgive them, not out of obligation or fear, or personal motive, but out of pure, genuine love (either of God or of man, because of the love of and for God), it will show on the outside, and people will see it, and they will respect you as well. I asked God to show me the answer, and this might be it. I felt something inside me, an excitement, as I wrote this.
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  15. Praise God The Brother has taken hold of some truth. I am proud of you Juk.
    I want to add something to what you said. Any time we act or react from with in the Love of God and Love for God we operate in Love. This is His cammand to us. Now then here is the icing on the cake brother - Any time we operate in this manner it allows God to move on our behalf for the words sake. ( His Word ) in the situation and situations we know not about.

    When we act from the flesh or our rights then we reep from our rights and limit what God can do. Have you ever took a minute and thought about why He has put forth a way to Live in His kingdom ? Simply put when we do - He can do for us. Think about this Juk.

    Again you just made my night - no week - no lets just say this smile will be around a long time.
    Awesome Job Bro
    God Bless
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  17. Good listening to the Holy Spirit Juk! :)
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  18. Thanks. But glory is due to God.
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  19. :)
  20. This is true...but you have to be obedient in listening and typing :) if you don't have receiving ears or spirit...The Holy Spirit cannot get what He wants said to others
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