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Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by Whirlwind, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. I want some!:(

    Oh yeah, then when it hits 115 I'll be wishing for snow. Can never please me, ya know, hee hee. I'm just never happy with what I got.:eek:
  2. This was taken this morning from my living room window. (That's my truck)
    I was wearing a T-shirt Wednesday night and had the bike out Thursday night.
    Now we have snow on the ground this morning. :(
    This is the third time this spring I’ve taken the bike out and then we got snow. Is it ever going to stop?
    Where is that global warming when you need it? :eek:

  3. We'll have to ask old "Al G." about that. I understand that he went into a Wal-Mart in Fargo to purchase some nice warm long johns while he was out on his public speaking tour on "Global Warming" last week... :D
  4. YES!

    *points finger at Who Am I and laughs*

    Finally! We got the nice weather! It's warm out, I'm wearing a tank top (finally), sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky. My cherry tree's leaves are coming out like crazy now. My cat ran out on her own. I turned on the sprinkler system at home...


    Finally feels like spring here.


  5. One thing I know… if we ever have “typical” weather in Minnesota, I’ll be looking up for the return.

    Of course I’ll have my sun glasses on. We have birds here.

    And on that note… I’d like to sing a little song by Little Jimmy Dickens for you Whirlwind.:)

    "May the bird of paradise fly up your nose"
    "May an elephant caress you with his toes"
    "May your wife be plagued with runners in her hose"
    "May the bird of paradise fly up your nose"

    Hee Hee Hee :D
  6. Well! I've never...!

    Okay, well...maybe I did.:eek:
  7. It got 102 yesterday!

    Man, it was hot.

    Then, it was 58 in the evening.

    I seriously don't understand this weather. Then, it's supposed to get 70 later on in the week.

    I must be going crazy....@_@
  8. Well, ever since I moved out here, I must say that the weather here is crazier than any place I have ever lived.

    Take last night, for example.... it got all the way down to the 30's. Not sure what the lowest was. When I was up at 7 am this morning it was only 35, so I am sure it was a bit colder than that. Now 35 degrees at night, at the end of April, may not sound like very cold to you northerners, but I live down in TEXAS. And not the northern part of the state either. Yesterday, our high was in the 50's. The night before last we had a tremendous storm and hail the size of marbles. In fact, we get the most wonderful storms around here. The thunder sounds like a bomb is exploding close by. Sometimes it sounds like a freight train is rolling through the house. All the windows shudder. The wind is so strong that the trees are ready to break. During one storm the neighbors concrete wall fence blew halfway down. My weather bug constantly flashes and tells me of wind advisories, tornado warnings, and thunderstorm warnings. The storms that blow through come in with a fury and then all is silent and still within an hour. One day we might have temps in the high 80's, and the next day we get temps in the 60's. We never know whether to put on the heater or the a/c at night. During the day we open up the house and just let the breeze in. The house stays nice and cool unless the temps outside go above 85. By Wednesday this week, our highs are supposed to be back up to 88. I guess only time will tell. :)
  9. Fires and heat in California, snow in Oregon (even in the desert this time of year:confused:), seismic activity around Reno.

    Grab onto something and hang on, whoo-hoo!:p
  10. I think the world is unsure about what to do, lol.

    Come on, Earth, decide!
  11. Near...maybe, just's already made up its mind.:)
  12. Nah, it told me today that it wasn't sure if it wanted to make us Americans have a hot summer or a weird one. It said it decided already for Europe, Asia, and those other places, tee hee! :D

  13. Since the weather is so nice now… I bet you’re out there on your new tree swing enjoying the warm sunny days.

    Hee Hee :D:D:D

    I just couldn't help myself. :p

  14. LOL
  15. That thar is one fine swing, don't ya know...

    Looks like a buddy's place over yonder in Skunk Hollow, Tennessee. Y'all can tell hez a redneck, 'cause hez got just as many junk cars in his front yard and hez got huntin' dogs layin' on his front porch.

    He asked me ta help him and the missus move in ta their new house last week... while he was crankin' down the levelers, I wuz takin' the wheels off...
  16. I just lol'd hard.

    Thanks, Paducah!
  17. My birthday is May 4.

    Here in Kansas I have seen snow for my birthday, and I have seen 100 degrees.

    This morning I had to scrape the windows in order to drive to bible study.

    When someone mentions "UNUSUAL" weather, I'm afraid I don't have a clue what they are talking about.
    We git what we git.

    P.S. The picture of the couch swing makes me wanna take a nap!
    Looks comfy! :)
  18. Now Who Am I?

    That just gives me some garsh darned idears...

  19. The first thing that came to my mind was…
    If the grass gets tall enough, it’ll tickle your feet when you swing back and forth. :D
  20. Just make sure your toenails are dry Don't want grass sticking in the polish.

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