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  1. Strange: GODISNOWHERE

    I don't know why - but I've been fascinated with the church sign: GODISNOWHERE. You can read it as some do - God is nowhere; or as Christians will: God is now here.

    Anyway, the other day me and my friend went on a trip. He drove my Caddy, and the station is always (Always!) tuned to Christian radio. I keep a pen and paper in the car because when I hear a new song that I like I try to look for it.

    I heard several songs I'd never heard before! They had a positive message! They gave praise to the Lord! The beat was fantastic!

    We were almost at our destination when the radio station call-letters came out... friend driving my car had changed the radio station! We were listening to a pop-music station!

    But-but-but! But...I heard the songs! They gave Jesus and God the glory! That's what they told me!

    Then I grinned...


  2. Bo...? Is that like: To infinity and beyond?

  3. COOL, Whirlwind!!!!
  4. Praises of the LORD often come from many unexpected places. ;)

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