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  1. Advocacy?
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    Yes, thats a very good way to look at it, sandpiper-advocacy.

    Part One:

    Today was an amazing day.

    It was the first time I have ever prayer over someone.

    I prayed over the same man 2 x's today, whom I came across laying very far back from the main road, near some bushes, against a fence.

    It was in the park, and there were lots of people out and about, enjoying their week end, and there he lay, homeless, and needing medical help.

    There was a bike path going right past him and everyone ignored him, as they walked, biked or exercised their dogs. I can understand the fear, I really can. People don't want to get involved, or don't know how or what to do. Besides, homeless people laying around in the park may seem now to be common enough to ignore.

    At about 4 pm I came across him and talked for only about 15 minutes, said a prayer out loud for him with his permission and left. I did feel that first prayer was rather wooden and I felt frozen and like I forced it.

    I walked away feeling like it must seem pretty darn arrogant to assume people need your particular kind of help and to intrude upon them.

    I prayed over him for god to grant him peace and healing and mercy in jesus name.

    I told him I would check on him later and went home due to severe arthritic pain
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    Part two:

    Came back 2 hours later and things were much differnt. He was really relieved to see me, and needed water and a blanket, so I went home and got him some water, a nice blanket and some food and information about different services.

    He was not even able to stand bc he was so very dizzy he told me and also had very severe shakes due to DT's. He told me about his fall from grace, losing his job, then his gf, then his home. His family was giving him tough love he said and knew he was homeless, and let him stay in the park due to his falling out with them over his addictions.

    He told me he studied world religions and was a christian and felt closest to god with the christian faith.

    Unable to sit or stand due to pain, heck, I just gave in and lay down on my side and talked with him at his level on the ground.

    We talked about the realistic-ness of trying to white knuckle his detox out here on his own, but he said it could be done and he would be OK.

    But he was not doing well and couldn't even hold the water bottle I gave him due to the shakes. So, feeling like this was something surreal, I found myself holding his head for him and bringing up the water bottle to his mouth for him.

    He could hardly take a sip and was coughing. I feared he would aspirate, and as time went on he continued to get worse.

    He kept insisting he would be OK, but after about an hour, I asked if I could pray for him again, and this time he took my hand himself, and squeezed and was praying along with me.

    This time, it was much more sincere and freely flowing out of me.

    First getting to know him made all the difference!

    This was much more natural.

    Conflicted, I left for home again bc he said he would just sleep it off.
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  4. Part three:

    I came back again, after calling the shelter for advice and they told me he cannot detox alone, bc he could die. They gave me non-emergency dispatch to call asap and ask them for help. I explained to the officer on duty what was happening and they sent an ambulance to meet me at the park, along with the police.

    I led the emts to his location and let the officer know he was harmless and couldn't even stand.

    They were going through his bags and found prescription drugs and alcohol and were asking him how much he drank today and were assessing him basically, when they told me "We'll take it from here, Mam," which I took as my cue to let them handle everything and leave, so I did.

    But first, I went up to him to tell him I would be praying for him, and he said thank you, reached out for me and said, "God bless you."

    I turned on my heel and left.

    I called dispatch back about 2 hours later, and they told me that by law they cannot tell me where he went, but they could reassure me that he would never just be left alone in the park, and that they would be finding a place for him to stay.

    Knowing emts, then they would have taken his vitals and made sure he got medical care if he was in any danger.

    Hes lost everything, his home, his job, his GF, and his sobriety and health.

    But he did tell me that he knows god exists and that he does have faith in god, and knows god loves him.
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  5. feedback on this complicated situation is welcome
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  6. Sounds to me like you did everything you could and calling the shelter for advice was a very smart thing. This way he can get the help he needs and sounds like from what you say he seems to desire. With all the prayers... and care (time) you took with him, coupled with the tough love from his family, and loosing everything can prepare a person's heart to be ready to be clean.

    Every addict will not even consider that they need help till they are ready. And if someone forces them to get help and they are not ready... they will only relapse, because they are not ready to give up what is holding them captive. They dont see it as holding them captive... its still a desire.

    I'm very grateful for your continual checking on this gentleman... probably saved his life.

    Blessings and prayers surround you continually
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  7. wow, I came across the man I rescued, above, today, and he told me that he had needed to be taken to the emergency room, by the paramedics I called, as explained by my story above

    he needed 3 days inpatient the told me, and was on bags of fluid and Valium for the DT's

    he wouldn't have made it through the night

    he was neat and clean, all washed up and sober, and now staying at the shelter I had called.

    he told me about his hopes and wishes, and shared about the programs hes trying to get into, like long term residential treatment

    he told me his son was the most important reason to keep clean and sober

    he thanked me and squeezed my hand

    he invited me to come to some open meetings at AA

    he helped me and inspired me so much, so this is a mutual and very spiritual thing that is happening with helping others

    thanks for your prayers and support as I see about how to continue this work
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  8. It's a volunteer position correct?
    If so you don't have to be there to help and then you won't have papers hanging over your head.

