State of Mind

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  1. State of Mind

    Well it's nothing like I thought it'd be
    but I'm believing all the way in.

    Looking forward to your plans for me;
    I'll never look back again.

    You've shown me this state of mind;
    I wish I knew how to stay.

    I pray you'd help me find my way;
    back again, every day.

    If I can't remain here with you
    I'll never be anything more.

    I'm tired of what I've been so long;
    and I've seen what you have in store.

    I struggle to lay hold of it all;
    please don't let it slip away.

    Keep me here in this state of mind,
    where I see a better day.

    This is where -
    You show me love.
    You show me life.
    You show me Your perfect ways.
    You lived for me.
    You died for me.
    You're all I need, always.

  2. That's great, Mark! Keep up the good fight! :israel:
  3. Thanks!

    Just another thought I had tonight:

    "Life is like a diamond. You turn it ever so slightly and the light hits it differently. You could drive yourself nuts trying to see it in the exact same light again, there are just so many cuts to it. But Life says "Be still and know that I am God." And upon this revelation we can rest in Him, even though He makes all things new, which drives us crazy at first, because we don't have control over it like we want to. And we have so much trouble making formulas for life and figuring things out like we want to."
  4. I like this verse too. I think Christians get caught up on the word "meditate." But, meditating on the words of Father are way far from the meditation done in the world. I think it is a lost art, and that concentrating on God and His goodness can bring nothing but harmony. We need to stop and sit in silence sometimes and listen . . . because Father may be wanting to say something to you.
  5. I agree. It depends what you mean by meditating in the world though, because God is here, in His creation.

    I continued the quote actually: "When you're freed, by the Blood of the Lamb, from the worries of life, fear, guilt, pride, self, lust.... you realize that you're holding this diamond that's been frustrating you. This pearl of great price, so undeserved. And then you find out what worship is."
  6. To meditate on the Word of God is life and completely different from the new age definition of meditate.:)
  7. Mark, you're a poet and I didn't even know it...(groan).

    Seriously, this is great work, beautiful and true.

    The Lord is so proud of you and so am I.

    Blessings, Cheri

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