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  1. stay on track

    Prayer is the avenue to communicate with GOD. GOD will meet you in the place of your need,whether it is health,finances or wisdom and knowledge. We must yield our hearts to GOD. He wants us 100% total nothing withheld, in other words we must give our whole heart,with all our strength and mind cause thats where the battle begins. GOD inhales our prayers and exhales his presence. Quit putting GOD on the clock and pray past where you been. Its one to worship but it is another thing to be a worshiper. Old revelation old results,new revelation new results. If you don't employ faith then the devil is going to employ fear. Faith aint going out its COMING IN. BE a name it grab it claim it blab it kind of people after all we have been called to be a peculiar kind of people. We are in GODS divine time everything is not what it appears. HIS word and our obediance overcomes evil. Remember we are blessed and highly favored and what an awesome privledge and honor to be one of his tools in his tool shed. Well thats what the LORD layed on my heart. BE blessed

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