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  1. I'm so sick of all the street preachers on youtube who go to gay rallies and talk about how filthy and wicked they are.

    We are supposed to give people the knowledge of God's grace, not talk about how hellbound they are. While it might be true, that is not how you present the Gospel, you do so in love and understanding.

    If I was going to preach to the gay crowd I would not say "You are all going hell! Repent, and believe in Jesus, you filthy sinners!" because that is basically masking the Gospel over your own hateful heart.

    I would say "The son of God was crucified on your behalf, for the sin and evil of all men! He died for me and you, so we could turn from our selfish ways and live lives that glorify the one who is Love!"

    It's almost like these street preachers are afraid of Love and grace, things they obviously do not understand.

    Tell me what you think about this video.

    And please know, I'm not some liberal who thinks all things go, I just think the way people like this man is preaching is wrong. The point is to make people realize all men are sinners and need God's grace, not cursing one person in front of a crowd. I doubt this man would even publicly admit his own sin. The way he preaches literally makes me sick.

  2. This "preacher" puts a bad taste in every one's mouth. Satan is using him to turn people off to Lord Jesus. The "in-your-face" attitude of a lot of gays is also repugnant to me. I don't judge people who don't have the light of Christ in them (although I do recognize evil actions). We are to judge only when we are sure our own lives do not practice the same things, but judge with love, not toxic and hateful anger. All the people in this video need our prayers..."even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus."
  3. The only reason they are in his face is because he is in theirs. I'm sure they wouldn't be so hostile if we just preached the Gospel to them.

    People like this man try to get people riled up because then they want to feel like they are being perseuted for righteousness sake, when they really aren't at all.
  4. I know the gays reactions in this video are in response to this man's yelling and cursing. But I have seen a lot of videos and articles where gays attack quiet Christians who are minding-their-own-business-and-worshiping-God, and the police didn't even stop the gays harassment when the cops were called. And I have personally experienced harassment from several gays. Those experiences hurt, but I have since learned to be thankful when I am persecuted because it means I belong to the true and living God.
  5. What do you expect people without God to act like? I'm not concerned about people outside the Body of Christ, we are supposed to judge the people within it.

    This man is acting counter to the Gospel, of course unbelievers act that way.
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  6. Exactly! I agree with you. But I highly doubt that this "preacher" is a true believer. So, maybe I should not judge him either... However, I would make it very clear to him if I had the chance, that if he thinks he is doing God a favor by behaving this way, that he might better make sure that God really asked him to do it that way...
  7. Some are charlatans and some are extremely sincere and honest in what they do -- though sometimes even the honest ones ought to rethink their methods.

    The guy in the video is a charlatan.
  8. Yeah I disagree with the way this guy was talking. He wasn't working within the guidance of the holy spirit.
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  9. One of the street preachers I enjoy watching is Todd Friel.. He is more than just a street preacher though.. Love his program Wretched.. Have you see his videos? He really delivers the gospel in an amazing way..
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  10. Yes I have, he is a great preacher!
  11. Yeesh. What's wrong with this guy? That's no way to witness.
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  12. Todd friel is good , I used to watch wretched =) he is amazing..

    but I think its good to respond with love foremost..

    if anyone told me I was gonna burn and I was an abomination, I never would a got saved..EVER! lol
  13. So... Who are we to judge another man's servant... To his own master he will rise or fall.

    If the man is being Obedient to God by going out and preaching... So be it.
  14. The question is he being obedient to God? Hey may say he stands for the right thing, which he might, but we're also taught how to go about doing it.

    His downfall isn't that he is being direct and bold -- that's something we should all do -- and we shouldn't pander to those who disagree "Well, it's your life so it's OK and God probably understands." His downfall is his diversion from the Gospel to strictly focusing on individuals who are sinning and not leading to any real conclusion except out of anger.

    Sin gets all of us angry when we know it is objectively wrong and we see it, but we're not supposed to lose our heads and insult because we can't control our tempers.

    Sometimes things need to be blasted double-barrel, and sometimes tables need to be flipped. But this is not what this guy was doing. He took his own person annoyances and masked it as preaching.
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  15. Sorry for an off topic post. I saw bits of the video without sound.. But it did look like the gay guys were not loving either.. It made me wonder how Paul would have felt when he went into all the gentile places and preached true Gospel.. was just thinking what it would have been like.. way different that the mass crusades evangelists have these days..
  16. The gay guys in the video weren't charitable in the slightest. They meant to offend, demean, and insult back--which they did. In the video the one in the pink shirt said he left Christianity.

    As a non-Christian, he's not bound to anything. He doesn't have to answer to anyone right now (he will eventually). However, the preacher DOES have to answer to God and does have to abide by his commandments. I'm not convinced he responded out of love, but our of sheer anger.

    The preacher has a responsibility to hold morality and love far higher than the gay guy.
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  17. Right.. And the best way to show the love is to preach true gospel.. I think that is one of the ways we can truly love a stranger.. What more can we offer than showing the way to eternal life with Jesus..
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  18. No, I absolutely agree, but the problem is he didn't. He didn't do it at all based on what I watched. He didn't go into what sin was, how we're bound to it, but that the we can be delivered from it if we accept it. Instead, he took the entire time being just as crass as the gay guy.

    Tough love: always good. Hateful and masking it as tough love: deceiving and absolutely wrong.
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  19. I concur
  20. I really like Todd Friel as well. Also Ray Comfort has an unoffensive way of questioning people on the street that causes them to think and often changes their minds about a lot of important issues.

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