    There is no job possible that I would ever sign anything like that.

    Don't allow others to snuff out any light you have.
  9. sorry, but what I said was that I would have to review the paperwork that I was indeed required to sign.

    please don't assume anything yet

    I will have to bring it to them and ask if its OK to speak of Jesus or not.

    The paperwork is confusing to me now, as a born again Christ follower

    Jesus didn't interview people before the loaves and fishes before feeding them-all were welcome and all were fed

    So, we cannot make people attend church in order to get food, that one I do know the government requires us to do, and I agree to this.

    the other stuff, I have to find out, like praying for or sharing a line or two from scripture, like john 3:16

    so, I don't fully know yet about that

    right now, tho, we do welcome all to the table

    and my light does shine thank you very much

    and I am jesus hands and feet
  10. Most shelters and churches that feed and clothe people do require you sit through a church service.

    Then again this really has nothing to do with what I was tring to say. :)

    You said
    but I think I'm restricted by the government from saying anything more about Jesus

    I will have to review the paperwork I had to sign and agree to

    I said.....
    If it's a volunteer situation. ... you don't have to be apart of them to help.
    Another words there is alot you can do without signing such papers. Just encouraging you to stand true to your love of God is all.

    I made a statement I would not sign such a paper no matter what. That's just me. I won't be told who and when I can talk about Jesus. That is by man.

    I also made a comment as to not allow any one to shut out any light you have.
    Another words, don't compromise to things that limit you.
    The entire NT teaches us this over and over. It was just an encouraging statement to stand true to your heart.


    Blessings and love in Christ
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  11. give me time to find out the answers and please stop assuming something that is currently unknown.
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    Button, Your recent encounter inspired me. I was going in the post office the other day and a woman who may have been in her late 40's or early 50's asked me if I would give her 37 cents. She was healthy looking despite being a little messy with a dirty, tanned face. (hard to tell) I told her that I would check and if I had change would give it to her when I came back out. I didn't want to open my purse right there so in the post office corridor I checked and I had a $1. On the way out I gave her the $1. She said thanks and as I said "You are welcome" and walked away she started to sing an old Glenn Campbell song. Since he has been on my mind since his recent passing and because I was once a Glenn Campbell fan..I stopped, turned around, and asked her if she really was singing one of his songs. She said yes and that it was her mother's favorite. We had a nice exchange of comments after that and I asked God to bless her. Not much but it may have brightened her day. Somehow it did mine! :)
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  13. Thank your for sharing about the encounter and what has happened since. Surely an answer to my prayers for you and this man. Blessings..
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    My question regarding what I signed with the food ministry has been answered.

    I can speak of Jesus and invite people to church and quote scripture

    What is a civil rights violation and is therefore illegal, would be to force people in need of aid to attend a church service first.

    Same goes for the American Red Cross as an example here.

    When there is a devastating natural event, when they provide food and shelter, its illegal to insist that people receiving care from them first attend a church service. If it were members of a mosque-same thing. No refusing help without first attending a service.

    I uphold to the best of my abilities with the help of god, the civil rights of others and the law of the united states of america.

    I will continue to serve humanity by being Jesus hands and feet here on earth and planting seeds.
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  15. Awesome news and thank you for sharing with the update.

    The best to you
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    After reviewing the legal paperwork and finding out if its legal to both provide benefits to citizens who come to receive them and are partially provided by the US Department of Agriculture, as well as speak of Jesus, I found that I can do both, and as such, the legitimate and good questions regarding this issue are resolved.

    Hide my light under a bushel?

    No, I'm gonna let it shine:whistle:
  17. Have you ever told anyone you didn't know, "God bless you," and see their face light up? So many people really do know that God exists and they do know that he is love. They maybe lost hope for what ever reason, and when you just simply say the word, "God," in a sentence, they spark up. You can see it in their eyes, in their immediate smile and facial expression or glow.

    Just the simple act of remembering to say the words, "God bless you," is planting a seed.

    So, thank you sister sandpiper.

    I really need to step up my practice of saying these words, as I've caught myself a few times forgetting to say it, which I see as a missed opportunity.
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  18. Oh I had on my boxing gloves and I gave the devil a KO, and made off with the soul he was trying to take into hell with himself.

    Oh yeah, I did hit a thing.

    yes sir I sure did.
  19. God IS love

    People who know God are Loving people

    Unloving people give themselves away

    They know not god

    they are too busy hating on others, judging them, falsely accusing them of non sense, correcting them and not supporting them or encouraging them, not being happy at all for them, stealing their joy, gossiping about them....they are wolves in sheeps clothing! they are LIARS!

    They are of the devil, claiming christ but being pawns of satan!

    Run away and keep away form monsters like this.
  20. How do you know ?

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