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  1. Subforum for....

    Practice teaching, a place where someone can post something in a teaching way that isnt a teaching, but is a attempt at teaching, to get feedback from others..
    This place would be heavily noted that it is NOT a teaching forum and what is contained within may NOT be correct...

    This is a way for new people to attempt to get things right, get feed back and learn to grow as a teacher

    I dont know what you think, but I think it would be good...
  2. You could put that in the General Forum for now
  3. Could you post one in the General forum with a note there. Lets see the feedback from others.
    This could be a great area for teachers and preachers to prepare their sermons. I love this idea. :D
  4. I've been putting my teachings in Bible study.

    He said its in a teaching way that isnt a teaching.
  5. Yeah but what Jeff said is kinda what I mean LOL.

    We could use pretty much all forums I guess and just tag them, my idea was more so people feel comfortable saying stuff that they are not 100% sure on and getting feedback from others to make sure they got it right...

    I am not sure if it would get used, I know that if I was a pastor or teacher, I would like something like this to help prep.
    And I think that, with the road I am starting to go down, I would be using it pretty soon myself LOL.

    Anyway, its just an idea and its not one thats really 100% needed, just something I thought might be useful..
    I dont know alot of the people that come here though, like you guys do, so leaving you guys to be the judge of if it would be useful to people here.
    God bless :)
  6. Post it somewhere with a note for what its intended. I want to see how it works and then we'll decide about adding forums. :)

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