Strange Weather

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  1. Strange Weather

    For the past 15 minutes, it's been raining down hail the size of those little white peas they fill beanbag chairs with. I think we all know how big that is, because we've all had a beanbag chair bust in our house before, right?:eek:

    The ground is turning white with them! Whoah! It's Sunday, April 20, 2008. I'm in the high desert of Central Oregon. We got up to 116 degrees F during the's not supposed to be like this.:eek: By now, the flowers should be out. The trees should be green. The weather should be warm enough for tank tops. Shorts. But nooooooo....:cool:

    What kind of strange weather you having (if any)?
  2. Here in Minnesota, we finally have a warm day. Just got back from a ride. A lot of bikes out today. It’s a late spring though. Just a little over a week ago we got dumped on with snow. Some places got up to a foot of the stuff. The lakes are still froze. They usually open up around the 15th.

    I remember quite a few years ago the trees started to bud in the middle of February. We had about two weeks of really warm weather. Then it got cold again, then warm… there is no such thing as a typical season here in Minnesota… except of course for road construction season. :mad: I don't like that.
  3. There was a 20 second earthquake in kentucky friday
  4. Hey Whirlwind ...... cause we are getting all the nice weather for a change after that terrible cold snowy winter. It is not suppose to be this warm this time of year but you know what I 'll take it. Yesterday they said Florida was only 3 degrees warmer than us and we were walking around in shorts and my daffodills are already blooming . Weard.... but I am not complaining and you can have your snow and hail and don't send it here ......... he he :D:D:D and on the west coast of Canada they have 50 centimeters of snow.


    We will be moving this thread into the "Environmental Issues" section of the forum where more persons may see it and take part. Thank You.
  6. Now that the thread is moved into the "Environmental Issues" section, I'd like to add that at our temporary location in Wisconsin, there is still snow in the forested areas. While that is not unusual in mountainous areas this time of year, the area here is only 610 feet above sea level. The temperatures throughout the northern hemisphere so far this calendar year have been statistically several degrees colder than 'average' as computed over the past 118 years.

    I have kept precise records for 17 years as to the date that the furnace in our Wisconsin location is turned on each autumn and the date on which it is turned off each spring. Those two dates have been getting closer together each year since I have been keeping these records. The first year ( 1991 ) the OFF date was April 17 and the ON date was October 02. Last year the OFF date was May 14 and the ON date was September 11. It has been in this type of narrowing time table each year.

    At this rate, the northern states in the United States will be coverd by glaciers again within 16,000 years. Global Warming? Yeah, Right!!;)
  7. I have heard here in Oregon the snowpack is more in the mountains right now than it has been since they have been recording it. Global warming????
    I had a buddy come over after church yesterday and we made a ring for his mom for Mother's day. It took some severe intestinal fortitude to make the short trip from my rock room to the house. My goodness it was cold.
  8. Yup - the snow pack is high. They said we're in trouble if it decides to warm up over night. It did that back in the spring of 1996, remember? I was working at the radio station then, just above Kah-Nee-Ta (our vacation resort). I was on the air doing a weather forecast and remarking how high the river was...when the restaurant went floating by like a small ark.:eek:

    I covered my cherry tree (named him Jerry Cherry) with blankets last night - hope he's doing okay. Poor little guy.

    I was telling Near in a PM that I was listening to the weather report on the police scanner and they were reporting the night's low temperatures. After every number, the announcer was saying - in disbelief - this set a new record since we began keeping records for this area back in 1914.:eek:

    Come on...warm up now! Pleeeeze? I had to use an ice scraper on my windshield this morning.:(

    Like in Day After Tomorrow - anybody see that? Because of global warming, the earth is going to fight back as the oceanic currents become idle. This will lead to earth's defense system (they said in the fictional movie) cracking down and bringing a new ice age.

    It's fiction! LOL. It's only fiction...
  9. BTW: Thanks for moving the thread, Pastor. I wasn't sure on where to post. I didn't know if it was more discussion or more weather.:p
  10. It will probably get more "air time" here in this section, Whirlwind...

    There are many who come here to get informational briefings and to express their concerns in this Environmental Issues area over the 'religion' that the 'environmental activists' have created with their deceptions. We all know about 'deception'... Satan uses it each and every day to try to remove Christian values from society. These activists do the same thing to relieve us of our tax money. They formulate a hypothesis of 'global warming' and then apply for federal grants to study it. Self promotion from within the activist ranks to support themselves financially... absolutely disgraceful.

    By the way - I heard on a radio talk show that one of the "international weather archival and analysis committes" ( most likely the ITCC ) has admitted to changing the historical weather balloon temperature records from the 1950's and 1960's to lesser values recently to HIGHTEN the current data support for 'global warming'. The cooler it was back then ON PAPER, the warmer it is NOW. This is also disgraceful and just goes to show us all what these people are capable of... they fabricate and lie - then they attempt to scare us all by their 'science' which ALLOWS the tax dollars to flow into their bank accounts with little or no criticism. They scare society into submission and gain support as they, themselves, act as 'gods' in their 'religion' and have society worship them for all they are doing to 'save humanity'. "Oh, Thank You Mister Environmental Scientist For Thinking Of Me And My Poor Grandmother."

    DECEPTION, my friends... it is their normal mode of operation and absolutely dispicable.
  11. weather is by God,how you interpret it is for you.i like seeing rainbows.:)
  12. Hey You all ..... You think you got it bad look at Calgary Alberta Canada.

    Frozen west gazed enviously at balmy east in wacky weather weekend - Yahoo! Canada News

    Yah, Pastor Gary.... Who are they trying to kid . I think it is all a big hoax as we had the coldest and most snowy winter that we have had in I don't buy the global warming thing either.
  13. Usually by the later part of April, we have warmed to the mid 90's here in Las Vegas. This morning I took my wife to work, and we both had jackets on, and I turned the heat up a bit in the car. Much different than what I have seen in my last eight years here.
  14. I woke up this morning and it was misty-beautiful!

    Everything was deeeeeep blue. There was a mist in the higher hills. I could see a clear snow-line in the distant hills.

    We're at 1602 feet at my house. The whole world was calm, perfect. Microscopic droplets of water were falling out of the air.

  15. I woke up this morning and there was a dusting of snow on the ground.

  16. Lately Maryland has been getting more and more tornadoes
  17. Hey, we are having balmy weather and I'm loving it. Every day in the 60's to 70's. So you all can keep your snow don't send it here.
  18. Last night we were hit by a mean thunderstorm. 70 mph winds, hail, constant lightning- you know the kind.
  19. Youch, Bo!:eek:

    Bet you wished you woulda had a wind could have been off the grid now, hmm?:p All electricity paid for for the next 10 years.:)

    This morning, everything was covered in ice!:eek: I covered my cherry tree last night and it was shivering, teeth chattering and all, but it seems to be okay.

    Can't believe it'll be May next week! Can't wait for tank tops and shorts weather.:rolleyes:
  20. Hey Whirlwind ..... You're living in the wrong place. my daffodils are almost finished and the tulips are ready to bloom. I am wearing sandals. We got California weather and I'm loving it.

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