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  1. Hello Christian brothers and sisters

    I'm a fairly new Christian and am feeling drawn by the spirit to minister to people I encounter on the streets.

    I've never witnessed before and am concerned as to how it will be received when most I talk to are very upset and bitter about being homeless.

    I have given out socks and new toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant and bar soap and washcloth and towels, a comb and baby powder for the heat, a pillow and clean pillow case and food and tee shirts.

    But not the good news.

    I feel it would be ill received.

    Most got evicted or their room mate left for what ever reason and most lost their jobs too, so couldn't make rent.

    Shelters are mostly filled so getting a bed is difficult.

    So I encounter people sleeping on the streets or on the beach or at parks.

    Shall I pray over them?

    The biggest issue they tell me privately is the others who watch them and if they receive any help, they get robbed of the goodness of my heart giving to them.

    Its all true, the wolves are watching.
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  2. Hi Button,
    Your life or actions are ministering the Love of God.

    Always pray for them and you can simply ask them if you could pray with them as well.

    Learn to trust God and listen for an inner utterance from the Holy Spirit in guiding you in the direction you help them.

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  3. I have to agree with fcj... you are doing a great job of sharing God's love with them, just by what you are already doing. Praying for them either privately or with others or even with them will go further than anything we can do on our own. It opens the door for God to minister to them and speak to their hearts. Now if He has something He wants you to say.. He will speak through you if you invite Him to in your prayers before you go out

    And maybe you can give to the ones watching as well and then no one gets stolen from
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  4. Good thread. Thanks button

    My approach is no approach so to speak. I am seen but not seen, as strange as that sounds.

    For many years I was a volunteer occupying an ally office where alcoholics, addicts, and homeless could come in and have a chat.
    This office only provided the basics (coffee/tea and biscuits, and referral for recovery) which oddly enough most visitors did not ask for. They just wanted to hear the truth about themselves in a loving unconditional way. From this, many turned to AA, NA, and to local churches to become Christian.

    Many years ago I spoke to an outreach minister where the majority of the town's people were addicts. I wanted to know how he was attracting people in need to become Christians and join the church. His approach was to just sit on a park bench for several hours everyday. People eventually (after the first few months) started to chat with him. The word got spread around, now they know that he was a link in God's plan for those that wanted salvation from their plight.

    I learnt from this minister that God will send those who are ready to be sent. And my job is to always be available.
    I am always blessed when a stranger visits me, or I come across a stranger, regardless where I am, and they starts talking to me as if they knew me as a friend.
    They tell me that they felt they could speak to me safely, I always hear their woes (untruths) and I always respond as if they didn't have them (truths).

    God knows which people to put with me for His service; not only for the other person but also for me too. Nothing is wasted.
    In most cases, both the stranger and I departed filled with love and gratitude.
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  5. thank you that is beautiful

    I can sense that people do trust me more bc they just see me walking around

    What had started as just some post-operative walking exercise

    Is becoming so much more

    and more than I was expecting that is for sure

    I've found that people on the street are very willing to talk to me about their story and what happened to them

    The most profound one was taking a woman to a restaurant and treating her to dinner, and the horror of the life she was living poured out of her

    She explained how she had neurologically changed over to becoming such a crack addict that there was no returning to normalcy

    she explained that dealers put ther to work all day long pan handling and then took her money and gave her some drugs

    But she had a very hard time in return for this work to find a warm and safe place to sleep at night

    No one would rent to her as she had very serious mental health issues she said and was evicted so many times

    Her family eventually turned their back on her, and she lost her kids as well

    I tried every which way I knew at the time to get her into a shelter

    bought her meals and gave her mittens and hats and scarves

    but she froze to death one night sleeping at the bus shelter

    I can't forgive myself

    but I was so scared of the dealers

    bc they killed people

    they saw me as taking their money

    when I took her off the street for food and companionship

    so that was less time she was out there working
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  6. Thank you, I had never thought of that before coming here

    so many people just want that human contact

    and a sense of hope

    and encouragement
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  7. Learn to be Spirit Led and not need or emotional led. Sometimes we see a need and want to jump right on in and far to many times we end up MTF.....moving to fast and miss God.

    It can be dangerous when we do this because we get out on our own.
    When He guides you, He has your back!
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  8. You will probably be amazed button to how many will be accepting. Many will be shocked that you would pray for them and you will see much tears of joy and relief.
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  9. yes, Jim, its so so amazing how easily people respond to kindness and love!

    they just melt and it rips out my heart to know there are so many in the predicament that they are in

    I have a food ministry too, tonight I will work among so many who come for food

    that is a whole other issue and would there be a thread for that or shall we just keep it to a singular but all member inclusive "ministry"


    The food ministry is so full of people who come with so many needs, many being beaten up regularly by their bf and being "worked" to go and get the food at numerous pantries and not just the one we allow for.

    It's been really scary at times and I should have asked for gods help by praying-as we've had really beaten up women come in as well as gang members and people wearing a gun on their belt

    so many stories out there
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  10. shall we have a thread called ministry and its all inclusive?

    just got back home tonight from my food ministry

    and boy there are so many who need the extra help

    laid off and come here in tears and feel so ashamed or embarrassed

    a woman tonight sitting alone waiting her turn, quietly crying to herself

    it was so packed with people tonight

    gave her a hug and told many of the customers "God bless you," and many were thankful and touched by the food generosity

    but I think I'm restricted by the government from saying anything more about Jesus

    I will have to review the paperwork I had to sign and agree to

    its pretty strongly against any type of discrimination at all in any form, and it's a real surprise how in depth the paperwork goes
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  11. I would truly spend some quality time in Prayer with His word and find some insight and direction.

