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  1. Since the software change, we had a sudden dip in the number of visitors to our forum. Reason being a lot of our urls had to be re-indexed which in a lot of webmasters opinion isn't a really good thing. Anyway, by God's grace Google Analytics are showing rising visitor trend. We have now more members revisiting, slight rise in new visits via search engines and we also have about 2-3 new registrations daily.

    Thank you Jesus and thank you to staff and members. :D I am happy to be a part of this family.
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  2. And we are glad to know you Jeff :)
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  3. YAY that's very cool. I know I wasn't signing on a lot because the whole format of this forum confused me! But was able to get used to it :0) :0)
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  4. That's good to know. I hope CFS doesn't distract you from your studies. :D
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  5. Thanks. :D
  6. Bahahah, right. It does. But I'm a huuuuge procrastinator. So it's mostly my fault for letting CFS BECOME my distraction! :)

    And I'm loving these Amen/Like thingy's :p. I feel like I'm on Facebook and I'm sure you know how addicted I am to that website. NOT A GOOD THING!
  7. I have a similar problem. My dad reminds me to keep a balance. Do it all but don't get hooked into just one thing.
  8. That's great new Jeff! I loved visiting and reading your site when you were on vB 3.8 and then when you switched over to the Suite I said to myself.. Uh oh.... :)

    I am excited to see the move to xF and really glad to see you site coming to life under the new platform!

    God is Great isn't He?

  9. He is awesome Jamie. :) I know you are excited about this week. :D
  10. Good to know :)

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