Study finds tithing not embraced by majority of Christians

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  1. Study finds tithing not embraced by majority of Christians

    In a recent study conducted by the Barna Group, it was learned that only five percent of Americans gave away at least 10 percent of their income (to the church or any charitable organization) in 2007. This level of giving was not a great surprise, as it has been around five percent since 2000.

    Assemblies of God News Online

    Whenever I hear or read news stories like this, I try to ask myself the very question they address. In this case, I asked myself how consistent I am with tithing my 10%. And, I have to be honest, I'm not very good at keeping up with this.

    The funny thing is, in my mind I make up all sorts of reasons for this.

    * I can't afford it. This is a common one for everyone it seems. I do know that when I have tithed, the money wasn't missed, or it was made up for in other ways. For me, I know that this reason is a useless one. God Will Provide!

    * I don't attend the regular church I go to. I actually told myself this a few times. I was temporarily in another city, and didn't feel the need to tithe. How ridiculous! The money we tithe goes to help to have the word of God shared to more people... it doesn't matter where I am, the call is still upon us to help share God's word in whatever way we can, including tithing.

    * The church gets plenty of money from others anyway. Can you believe that someone would think this? Well, I had thought of this excuse before. The above story shows that this isn't the truth. Only 5% of Christians tithe faithfully. Five Percent! Can you imagine the good that could be done if that number were merely doubled to 10%?

    I can't speak for anyone else but myself. I know that I need to tithe faithfully, and am going to do my part to keep my promise to our Saviour. He asks so little, yet gives so much!

    So I say, enough excuses! I am going to be one of those to increase that 5%!

    Ok, I'll hush up now. It is an interesting article, though. :D
  2. While I truly believe that tithing is an Old Covenant custom I firmly believe in supporting the Church. 10% is just a good place to get started. Most folks have no idea what it costs to pay building note, utilities, printed materials and salaries and yet all these contribute to something they particiapte in or enjoy on a regular basis. I count it a joy not only to contribute to the local body I am planted in but also a privilege to support any and every form of outreach. It is really an honor to have particiapte in the kingdom of God directly and through my resources. It all belongs to Him anyway.
  3. I use to look at tithing as giving to the Church. I finally realized that tithing is giving to God. It was a difficult thing to start doing regularly, but I did start and have been consistent for a while now. I did have a revelation a couple of weeks ago though. I get paid every two weeks. I would split my 10% and give half one week and the other half the next week. It hit me a couple of weeks ago… “Why don’t I just give the whole 10% the Sunday after payday”? I now give that every two weeks. I realized I was holding onto half of God’s money for a whole extra week. Why let that just sit in the bank for an extra week?

    Anyway, I heard once that if every Christian would give 10%, it would be enough money to solve the world hunger problem. I would much rather be part of the solution than part of the problem.
  4. I believe Tithing is a principal not a commandment and transcends Old and New testaments.
    What under the Law wwas hard to do, Grace empowers us to do.
    I heard this preached on just a week or so ago, and the speaker said that satan wants to keep us under the ways of the world, or captive to the babylonian way of doing things, and God wants to set us free.
    By giving God's way, we are released from Babylon, our finance is released from the worlds way and set to do God's will.
    It is a very good way of looking at it.
    However I am not perfect in this yet, God still has work to do in me as sometimes likes us all, I get into fear and worry over finance, but it is a learning curve, as I place my trust in Him, He has promised to provide.
  5. i could see why this could be a problem for advice would do reasearch.
  6. Well, my 10% + is put aside first off from my pay - it's not mine anyway, that's the way that I look at it.
  7. Old Covenant. New, transcending- what ever your take give into the work of God.:)
  8. Dr. Murray was speaking about tithing this morning. He said that he doesn't believe that a widower who's living on bare bones should give 10%, but that there is such a thing as a Love Offering.

    Anybody hear of this? What is it?
  9. I would say a love offering is above the 10% - but that is my opinion only.
  10. I believe it’s anything other than a tithe. Either to your own Church, or to someplace else. I believe it’s just a phrase someone came up with quite a while ago. It may have been started with TV evangelists. If a Church were to pass the basket for a special purpose… for instance if a member had surgery, needed a new furnace, spouse died… they might take a love offering.

    It could deal with food too…
    If someone were to offer me some brownies… I would love that. :D
  11. While the only place the tithe is mentioned to the new testament Church is in reference to practicing Jews the young Church had all things in common. We are given examples of folks selling their worldly possessions and laying them at the feet of those that were trusted . I am not advocating selling the roof over your head but I still believe that 10% is a good place to START.
  12. A question posed to a friend of mine once by a non-Christian was, "Since you tithe your earnings, do you do 10% or your net, or 10% or your gross?"

    His answer? "Do I want the net of God's abundance, or the gross?"

    Good answer. :)
  13. Exactly… if we don’t give from the gross… we are putting the government before God.
  14. There have been a number of times God told me to give all the money I had. Each time I received it back before I got home.
  15. Yeah, i didnt know about tithing till this year and every week I try to tithe but I usually dont have much money on me lol so I just tithe whatever I have. But I will try to tithe 10%.
  16. God loves a cheerful giver. It is not the quantity but the heart He seeks.
  17. Ya know, even since I was a little girl....(Many years ago ) my mother taught us that 10 cents from every dollar goes to the Lord and I think if you have that taught from very young then it is just part of your life.

    However , I am not here to dispute whether you give 10% or 50 the idea is that it all belongs to God anyways and if it is 10 % then I have found the other 90% goes a lot further. If you take it from the top ( Firstfruits) then I believe that God blesses you accordingly and to say my cup runeth over is just a small example. He has proved me over and over again and supplied my every need. I serve a rich God. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He gives the little birds to eat. Why would He not look after me ? I am blessed .
  18. Whatever I give, I give it in secret...without public declaration of the percentage, etc. When a business receives a standing ovation in church for their generous contribution...isn't their reward the standing ovation that they received? But if they slip into the church like a thief and leave the offering with no notes or indication of who left it, then the rewards are in heaven.

    Whoo-hoo! :dance:Thank you, Jesus!

    It all belongs to God anyway - none of this is ours.;)
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    Great one! loved it!


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