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  1. Just curious as to what methods of study everyone uses... Some people do Bible journaling & art, others use the "soap" method of study, verse mapping, and alot of other techniques.
    If you have a particular method of studying or learning scripture that you prefer, I'd love to hear about it. Or if anyone has any photos they would like to share, I think it would be nice.
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  2. Hello AtomicSnowflake,

    I'm new to the bible and I think this post is a great idea!

    The bible I initially read, was the King James version. I bought it from a cathedral shop, and was really fortunate to have it blessed by a passing Arch Deacon (I kid you not)! Reading it dug me out of a great big hole in my life. Even though I didn't have a proper understanding of it, it soothed me somehow and led me in the right direction. There's something quite comforting about 'Old English', for me, anyway.

    But it soon became apparent that I needed to actually study it and gain a more thorough understanding. So, I recently purchased the 'ESV Study Bible', which is perfect for me and my logical brain. It has maps, timelines, and explanations/interpretations from a prominent group of Christians, most of whom have PHDs, eek.

    The only downsides to this book are:

    1. It's the size and weight of 2 x house bricks.

    2. It's written in American English, which drives me a little bit bonkers coz I've spent all these years learning to spell my own crazy language :):):)

    Aside from that, it's fascinating and helpful, and I really feel I'm starting to getting to grips with The Greatest Book Ever Written!

    As for how people memorise it, I have no clue. My poor menopausal brain has rendered me incapable of remembering why I opened the fridge, let alone anything else:(:)

    Blessings to you

    Annie x
  3. CAM00157.jpg For me.... I read my bible, highlight almost everything ;) lol and have a notebook right by me for when the Lord is showing me something that I don't have enough room to write down in my Bible by the passage.

    I have 3 Bible apps on my phone which help me with different translations, especially the my sword, where I have kjv with Strong's. Plus they are great for copying and pasting here or in an office program or my wordpress blog.

    The biggest thing in our lives right now is spending 4 hrs or so a day listening to our pastor preach. And doing a lot of praying in the spirit, and trying to learn to be spirit led and not outward led.

    My favorite Bible is My amplified, and My kjv is close by as well in case I need to clarify something. My other favorite is the nlt.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share :)
    Blessings to you all!
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  4. I also was thinking that I forgot to mention, when I am studying a particular subject or passage, I have a notebook (either from a 3 ring binder or a composition or a 5 subject or 1 subject) that I write down all my notes in. I try to write it in the order that I feel God is leading me to share it. Believe me sometimes it's a little bit of a mess. And if I'm taking notes off of a sermon, I try to write it so it looks decent, but then if I run out of room, any empty space if fair game. ;)

    Someday I will have a laptop that I will use instead, then I won't have to write it out twice :)
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  5. Well that's a great way to get started with a new Bible! :)

    4 hours a day, every day!! Sounds like a really busy and dedicated pastor! That must be alot good preaching & teaching to keep up with. Sounds awesome...
    btw- I really enjoying reading you blog posts. You're writing is very inspired and educational/enlightening.

    Is "my sword" the same as "e sword"?
  6. Hi Atomicsnowflake,

    Ok goodness, thanks for the very kind words. The things I have written are things that I just have felt The Holy Spirit lay on my heart. Sometimes to other people, and then when I am done writing it I feel led to put it into my blog because it may help others. So I pray and ask God to help me change it so that it it can relate to anyone.

    Our pastor has lots of sermons on his website that we have downloaded and that is what we have on everyday. Sometimes we listen to the same series over and over. I do believe that God is preparing us for our future in ministering to others.

    My sword, yes is the same, except my sword is an app for the android phone.

    Blessings to you!
  7. 4 hours is the normal short day.
    Most days it's twice that much.
    We have not had a dinner with out listening to a series in over a year.

    Pastor simply obeys the Father and teaches in his two churches and any where he is sent. That's his life.

    It's Always awesome when you don't question what the Lord wants to enrich you with.

    Most folks would not sit 2 Sundays listening to a teaching on obedience or the correction of the Father and so forth but allow God to have His way and spend months in it and then see how your life goes.

    Bottom line.......we just can not ever get full. Thank God
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  8. That's very true!! We also read & study every day, and it still feels like there's just not enough time in the day to read/study enough!
    If the sermons are available publicly online, could you send me link?
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  9. I believe Cturtle has or is or both .
    If you want we can upload enough to fill 2 drop boxes if your hungry.
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  10. Here is the link,

    If they don't download correctly (my phone had issues with a couple of them) you can always email them or call them and they will send you the DVD or cd for free. Some of the older ones are only audio. Also they are on you tube

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  11. Wow! Thanks.
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  12. Oh no problem, enjoy!
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  13. Great question Atomicsnowflake and I see Annie is a new believer. Welcome to the Family of God. This is a special time of your life.