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  12. Ministry sounds like a good thread, unless you want it to talk only about food ministry. It's entirely up to you :)

    Sharing Jesus is not discriminatory in any way... so as long as you dont demean any of their religious backgrounds, you should be fine... but re-reading the rules would be good. And then maybe pray about becoming a "Christian" food ministry. That way people know what kind of place they are coming to and you won't have to have any worries about sharing Christ with any of them.

    As a believer you do have a right to share Jesus, and no one can take that away (It's protected under freedom of speech). Many Christian lawyers would side with you on that.

    But as Jim said... pray and allow God to show you the way to go.

    God instructed one pastor to take a passage of Scripture to the mayor of his town, because they were not going to allow them to do what God instructed them to do. And that changed everything.

    Blessings to you :)
    Keep your ear tuned into the Holy Spirit... He will lead and guide you
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  13. Nice to hear from you Cturtle. I will re-look at them today at the doctor's office. We get food from a food bank and there is federal funding involved.We have to keep very close and tight control of our documentation otherwise we will be shut down.

    It's very concerning how there are a number of customers who lie to us and tell us they have 5 kids at their residence, only to catch other people at a different address claiming the same 5 kids, using the same Ids for them.

    We try and be a blessing anyways and instruct them on how to share with others.

    The most worrisome concern for me is all the people who travel around and go to different pantries and try and get a turkey or a chicken and then they sell them for cash and use the money for drugs and alcohol or cigarettes.

    Drug usage is a big issue here in the states and I imagine, world wide.

    I have a heart for those who are suffering, as my former husband killed himself with this issue.

    I also am in chronic pain from multiple issues, but never went that route.

    However, I have compassion for people who are in physical and emotional pain.
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  14. I fully understand and share your compassion and concerns. And only prayers and the Love of God can change things and people. So Jim and I will certainly keep everything your involved in lifted up in prayer.

    I do understand about being federally funded, and can say that many churches that have food pantry's are as well and that leaves the door wide open for you. Besides just like Daniel ruled Babylon with his prayers, as God guides you and you obey... then nothing or no one can shut you down because He is backing you.

    With the people lying... might be time to pray about how to deal with that, get God's way of dealing with refusing them or double checking id's or what have you. For sometimes loving people is not allowing them to stay in their deception, or be an enabler.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. My brother took his life about 24 years ago... and alcohol was one of the major players.

    It sure does give one a little more compassion towards the people in that situation, when it affects us in a close and personal way.

    Will keep your body lifted up in prayer for total healing and restoration.

    God bless you my friend!
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  15. god bless you for that really kind and understanding message of love and caring in Jesus name. I'm sorry for you loss.

    Tragedy can be used for good, can it not?

    I love this part: sometimes loving people is not allowing them to stay in their deception,

    Thank you so much for that.

    It is what it is out there-deception and darkness.
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  16. Your right....Tragedy surly can be used for good. And it does line up with 2 Corinthians 1:4.... we receive comfort from the Lord and then are set up to give that comfort to someone else that God puts in our path.. someone that only we can minister to, because we have walked in their shoes.

    I remember even as a young adult I was passionate about the ones who would never step foot in a church for various reasons... that they be ministered to... and that God could and does raise up ones who have been there to be His voice and arms to them.

    My loss was heaven and his gain, and thank you for your heartfelt condolences :)

    With all the deception and darkness out there... is why we need to be shining the light of the love of Christ into peoples lives (which you are doing a great job at!).... for that burden removing, yoke destroying anointing to break them free from all that darkness and deception.

    We also can help by asking God to grant people that we run into, the gift of repentance according to 1 Timothy 2:24-26.
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  17. God showed me the verse that goes with this... speak the truth in love... Ephesians 4:15... so I thought inwould share it with you. :)

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  18. Hello Button;

    Thank you for your uplifting thread and the posts received ministers to all of us. I appreciate your openness being a new Believer and can see your love and compassion for helping people. James 1:22 teaches us to be doers of the Word, even sitting in the park quietly watching, loving and praying as Peter Luke was sharing. Eventually, people came up and started chatting with the minister.

    You share how others open up and talk with you which is so important to release all that is built up in their hearts. To receive your listening ear is the Lord building you up, Button.
    Keep going forward as we pray for you.

    God bless you, Button and your family.
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    Hi Button, it sounds to me like you are doing the very best thing in simply chatting a bit and mostly listening provided they want to talk and with them it isn't usually about the weather or small talk. If they don't want to talk and let you talk then you can think of something right on the spot. Even then I wouldn't get too preachy too it could blow them away. You simply have to ease your way into that and it could take more than one sitting. Giving them something is always good, especially food or a blanket, etc. as you are doing. One time doing so with a person you may simply be a "do gooder" to them. More than once coupled with the listening and you could become all right in their eyes and a friend. It is all in the approach.

    There are many things in the bible you can share without directly quoting the bible. The bible is God's Word but always remember that Jesus is the Word. (John 1:1-2) And Jesus just loved the people He encountered. And so can you. Trust God to give you needed wisdom on the spot. Remember what you do for them you do for Him. Matthew 25: 40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’(NIV)

    His Love can and will flow through you. Everyone appreciates kindness.

    Bless you ...prayers for you, too! I love you are doing this.
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    today before going out and about, I felt a call from a still small voice within....I was directed to just go ahead and pick up that soft cover NT sitting right next to my arm chair.

    so I picked it up and it fell open to this:" Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all....plead the cause of the poor and needy."

    My NT really just fell right there.

    I haven't picked it up for 5 months.

    And so there it is.

    Psalm 31 vs 8-9

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