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  1. Struggles

    It is quite clear that since we are not perfect we all struggle with something. But can a child of God struggle with multiple things?
  2. mine is woman ,i like women.i have never been unfaithful,and very shy with them.but very attracted to them.
  3. Ask any Pastor, with all the different hats they have to wear. Being a child of God does not entitle us to a free pass from trials and struggles, but we are told we will never go through them alone. Praise be to God!
  4. The more we walk with God the more the devil tries to tempt us but we rebuke him in JESUS' name!
  5. very true violet.the problem i have is i think im scared of women.and i need to talk to women with the same talk as men.but we seem to be interested in diffrent things so it is harder to relate.
  6. Smellycat, my friend, if you have a problem with attraction to women, since you are married, we need to pray about this.
    This is where lustful thoughts come in.
    Please pray that God will remove both your interest in women and your fears too!
    I'll be praying for you!
    Bless you, Violet
  7. no not lust,i dont want any other woman.
  8. thank you violet for caring,i just dont understand how God made a womens spirit diffrent?
  9. SC, explain what you mean.
    Our personalities are different as are our emotions.
    Do you have trouble communicating to your wife?
    Do you ask how someone is when you see them?
  10. Same here.
  11. Are the spirits different really? Or is it just the culture, genetics, and hormones? I know that science has never truely been able to quantify the reasons for all the differences, but look at it like this. Each gender is half of a whole. Your wife is the opposite to your half. Each woman out there is the half to someone else, as each man is a half to some woman. One of my favorite sayings: "We are each of us, angels with just one wing. Only by holding onto each other can we fly." It's a pretty fitting phrase that describes the differences of men and women. Nobody wants two left wings, any more than having two left hands would be useful.

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