    To answer your question as to what methods of study the Lord had to prepare me for where I have been brought to today. In my young spiritual years my method was mostly reading the Bible cover to cover. I did that 2x over a period of 3 or 4 years and also would try & memorize specific verses for spiritual growth. I was never great at memorizing long pieces of any kind of writing so I would continually pray for wisdom & discernment to learn/understand the Word so I was better at memorizing the intent of the verses.

    Years later I learned some other types of Bible Studies that help give insight to the human condition such as Character Bible studies on a person in the Bible, also topical or thematic studies, using my concordance to cross-reference the topic or theme.

    It took me years to learn all the Principles of Bible Hermeneutics such as Genre (Language) , Context of a Chapter, preceding Chapters, Parallel books, and all the other Bible Interpretation principles. This really helped in the difficult doctrines, difficult/obscure passages and I know this might be too deep in the weeds for some but it really helped me grow, corrected me on a few passages and helped in Bible Teaching.

    Also, learning that if you read for ex, a chapter at a time, take it slow, meditate, continue on, then read the chapter a 2nd, 3rd time and even come back to again & again until you fully understand all the themes, the audience, the purpose and how does it apply to us.

    Hope this was helpful in some way.
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  14. Thanks Jay.... :)
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  15. In order to get to know someone you must communicate with them right? So when we chat you begin to see the nuances of the type of person they are: shy, introvert, extrovert, etc. The word of God tells us about God. So they only way to learn about Him is through His word. Sometimes it's through the written (bible) other times it's through what He spoke into existence (nature). So we know that everyone has different faces: sad, happy, joy, meh, etc. and though God is unchanging, His interactions with humans depends on us: a vengeful God, Rom 12:19, loving God, Psa 36:7, my Protector, Psa 91, my Lawyer, 1 John 2:1, my Judge, Rom 14:10, etc.

    In fact in Hebrew, there is no word for "face" it's always plural "faces" because there are many sides of us. As complex as humans are, it pales to the complexity of God, things we cannot even imagine. Now, acknowledging this, we can begin to understand this verse:

    Proverbs 25:2 (KJV)
    It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. ​

    So what is God's plan for humans? After the fall and Adam's curse, God wrote it into the names of those from Adam to Noah:

    Adam אָדָם ruddy, man, person, or mankind
    Seth שֵׁת Substituted or appointed – Gen 4:25; put; who puts; fixed
    Enos אֱנוֹשׁ mortal, sickly, despaired of; forgetful
    Cainan קֵינָן to chant a dirge; lament – Amos 8:10; Ezekiel 27:32; 1 Samuel 1:17
    Mahalaleel מַהֲלַלְאֵל From מַ, praise הֲלַלְ, God אֵל – literally “From Praise God” or “Praising God”
    Jared יָרֶד a ruling; commanding; coming down
    Enoch חֲנוֹךְ teaching
    Methuselah מְתוּשָׁלַח dwelling-places; afflicted; his death will bring
    Lamech לָמֶךְ poor; made low; good for nothing
    Noah נֹחַ repose; consolation; rest

    Putting it all together:

    Man, appointed mortal [and] sorrow[ful]. From praise God coming down teaching. His death will bring [the] poor consolation.

    This is part of the complexity of the word of God. There are gems for the taking. Study is the only way. The word of God (written and nature) all point to Jesus, one way or another, you just have to believe.

    Here's some more examples:

    Priestly Course Names - 1 Chronicles 24

    Jehovah challenges [us to choose life], and knows how to make holy through the tempest.
    My King is Jehovah and from the right hand to harvest.
    Jehovah is my father and He will save.
    Jehovah has dwelt and made His habitation with man.
    God restores and renovates man.
    He will raise the upright and set His canopy of protection.
    He sits down with the Father.
    He will return and invade with destruction and will put a stop to it all.
    The Lamb will disperse and separate and dividing into parts.
    Jehovah has opened [His ears to hear His] and will strengthen and establish His by making a new creature.
    He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.
    Jehovah my deliverer.
    Jehovah has rescued.​

    Each letter in Hebrew and Greek have a numeric value A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. The name given to Moses as God's name has a numeric value of 26. Looking at all the words that have the same value of 26 in Hebrew reads:

    great; hand; look; sin; stretch; exalt; bear; live; glory; David; hold; take; praise; despise; spoil; high​

    Look! Praise to the Son of David; Who took away of our sin, being despised of men, stretched out His hand to bear our iniquity so we could live; and having spoiled principalities and powers, sits in great glory on the right hand of God and is exalted on high.

    Mathematical Pi in Genesis 1:1 and e in John 1:1, the two most used mathematical tools used today. There are so many things to study and we're just scratching the surface.
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